Like a River Glorious (Gold Seer Trilogy Series #2)

Like a River Glorious (Gold Seer Trilogy Series #2)


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The sequel to the New York Times–bestselling and National Book Award longlisted Walk on Earth a Stranger

After her harrowing journey west to California, Lee Westfall has finally found a new home—one rich in gold, thanks to her magical power, a power that seems to be changing every day. But this home is rich in other ways, too: with friends who are searching for a place to be themselves, just as she is, and with love. Jefferson—her longtime best friend—hasn’t stopped trying to win her heart. And Lee is more and more tempted to say yes.

But her uncle Hiram hasn’t given up his quest to get Lee and her power under his control. When she’s kidnapped and taken to him, Lee sees firsthand the depths of her uncle’s villainy. Yet Lee’s magic is growing. Gold no longer simply sings to her, it listens. It obeys her call. Is it enough to destroy her uncle once and for all?

Rae Carson, acclaimed author of the Girl of Fire and Thorns series, takes us deep into the gold fields as she continues this sweeping saga of magic and history, and an unforgettable heroine who must come into her own. Like a River Glorious is the second book in the Gold Seer trilogy.

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ISBN-13: 9780062242952
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Series: Gold Seer Trilogy Series , #2
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 228,048
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Rae Carson is the author of two bestselling and award-winning trilogies. Her debut, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, was named a William C. Morris Award finalist and an Andre Norton Award finalist. Walk on Earth a Stranger was longlisted for the 2015 National Book Award and won the Western Writers of America Spur Award. Her books tend to contain adventure, magic, and smart girls who make (mostly) smart choices. Originally from California, Rae Carson now lives in Arizona with her husband.

