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Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies / Edition 1

Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies / Edition 1

by Brian Adams, Brooke Blades


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ISBN-13: 9781405168373
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/11/2009
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Brooke Blades has conducted archaeological research andexcavations for more than three decades in various temporal andgeographic contexts in eastern North America and in western Europe.He held a Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship to conduct archaeologicalresearch in Northern Ireland in 1979-80. His research in westernEurope has been generously supported by the American PhilosophicalSociety, International Relations and Exchanges Board (IREX), theNational Science Foundation, and New York University.

Brian Adams is currently Assistant Director of the PublicService Archaeology & Architecture Program in the AnthropologyDepartment of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hisresearch interests include lithic analysis, microwear analysis oflithic artifacts, hunter-gatherer adaptations, and the Middle toUpper Palaeolithic transition in Europe. He has conducted researchat Palaeolithic sites in Central Europe and Egypt, as well asprehistoric and early historic sites in the Midwest USA.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Regional Landscape Perspectives.

1. Raw materials and techno-economic behaviors at Oldowan andAcheulean sites in the West Turkana region, Kenya (SoniaHarmand).

2. Patterns of lithic material procurement and transformationduring the Middle Paleolithic in western Europe (Liliane Meignen,Anne Delagnes, and Laurence Bourguignon).

3. Revisiting European Upper Paleolithic raw material transfers:the demise of the cultural ecological paradigm? (JehanneFéblot-Augustins).

4. Raw materials for chipped stone artifacts: state of the artin the Carpathian Basin of central Europe (Kati Biró).

5. Upper Paleolithic toolstone procurement and selection acrossBeringia (Kelly Graf and Ted Goebel).

6. Reduction, recycling, and raw material procurement in westernArnhem Land, Australia (Peter Hiscock).

Part II: Technological and Assemblage Variability.

7. Paleolithic exploitation of rounded and sub-angularquartzites in the Indian Subcontinent (Parth Chauhan).

8. Filling the void: lithic raw material utilization during theHungarian Gravettian (Viola Dobosi).

9. Technological efficiency as adaptive behavior amongPaleolithic hunter-gatherers: evidence from la-Côte, CaminadeEst, and le Flageolet I, France (Stephen Cole).

10. Trash: the structure of Great Basin Paleoarchaic debitageassemblages in western North America (Rebecca Kessler, CharlotteBeck, and George Jones).

Part III: Micro-landscape Perspectives.

11. Reconstructing landscape use and mobility in the NamibianEarly Stone Age using operations analysis (Grant McCall).

12. Changing the face of the earth: human behavior at Sede Ilan,an extensive Lower-Middle Paleolithic quarry site in Israel (RanBarkai and Avi Gopher).

13. Aurignacian core reduction and landscape utilization in thevicinity of la Ferrassie, France (Brooke Blades).

14. Obłazowa and Hłomcza: two Paleolithic sites in theNorth Carpartians Province of southern Poland (PawelValde-Nowak).

15. Raw material economy and technological organization atSolvieux, France (Linda Grimm and Todd Koetje).

Part IV: Hominid Cognition, Adaptation, and CulturalChronology.

16. Inferring aspects of Acheulean sociality and cognition frombiface technology in the Hunsgi-Baichbal valley of India (CeriShipton, Michael Petraglia, and K. Paddayya).

17. Quina procurement and tool production (Peter Hiscock, AlainTurq, Jean-Philippe Faivre, and Laurence Bouguignon).

18. The impact of lithic raw material quality andpost-depositional processes on cultural/chronologicalclassification: the Hungarian Szeletian case (Brian Adams).

19. Raw material durability, function, and retouch in the UpperPaleolithic of the Transbaikal region (Karisa Terry, WilliamAndrefsky, and Mikhail Konstantinov).

20. Clovis and Dalton: unbounded and bounded systems in theMidcontinent of North America (Brad Koldehoff and ThomasLoebel).

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