by Rebecca Belliston


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ISBN-13: 9780692396988
Publisher: Gated Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Series: Citizens of Logan Pond , #1
Pages: 376
Sales rank: 1,163,302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

Rebecca Lund Belliston loves to layer her romances with heart-pounding suspense and unforgettable characters. Besides writing, she enjoys composing music, playing tennis, and cuddling up with a good book. She lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids.

Rebecca Roberts found her way to professional audiobook narration later in life. It was after a career in finance that she became inspired to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Roberts has narrated and produced over seventy audiobooks for indie authors and major publishing houses. She is a native Floridian, proud mother of three, and wife to the man of her dreams.

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LIFE (Citizens of Logan Pond, book 1) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed book one!
momisreading More than 1 year ago
The US economy has crashed. The government is taking over more and more. Carrie Ashworth’s parents have died, and now she must take care of her siblings. They have found a home in an illegal clan outside the city. Thanks to a sympathetic patrolman, the clan is able to live there in peace. But then relatives of the clan leaders show up and things in the clan start to change. At the same time, Oliver, their patrolman, is encountering problems at work that may affect his ability to help the clan. Life is changing, and Carrie just wants peace again. What a story! It seemed so real, and so possible. The dynamics of the clan were interesting and believable. There were many different personalities all trying to work together to stay alive and stay safe. Some were more likable than others. One, in particular, is just a jerk! He’s selfish and mean and overbearing. I didn’t like him at all! Carrie is so kind and good. She is also a bit naïve. And the way she kept interacting with the mean, selfish guy drove me crazy! I know she wanted to keep the peace, but she needed to stand up for herself more. Even with that, I really liked her. She really grows through the book. She discovers things about herself, the world and people. I love that she keeps her deep inner goodness through it all. Greg is a complicated character. There are many dimensions to him. He isn’t very nice to Carrie, and then sometimes he is. There is definitely a struggle going on inside him. He really is a good guy, and smart, too! As I began to understand him better, I came to like him more and more. I loved this book! I couldn’t stop reading! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series. I’m so curious to see what happens next! I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Brandy1975 More than 1 year ago
I had a really hard time getting into the book. I found that it was just uneventful and not very exciting. I had to really force myself to continue reading the book, but finally gave up and just stopped reading. The story starts with the Collapse and then glazes over what happens and jumps right into life after the Collapse. It focuses on the clan in Golden Pond. Life is quite dull there and nothing truly exciting happens there. When something does happen it is quickly resolved. The story revolves around Carrie and what she does for the clan and the life she know leads. I would have liked to learn more about the Collapse and the struggle it was to get to where they are right now. I think instead of glazing over important events, more time should have been spent on then. I hope as the series continues that more excitement is added to the books.
Montzalee Wittmann More than 1 year ago
Life is a story about a time after the economy collapse and the government has a military type control over the county. People who are not living in the compound-like shelters but "illegals" are hunted and treated like dogs. This is about a small group of people, about 30 people, and their interaction with each other and the local authorities. They have two new people arrive, relatives of some of the residents and those interactions. The main characters include the new man and a young woman resident. I never liked the guy, even to the end or the girl. She was very much a victim/weak-type character and I prefer a strong female character, at least near the end to show growth. The book is very intense. Well developed characters and plot. I received this book for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite Life: Citizens of Logan Pond (Book 1) by Rebecca Belliston is a powerful, realistic story about life and love and the resilience of the human spirit. Carrie Ashworth is a young woman in a dystopian society, who is orphaned and has the care and charge of her two younger siblings. They live in Logan Pond, Illinois, with the rest of the clan who are all living there illegally and on the margins of society. All they have is each other and the patrolman, Oliver Simmons, who offers to help them. Enter Greg Pierce, a relative of one of the clan leaders, who tries to protect the clan and take on the responsibility for their safety and security. Feelings develop as Carrie is caught in between this would-be love triangle. She has a difficult choice to make and must decide if she will follow her heart and act for herself alone, or choose the safety and security of her family and clan and put them first. I thought that Life: Citizens of Logan Pond (Book 1) by Rebecca Belliston is just the right mix of action, drama, and romance. The characters are very well portrayed and I especially liked the character of Carrie. Shown to be strong and independent, and yet trusting and vulnerable, she comes across as a superb role model. I also enjoyed Greg and Oliver’s characters and thought that, although very different, they each bring their own set of strengths and weaknesses as people to the plot. All in all, this is a well written book with richly drawn characters and a tightly woven plot.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite Life – Citizens of Logan Pond, Book 1 by Rebecca Belliston is set in the future but without all of the science fiction mumbo jumbo. The story happens in Logan Pond, Illinois, with the 30 plus clan members who have survived a deadly economic crash. The government has a new system put in place that makes it almost impossible to live a normal life unless you comply with their stringent rules. Work camps are set up and all citizens who have not paid for the expensive citizen card are forced to live and work there. Logan Pond is one of many rogue villages that have been created. Raids are conducted often and without warning in an attempt to round up those people not conforming to the rules. There is only one family in Logan Pond that has this government issued citizen card and they become the haven for all of the other Logan Pond residents. Carrie Ashwood is the heroine of the story; Greg Pierce is the hero; together they try to keep the clan safe. Patrolman Simmons is the policeman who breaks the rules and protects the Logan Pond clan, mostly because he is in love with Carrie. The village has many good people and a few that are not very likeable. They struggle with the everyday issues of life; falling in love, getting married and having babies, but always under the fear of being found and placed in a government camp. Life is a spectacular example of what the future might become. Rebecca Belliston has written a book that is pure fiction but it makes you stop and think what if, what would I do, how would I survive. I was hooked on Life from the very first page and could not put it down. I cannot wait to read book 2 and find out if Carrie and Greg marry, does Officer Simmons continue to save the clan, do the times get better or worse? I would love nothing better than to see it become a movie or TV special. Life is a must-read book for fans of all genres.