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Like a River Glorious 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started book 1, on the BnN chapter a day, was pulled into the story very quickly and had to get them all. Have even pre-ordered the 3rd book out next month Oct 2017.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An easy read. Did not want to quit reading without finishing the whole book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Someone cleverly gave the first book to me for free. I was so enamored I had to buy the next one. These books took me back to the pleasures I learned growing up reading the books my Mother favored. She loved tales of the old west. Historical fiction has long been my favorite genre. I heartily endorse these books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read the first in the series on BN Readouts. Now I need to read the rest.
alyssayuri More than 1 year ago
Leah and her company have finally reached California. But with her uncle still looking for her, things aren't gonna be easier at all. The book picked up to where we left off from the first book. And I liked that it just fast paced and straight to the point. I didn't read the book description when I started this, so I had no idea where the book is going to go at all, except for what I already know and expect from the first book. And this book did not disappoint at all. This book is definitely more adventurous. We met a lot of people from the first book, so the characters are the people we all know love, and in some circumstances, we hate. There was even a point that I just want to cry because of what were happening to some characters. Of course, I have to commend the few new characters that are amazing! Speaking of characters, Leah is such an amazing character. I love how she knows what she wants. But at the same time flawed and selfish at times. I just thought that it was realistic that the main character is not all good. I also love that there was a question of morality within her. And Jefferson is a mighty fine man for her. The slow burn in this book is just heart-eyes! And though he knows what he wants, he also recognizes his limits. I love how he cares about other people. I love that this book discusses more about the history, which I love. I know that this is fictional, but I like knowing the history behind all these. I am not American, so I don't know a lot of American history. It was so refreshing, yet sad to learn about the hard situations dealt by Native Americans because of greed. And not just Native Americans, Chinese too apparently. It was such a hard moment for me seeing a glimpse of how racism was such a prominent thing even from back then. I listened to the audiobook, and I just have to add that the narrator is so amazing. The accent, the voices, the emotions are all there. I was even thinking how she did the accent and the voices at the same time! It was just amazing! No complaints in this book. I thought the book was perfectly written. And I am ready to dive in the last book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The gold seer series is a good series and I’m only 15 it’s amazing I love your work
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good recollection of history in a rapidly moving plot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written and entertaining but better yet has the constant hum of values. Honesty human kindness are a constant and wonderful part of the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms Carson's weaves history, unfailing love, friendships and loyalty & fantasy into a drama that allows the tween to engage with what our great, great grandmother's would have endured in that time frame of our history as the great migration west was happening. Bad vs good and you learn bad never ends but good does triumph bad when you face it with family you pick up along the way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It kept moving along all thru both books! It flowed from one to the other so nicely that I was up thru the late night hours more than once with much excitement to try to get thru the next chapter! MOST OF ALL, IT WAS SUCH A PLEASURE TO READ A BOOK WITH NO PROFANITY AND SEX! It was also Great to read about people helping and sacrificing for their fellow man ? THANK U Ms. Rae......WELL DONE!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could not put the book down. It is a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know what else to say but I loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the history and thoughtfulness of this book. Great words
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fantastic read. I loved the characters and the storyline from the first page to the last. I anxiously await the final book in this trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a smooth and glorious read the character, Leah Westfall Is someone you fall in love with. This book is full of adventure, magic and hardship. I love this series!
junkyardpink More than 1 year ago
MissPrint More than 1 year ago
*Like a River Glorious is the second book in Carson's Gold Seer trilogy. This review contains spoilers for book one. If you're new to the series start with book one Walk On Earth a Stranger* "I thought my magic would save us all. But it turns out, all the magic in the world is rubbish compared to good people who take care of their own." October 1849: Leah "Lee" Westfall has made it to California along with her new family of misfits, outcasts, and unlikely friends that she met along the trail. But even with her best friend Jefferson and her family by her side, the path to gold and prosperity is not easy--even for a witchy girl like Lee who can sense gold. Hiram, Lee's uncle, is still desperate to use her powers for her own gain. Lee was helpless to stop Hiram from killing her parents, she's determined that he won't hurt anyone else she cares about. Lee's plan to best Hiram backfire leaving Lee vulnerable as her uncle's captive. Separated from her friends, Lee will need every ounce of her witchy powers, her resilience, and the help of new allies if she wants to free herself from Hiram's grasp once and for all in Like a River Glorious (2016) by Rae Carson. Like a River Glorious is the second book in Carson's Gold Seer trilogy. This review contains spoilers for book one. If you're new to the series start with book one Walk On Earth a Stranger. Like a River Glorious picks up shortly after the conclusion of book one (which ends right when Lee and her group arrive in California). Lee has found them a gold-rich area to claim and their settlement is well on its way to becoming a town called Glory. Then Uncle Hiram shows up, takes Lee captive, and everything goes to hell. In order to read this book, it's important to acknowledge that westerns are inherently problematic. As a genre the western often centers the experience of white characters while ignoring or diminish native experiences. Older westerns (and bad modern ones) romanticize expansion, systemic genocide, and white savior tropes while exoticizing, stereotyping or dehumanizing American Indians. If you want to see critiques of books through a Native lens, definitely check out Debbie Reese's blog, especially her review of the first book in this series. Reading Like a River Glorious with the above in mind, there are still some problems inherent to the genre. But in this second installment, Carson does the work on the page to constantly check Leah's privilege as well as that of the other characters (male privilege for instance). This book also thoughtfully engages with a lot of the racism/biases/stereotypes that Lee encounters. The scope of this book is much smaller, Lee spends a lot of the story held captive by her uncle. Her world narrows to securing survival and safety for herself and those she cares about. She see the atrocities her uncle is perpetrating in his mad search for gold and she feels helpless in the face of it. Understandably, that makes Like a River Glorious quite bleak but also very important as, through Lee's first person narration, the novel the problems of westward expansion along with the wonder that pioneers felt as they sought opportunities at the expense of the indigenous populations. Carson uses this shift in tone to create a more character driven story focused particularly on Lee and Jefferson as the two friends try to reconcile their lifelong friendship with what comes next when Jefferson wants more and Lee wants to maintain her autonomy. Lee grows up
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Lee Westfall, the heroine of the Gold Seer Trilogy, has settled with the folks she'd journeyed cross country in a settlement called Glorious. Her best friend Jefferson is still by her side trying to win her heart. This book tells the story of a much more empowered young woman than we saw in Walk on Earth a Stranger. She has told Jefferson the truth about her affinity for finding gold, and in entrusting that secret to another started the process of accepting him into her life as not only her best friend, but the possibility of something more. Just as they settle with their friends and name their city, her evil Uncle sends his minions to bring her to him. It is only because of threats against her friends and Jefferson in particular, that she agrees to her imprisonment. Through her eyes we see the harsh treatment of both the American Indian and Chinese people and the indignities they suffered at the hands of the white man. Lee grows up very quickly as she finds herself helpless against those atrocities, and finds a hidden strength within herself. Rae Carson paints a very ugly picture, and while this is a fictional tale she has come close to the horrible realities of the treatment made against those proud races. Rae Carson has mixed the history of California's Gold Rush with just enough magic that I would call this novel Historical Fantasy. A new genre maybe? I don't know, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Reading_With_Cupcakes More than 1 year ago
Like a River Glorious is the sequel to Walk on Earth a Stranger. So if you have not read the first book, you may not want to continue on reading this review, as it is sure to have some spoilers for the first book. Like a River Glorious more or less picks up right where Walk on Earth a Stranger leaves off. The group has made it out to California and is in search of a place to stake their claim to start digging up some gold. It takes them small while, but Lee uses her gold finding gift to help locate an area where all of them can prosper. And, of course, Lee's uncle is still after her. So she has to constantly look over her shoulder and wonder and worry. And then there is her gift that she has to continue to try to keep a secret from the world filled with gold. Oh man. While I liked Walk on Earth a Stranger, I LOVED Like a River Glorious. The pacing is just absolutely fantastic. So much happens in this book, more so than in the first. It is absolutely great (though definitely sad at times). And just like the first one, Like a River Glorious really gives you the feel of the time period. Darker and deeper than the first. I personally never really thought about THAT side of the California Gold Rush, but Rae Carson brought it to my attention and for that I am thankful. It was definitely dark and ugly, and she does nothing to try to hide that from us readers. She, instead, illuminates it and lets us see it for what it was. The character development through the story is excellent, especially for Lee. She continues on the same path of growth that was started in the first book and continues on it through the end. This is something I hope to see continued into the third and final book of the series. Like a River Glorious definitely does not suffer from the dreaded second book syndrome. It surpasses the first book and now I cannot wait until I am able to finally read the third book. Sadly, I am going to have to wait quite awhile for it, but if it is anything like this one it will be worth the wait. This review is based on an ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
I'm not normally a fan of westerns, but I do adore Rae's words, so I was definitely going to continue this series. I've liked Leah from the start. She's smart and strong and not afraid to stick up for herself. The cast of characters who have joined her on this crazy adventure is just as awesome as she is. As always, I didn't bother doing a reread of the first book because I was excited to start. Thankfully it was easy to settle right into what was going on. The plot is a bit of a slow burn, but there is a lot of build up and the ending is explosive. There were some interesting things that take place in this installment and for a while it felt like this was a duology. I'm quite eager to see what happens next. **Huge thanks to Greenwillow Booksand Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**