Lion's Heat (Breeds Series #21)

Lion's Heat (Breeds Series #21)

by Lora Leigh

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The mating urge cannot be ignored...

Bad boy Jonas Wyatt knows it is fate that Rachel becomes his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. But she has little power over the mating heat of the Breeds. It is Jonas's destiny to claim her. And nothing will stop him from having his way.

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ISBN-13: 9780425233801
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/06/2010
Series: Lora Leigh's Breeds Series , #21
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 168,374
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Lora Leigh is known for her deliciously intense and satisfying erotic romance. Her characters come to her in her dreams, inspiring her with the possibilities of What If... Most days, Lora can be found in front of her computer weaving daydreams while sipping the ambrosia of the gods, also known as coffee. When not writing, thinking about writing, or plotting what to write, Lora, a Kentucky native, enjoys gardening, fishing, and hiking with her husband and children.

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Lion's Heat (Breeds Series) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 448 reviews.
DivineLadyQ More than 1 year ago
As a fan of Lora Leigh's Breed series I believe this is my favorite. The depth and layers to the Breed characters have always been fascinating and well written to me. Jonas is the cream of the crop his journey through the mating heat is endearing, passionate and action packed. It's a wonderful story and puts Jonas on the top of my favorite Bad Boy List......Ladies this is a must read!!!
Natalie_RomanceJunkies More than 1 year ago
A busy and powerful man must have an efficient personal assistant, and the problem Jonas is encountering is the fact that most of his secretaries quit within one week. Rumor has it that he is so demanding he can bring even the most hardened breed female to tears. It is because of this knowledge that Merinus, devoted wife to Callan and Prima of the feline breeds, decides that enough is enough. Jonas needs a new PA that he won't be able to fire, and she knows exactly who it is going to be - one of her closet friends, Rachel Broen. Gritting his teeth and trying not to bellow, Jonas has no choice but to accept his new assistant. His new pregnant assistant. However, with one subtle sniff of the woman in front of him, Jonas confirms what tests later prove - Rachel is his mate. Jonas refuses to even think about touching her no matter how much he aches for the feel of her hands and the softness of her lips. His Rachel will never go through mating heat. Jonas should never say never. With one man's quest for answers to mating heat and all that it entails, the people Jonas cares about the most are placed in danger. His control is barely hanging on as it is, and when he sees tears in his mate's eyes, Jonas knows he will do anything to keep her and her baby safe - even if it means exposing Rachel to the powerful heat that Jonas has strived so hard to keep from her. I knew with every ounce of my being that LION'S HEAT would need to be written in such a way as to set it apart from the other books in Lora Leigh's BREEDS series. LION'S HEAT does this and so much more. Readers will be given a chance to look inside the heart of a lion and see the wonderful man underneath. LION'S HEAT made me realize that the outer shell of a person may not always be the correct condition of their soul. Jonas Wyatt wears a mask day in and day out while his inner thoughts, yearnings, and desires are vividly hidden. Until Rachel. There is nothing simple or boring about LION'S HEAT. Jonas carefully plans his machinations, but rest assured, his mate Rachel knows exactly what he is doing and her anticipation of his needs is what endeared her to me. She isn't a wimpy mate by any means - Rachel isn't afraid to give Jonas what for, but she does it in such a way that makes her strong, intelligent, and gutsy to the bone. Jonas may be her mate, but she will stand on her own two feet and become the woman that Jonas needs in his life. LION'S HEAT is without a doubt my favorite Lora Leigh release to date. This novel flows very easily with plot twists and turns, old and new questions are solved and asked, and Jonas finds the other half of his heart. I couldn't have asked for anything more for this beautiful man. Unable to mention the love scenes without blushing, know that they are heady, soul-stirring, and mesmerizing. Jonas' ability as a master manipulator is over the top; his ability as a lover and mate is something worth watching and relishing with every breath. If I had not been in love with Jonas before, I would definitely be in love with him now. LION'S HEAT will caress you senses, open your eyes to new possibilities, and make you purr with sweet satisfaction. I still haven't recovered! Natalie S. Courtesy of Romance Junkies
harstan More than 1 year ago
Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs Lion Breed Jonas Wyatt knows the only person who could bring him to his knees is his assistant, Rachel Broen. He realizes she is his mate, but refuses to act upon his need as she deserves better than him. Still he wishes he was the father of Rachel's baby daughter Amber instead of Devon, but is satisfied that the baby recognized his voice when she was still in the womb. Philip Brandenmore of Brandenmore research kidnaps Amber as he plans to experiment on the infant to foster his goal of using Breeds to slow down aging in purebreds. Jonas rescues the baby, but not before she is injected with some unknown elixir. A raging Jonas, who believes in his soul that Amber is his child, goes berserk with plans of vengeance. However, keeping Amber safe comes first, so he moves his soulmate and "his" daughter into the Breed Sanctuary where he relocates to keep the two females he loves safe. This is a great entry in the Breeds saga as readers get what we waited for as Jonas no longer can deny his feelings. The key to finally force him to accept the inevitable is not his kick-butt tiny mate, but her daughter; sired by someone else. With a major leap forward in the overarching series as well, fans fully appreciate Jonas turn to accept his mate, but will he also go against what is known of Breed and accept Amber too. Harriet Klausner
SamanthaP More than 1 year ago
Spoiler Alert!! I have really enjoyed all of the breed series and was so looking forward to seeing Jonas Wyatt, the heartless boogyman of the breeds, fall in love. LL spent no time on character development with Rachel. We know that she is pregnant by another man, in the beginning of the book. Rachel is always thinking that she shouldn't allow herself to lose control sexually and remembers what her sister taught her about controlling her lust. Well there is never any explanation of why. I don't enjoy love stories with women getting off on teasing men just to push them to their limit. Jonas was so tormented from the mating heat that he was afraid of taking Rachel against her will, yet Rachel continued to tease him sexually just to see how far she could push his control. WTH? And I was disgusted that Jonas wasn't allowed to kiss Rachel the first time they made love in order to spare her from the mating heat. Sex without kissing is not romantic. The love scenes had no steam, none of the hot male dominance that I was craving from Jonas. Jonas and Rachel have produced some type of hormone where Rachel feels none of the major discomforts from mating heat yet she refuses to do any more tests because it is inconvenient. Ely called Rachel selfish and I almost started clapping in agreement Jonas is the lab created son of the Leo, the original lab created breed. There is so much animosity between those two and I was really hoping it would be resolved and some family issues would be worked out in his book since those issues have been mentioned in previous books. The family issues were not worked out and only discussed in the final chapter when Leo accuses Jonas of wanting to take over as Pride leader. Oh, and his parents know that he is their son but never admit to it till the final chapter of the book. Really? Elizabeth never has a conversation with Jonas, never tells her son that she loves him yet we saw her crying over Callan when he'd been shot. This book felt disconnected. Too many sub plots were brought up that were never resolved or explored further. We meet Rachel's sister briefly during a fight scene where she is some bad a$$ GI Jane type with her own commando team. That just pops up out of nowhere and is never explained. David is showing signs of feral fever and says he wants to talk to his dad, Callan, but that never happens so why waist time mentioning it. Amber is injected with a mystery drug that has her purring at the end of the book. We never find out what was done to her. Jonas was still fighting with the Leo by the end of the book. Bradenmore is never brought to justice, and so much more...This book had absolutely no closure. So many typo's that they were unacceptable. Amber's eyes are blue at the beginning, but are green later in the book. Rachel doesn't know about mating heat, but then knows all about it a few pages later. There are so many problems with this book that I can't mention them all. Very frustrating! I have really enjoyed the previous books of this series and hope LL will try to continue to improve the series. This read was very disappointing.
Sydd More than 1 year ago
I have read many of the books from the Breed series, and I always love them so maybe this review is biased, however, I loved this book. This book had an amazing mix of romance (whew) and plot that kept it moving forward. Sometimes I find that the Breed books can get a little repetitive, but Jonas' story does not dissappoint. I am only upset that because of Lora Leigh and her danged Breed series, I can no longer pick up any other romance novels.
Wild_caffeinated_woman More than 1 year ago
Lora Leigh is a must read author for me, but I find lately her writing uneven and wonder if it is the "crank them out" factor showing a strain in her writing style at times. With Lion's Heat, she's completely in the zone with character depth, sizzle, and (lacking at times in a few of her other books) a very well crafted story that makes this chapter in the Breed series rise above the rest. That dang mating heat rears it's barbed head (ok, could not resist) for Jonas and his uberefficient administrative assistant, Rachel. Rachel came to the job pregnant and has since had a little girl, Amber. In a nutshell, the story follows Jonas' acceptance of his destiny with Rachel and Amber, and chronicles Rachel's acceptance of her future with him. That sounds very simple, but actually, this is probably the most layered work of Lora Leigh's that I can remember, for a couple of reasons. One pleasant surprise for me was the dynamic of Jonas struggling to deal with his family. Jonas is powerful and strong, and his relationship with his father is fractured for very good reason. The