Lightning In A Jar

Lightning In A Jar

by Daron Kenneth


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Lightning in a Jar is a collection of poetry that gives the reader an intricate visit into the mindscapes and thoughts of the writer's gifted mind. A real and sometimes surreal ride into the passages of his soul... Lightning in a Jar takes the reader on a continuing eclectic journey into some of life's most richest and memorable moments that are often missed, overlooked or taken for granted by the casual observer.

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ISBN-13: 9781452087184
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/14/2010
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Lightning in a Jar

By Daron Kenneth


Copyright © 2010 Daron Kenneth
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-8718-4

Chapter One

    A Part of You ...

    Do you know how much I Love you?
    Do you know how much I miss you when
    You're not around? I know that we talk
    SomeTymes for hours, but that doesn't
    Quench my desire to have you as an
    Integral part of my life. When we are
    Together I know how close we are, but
    When we are apart I know we are together
    In spirit. Simple songs can remind me of
    The days when we lived together as a
    Family. Although we have gone our own
    Separate ways and live our own separate
    Lives, I know that we're not ever that
    Far from home. Home that wonderful
    Place where we can spend our Tyme
    Together just talking or sharing a
    Wonderful meal. You always keep the
    Conversation lively and when the talking
    Turns to serious matters, I know we're
    There for each other's support. Never
    In my life have I known a Love so strong
    As the one we share together - that bond
    Of parent and child that keeps us close
    Regardless of where life leads us. No
    Matter where we go I am so happy to be
    A part of you.

    A Sad Song

    SomeTymes I just feel so all alone,
    Like I'm here, but nobody is home.
    I start to crumble and I start to cry,
    I hold my hands straight up to the sky.
    I think about you but you're not here,
    Why you're not is never quite clear.
    I think about you all through the day,
    You come around, but with nothing to say.
    We used to be close, now were apart,
    Seems it's been that way from the start.
    We had a strong Love nothing could break,
    Now I'm here and my heart starts to ache.
    I think about all the Love that I miss,
    It started out with one little kiss.
    We had it all when we would make Love,
    I thought God sent you from heaven above.
    I think about you when I can't sleep at night,
    I wish I knew how to make things all right.
    We had our chance but you wouldn't change,
    So now it's my life that I rearrange.
    I would have done anything just for you,
    I wanted you to know my Love is true.
    I chose the right path, you chose the wrong,
    It brings about a sad end to this song.

    All Alone

    Sad days follow sad nights all alone,
    I wish that you'd call me on the phone,
    I try to call but, you never write,
    I wish that I could see you tonight.
    I miss your kisses, I miss your touch,
    I miss the way you'd Love me so much.
    I miss our moments, I miss your voice,
    I begged you stay, leaving was your choice.
    I chose the high road, you chose the low,
    I see your shadows in places we'd go.
    I feel alone whenever I go to bed,
    I think about all the things that you said.
    I had such patience, all gone away,
    I hope that you'll come back some other day.
    Please come back and don't say goodbye,
    Please give our Love just one more try,
    Please come around and don't let this end,
    If not my Lover, then just be my friend.

    All My Life

    All my life I've been waiting to somehow survive,
    All my life I've been waiting for someone to arrive.
    All my life I've been waiting for someone to care,
    All my life I've been waiting for someone to be there.

    All my life I've been wanting somebody to listen,
    All my life I've been wanting someone for kissing.
    All my life I've been wanting somebody to take my hand,
    All my life I've been wanting someone to take a stand.

    All my life I've been needing somebody to share my nights,
    All my life I've been needing somebody to be part of my life.
    All my life I've been needing somebody who is true,
    All my life I've been needing somebody just like you.

    All of My Love

    I hold you and I hold you tight
    No nothing's ever felt so right.
    Now I bend and taste your lips
    I embrace you with a Loving kiss.
    I feel your body next to mine
    Your body's heat feels so divine.
    I'll feel your body next to me
    Then my mind will be set free.
    Your skin all smooth I feel it here
    Whenever you keep your body near.
    And when I'm down and feeling blue
    You know exactly what to do,
    You'll hold me in that special way
    That chases all my fears away.

    Alone Here Again

    Here I am alone again, once again you're
    Nowhere to be found. Oh, I just need you
    Near me. I can call on you and wish you
    Were here again, but it's not the same as
    You. It's just a moment in a daydream
    That never really ends. Every day, yes
    Every day, I can feel you next to me and
    That you're somewhere inside my heart.
    It's like you're here holding onto my hand
    And calming my soul. With your eyes you
    Possess me, for I am your Loving servant
    Begging you to keep me even closer where
    Ever you might go. At night I'm captive
    To your soul, just dreaming of the day that
    You will someday return to me. So till that
    Day I wait and I wait patiently for your
    Eminent return.

    Angel in Disguise

    You were there when I took my first steps,
    You were there when I spoke my first words,
    You have always been there at my side just
    Holding my hand and leading me along by
    Making me feel safe and strong by helping
    Me when I didn't know the right way to go.
    Guiding me through you knew just what to
    Say. Your wisdom has made me a wiser man
    By just knowing you. You are always moving
    Forward and in the right direction and nothing
    Can match your power of perception and the
    Power to make your goals a reality. Your outer
    Beauty is matched only be your inner beauty.
    Your strength comes from years of experience
    And success at whatever you put your mind
    To. Your kind spirit is matched with an incredible
    Strength to endure whatever life sends your
    Way and although you have had more than your
    Share of trials in life, you always manage to
    Come out on top. I Love you for all of the
    Wonderful things you continue to do to make
    My life special and memorable. I am so proud
    To have you for my mother. So until take my
    Last steps and speak my last words, you will
    Always be my angel in disguise right there
    Beside me, guiding me through my life till
    It ends.

    Angry Chair

    SomeTymes the moment gets lost and I
    Find myself sitting on my angry chair.
    A cold and cruel place by very design
    Where I sit alone and bare my soul
    To anyone and everyone who would
    Listen to my ranting and ravings about
    Mostly nothing or about what has gone
    And captured my attention for that
    Particular moment. While I sit upon
    My angry chair I grow into a person
    That I no longer wish to be anymore.
    It is then that I take a closer look at
    What is really important to me behind
    All my hopeless anger and fruitless
    Fears. Usually, I realize that it is Tyme
    To step down from that angry place
    And seek the comfort of a soft sofa or
    A cozier couch where all the pain and
    Anguish that I feel will eventually
    Begin to subside and I can finally start
    To relax. It is in that moment that I
    Can start to breathe again easier again
    And my life starts to return to normal.

    At Your Side

    I'm right here as I stand at your side,
    It all begins by you taking your hand
    And placing it gently into mine again.
    I start it by taking you into my arms,
    Bringing you in closer to me, closer,
    We stand closer than you've ever let
    Me hold you before ... We just hold
    Onto each other for so long,
            For so long ...
            Solong ...
    I bring you to my mouth and I try
    To breathe in your very essence ...
    My heart begins to beat faster and
    Faster, so much so, that I think it is
    Going to burst right out of my chest,
    But it just goes on beating in Tyme
    Beating in Tyme ... just beating in
    Tyme with yours.

    Big Empty

    When all is said and done and the day now gone,
    I force myself to take it all in ... but what I see is
    Different from you ... You see endless opportunities,
    I see endless nothing, Just a long day passed without
    Success ... another in a string of continued nothingness ...
    Only cold wanton space from here to there filled up
    Without cause, filled up without need. Why all the
    Sad and lonely spaces and places that never take me
    Away from here to there? When the dawn comes
    I shall make the mistake of thinking things could be
    Would be, ever should be different ... but they aren't.
    They are just the same big emptiness all over again.

    By Your Side

    Can you read my mind?
    Do you know just what I've been dreaming of ?
    What I've been scheming of? Can you tell just
    What I have to say when you're not here? All
    The things I hold so dear, all of the best things
    Happen whenever you're so near, everything
    Suddenly becomes so clear. From here
    I can see you were meant to be with me.
    Can't you see? Can't you see, you were
    Meant to be with me? Not just for some
    Of the Tyme , but all of it. Every minute
    Of every hour, every second of ever day
    I will be by your side for good, for good
    I will be by your side for good.

    Can you Hear Me?

    Can you hear me as I sit and wait for you?
    My mind sends me pictures of you so very
    Clearly. I want to just have you in my arms
    Again. I just can't wait until you're mine,
    All mine, oh, until you're really mine again.
    I just can't get enough of you, no I just can't
    Get enough of you. I want to kiss you until
    Tomorrow never comes. When that day finally
    Gets here, I just want to start Loving you all
    Over again like the way it was the first Tyme
    We made Love to each other. Just thinking
    Of all the waiting, all of the caring, and all of
    The sharing. No, we will never let that moment
    Slip by us again. Somewhere in the distance
    I can hear you calling out to me, too. I know
    Just how much it means to the both of us ...
    So just sit back and let your Love flow through.
    For when we are truly united again, nothing,
    No, nothing will ever keep us apart.

    Can't Sleep

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, Oh, I just think of you
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, There's nothing I can do.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, I've got you on my mind
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, 'Cause you're one of a kind.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, I'm just thinking of your touch
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, Oh, it's you I miss so much.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, I'm thinking of your kiss
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, It's holding you I miss.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, You've got a spell on me
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, Only you can set me free.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, And I just miss your Love
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, God has sent you from above.

    Can't sleep, can't sleep, There's nothing more to say
    Can't sleep, can't sleep, Set me free to dream today.

    Checkers With Grandpa

    We sat I n the living room, you and I
    You in your big chair and me in mine.
    We played checkers for hours and hours
    As we watched the Tyme roll by us.
    You always seemed to win when we
    Played, but that never bothered me
    At all because as I got weary of always
    Losing, you'd let me sneak in a few
    Secret moves and gave me the courage
    To keep on playing like any regal
    Grandfather would do. We never
    Talked that much, but I Loved just
    Watching the minutes fly. I used to
    Think I might just win even once,
    But alas, I was never as smart as you
    Were Grandpa. I hope somewhere
    In heaven you'll look down and see
    Me smiling as I think of you and fondly
    Remember the games we played together
    Just you and me and the checkerboard
    To try to make me feel renewed and
    Give me courage to make even the most
    Mundane of days slip by. Where are you
    Grandpa? Are you somewhere up in
    Heaven just waiting for me to get
    There so we can renew our games of
    Old? If you are, just remember me and
    know that I will always be your very
    Proud grandson just waiting for my
    Next game with you. So king me
    Grandpa! King me!


    When my cousins and I were young, we used to have
    Such great Tymes just playing away the hours.
    With no rhyme or reason we stayed out until the
    Night rolled in. Even then we only stopped playing
    For the Tyme enough to fill our bellies with food,
    And very soon we'd run and play some more until dark.
    We made up our own games and made toys from
    The things we'd found around us. We had no use
    For money because we didn't need it. We only
    Needed some hours of sunlight to keep us captivated.
    Late at night we stayed up just playing parts in the
    Plays we'd made up and written ourselves ... (oh the
    Power of imagination). Sometimes we went for
    Walks and went to the parks and played away the
    Entire day. We went sliding down the snowy hills
    In winter or skated on a frozen pond. We went
    Camping with our families for days at a Tyme
    Just so we could spend them swimming. We spent
    The nights telling ghost stories by a campfire late
    At night. We went fishing in an old fishing hole
    Called "the Gully" or rode our bikes around the town
    For hours, never really going anywhere at all.
    Yes we spent our days playing until we had expended
    Our very last bit of energy. Oh why did we have to
    Grow up and live so far apart from one another living
    Our separate lives ... Where did our childhoods go and
    Why did they have to leave us so soon?


    Where are you now, now that you have left this world?
    Are you up there in heaven and looking in on those
    You've left behind? Are you missing us as we miss
    You? I know our relationship may have been somewhat
    Difficult at Tymes, but that never meant that I didn't
    Love or respect you. On the contrary I always wanted
    You to live your life on your own terms. I never tried
    To interfere with the life you had chosen for yourself.
    I only wanted to be included in it, if even in some small
    Way. Life was never easy for you and I knew that. I
    Only wished you had reached out for some help when we
    Had tried to help you. Tyme and Tyme again you had
    Isolated yourself from those who just wanted to include
    You in their lives. I know this isn't what we had wanted
    But what you had chosen and so we left you on the path
    You had taken. Now our chances for reconciliation are
    Over. Just know that wherever you are and wherever
    You go, I always wanted the best for you. I hope that
    You have now found the peace that you were looking
    For, but never quite found here with us on Earth.

    Dear Dad

    My dear dad, do you know that
    I'm thinking of you? Even though
    We had trouble getting along before,
    Tyme has a way of healing all our pain
    After all it is the great healer of all wounds.
    We had our chances to make our amends
    But both of us were to stubborn to
    Give in to the other. So we turned
    Away and closed our minds to
    Trying to make a change for the good
    Even though we both had our
    "Moments of madness", those days
    Are now far behind us. Now you've
    Passed on to a better place far from here.
    I hope someTymes you will look down
    From above and realize just how very
    Much you are Loved and missed.

    Deep Ocean

    When the end of the day comes around
    And I find that I am weary and tired,
    It is to you I turn, my Love, for shelter
    And a place to rest my soul. For it is
    Your strength that gives me the power
    To keep on going just a little bit longer,
    And the faith I need to keep trying just
    A little more. Until I can go no further
    I reach out to you and when you tell
    Me just how much you need me, too
    I find peace and can let go of all the
    Things that pull me under these waves
    of sorrow that tend to drown me from
    Tyme to Tyme. Your kind words fill me
    with solace so I can swim to my island of
    Hope. It is there that I can rest again
    Until I am ready to swim in the deep
    Oceans of life all around me.

    Did You Know?

    When you passed away, you took all my Love
    And shattered it like a broken glass in the sink.
    There were little bits and pieces of me spread
    Far and wide, with nothing to cling to in the
    Haze of it all. I never felt that I could say my
    Goodbye because you left in such a big hurry.
    I wanted to let you know that I Love you one
    More Tyme. Even if we weren't always on the
    Best of terms, I knew that you fought a simple
    War of you against the drinking. The battle may
    Be over and yes you may have lost to the liquor,
    But you left behind a legacy that won't go away.
    I still someTymes dream about you at night and
    I dream that we're still a family. Although we're
    Not I know that someday we will all be united
    Together when God is ready. I know that if you're
    someplace watching from afar, you realize just how
    Much you were Loved and just how much are
    Still missed.


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