steps he takes, and the steps his father takes, were portrayed in a compassionate and believable way that sold neither one short. In fact, family is a very very strong theme in this book, not only Jonas's struggle for acceptance by and of his family, but his embrace of Rachel and a child not biologically his as his own ready made family. It's truly not a word usually used to describe Lora Leigh's books, but this theme is lovely and portrayed well. Leigh has done a very good job with this series establishing a vibrant and strong community facing a huge uphill battle to be accepted and not annihilated. Lion's Heat continues in full throttle suspense mode, with danger a constant simmer. One big question for Leigh's faithful fans is answered as to who Amber's father is, and he plays a pivotal role in the crisis of the story. It's well done, and sets the stage for ongoing issues to follow in upcoming books. I very highly recommend Lion's Heat as a stand out in the series, a true accomplishment for Lora Leigh, and a very strong book to represent one of her strongest created characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a let down. Jonas, alpha male, turned out to be a whimp. I feel cheated. This most anticipated book in the series turned out to be a DUD........He deserved a stronger more independent (I can handle you) kinda mate. VERY DISSAPOINTED!
Beeb208 More than 1 year ago
If you are a Lora Leigh fan you have been waiting for this story. Jonas has always been the enforcer and in many of the previous Breed stories he has been introduced to us so that he is not our favorite. But he is now. I could not believe how much I enjoyed this book. Jonas' love for Rachel and the way he develops as a father. Just loved it. If you are not famailar with Lora Leigh, you can start here, but you will want to go back and read the rest. I did and I am amazed at every story. The language and sex scenes can be steamy and aggressive at times, but I like it that. I have already read this book twice. It's a keeper.
KatinaG More than 1 year ago
This is the Lora Leigh we all know and love. Interesting details, well developed characters, great inter-gender (and species!) relations, witty dialogue, guest appearances by former favorite characters, danger and hot, steamy, explicit sex. The world of the breeds becomes clearer and more vivid while the Council's plotting gets deeper. I especially love the fact that Jonas recognizes how his Enforcers will view his own fall into mating. Rachel makes the perfect foil for his personality and is a strong character in her own right. It's wonderful to see how the lives of old-time favorite characters are evolving. All in all, a great read.
SamanthaNight More than 1 year ago
I'm a fan of Lora Leigh, but I'd never heard of this series, sorry I came to the party a little late! And to make matters worse? I started the series with Lion's Heat, I couldn't have asked for a better read, but I'm one of those people who can't stand to start at the end. And after reading about Jonas and Rachel I had to have the whole collection. The breeds are so powerful, demanding, loving, BUFF, that you can't help but root for that "mating heat" and slap some sense into Rachel, the heroine, or any of the other "damsels" in this series. However, if you think that these women are helpless and bow down to their men, and society, you haven't been paying attention, have you? This book was all at the same time, touching, romantic, exciting, sexy, and a wonderfully hectic ride. I love Jonas! And once I started the series from the beginning and read how much of an intergal part he is of this series, I'll never have enough of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO LORA LEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LadyIsis on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Jonas' book at last. I have waited a long time for Jonas' story. Ms. Leigh didn't disappoint either. I love Jonas Wyatt even when he has been manipulated everyone to do what he left was in their best interest. I have always known that he might be a real hardass with his enemies he really did care for those around them. I was gald to see that he came to terms with his family and found a ready made family of his own with Rachel and the baby. There is a lot of suspense with this story. I so wanted to jump to the last chapter to see what happened. I was also glad to see an old enemy finally captured. There are still quite a few out there but this was one that was long overdue to be brought down. It is too bad that there is a volcano somewhere with his name on it. I really like this series of books and look forward to reading each new book that comes out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just can't get enough of the Breed Series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book it's my second best of the breeds series. Funny, understanding, and I just felt for Amber I can't wait to read more about her,Cassy nd David.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This books lets us know what lies behind Jonas's tough attitude. A sweet loving man who only needs someone to love. He has to be a hard ass to do his job but he can also be a wonderful soft man who loves to purr. More questions arise but we have more stories coming to answer them. Read on and enjoy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You want more kits.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every brred book had a great story line behind it. Fantastic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago