Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud

by Marie Meyer


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An emotional, heart-wrenching romance between a god of music and the woman who captures his heart — perfect for fans of bestselling authors Kristen Callihan, Nalini Singh, and Kylie Scott!

I'll never be able to hear, but music has always been a source of comfort for me. Rather than listen to the rhythm, I can actually feel the beat pulsing through me. It's pure bliss. So the moment I saw Thorin playing his guitar , I was mesmerized. I'd never seen anything more beautiful . . . or intimate. I couldn't tell where his body ended and the song began. He's everything I need in my life . . . I'm falling fast, hard, and deep.

I want him more than anything. But while I live in silence, Thor lives in secrets. He's holding something back-something that's keeping this intensity, this longing from being real. And the silence may be too loud to bear . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781455542772
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Marie Meyer is a teacher who spends her days in the classroom and her nights writing heartfelt romances. She is a proud mommy and enjoys helping her oldest daughter train for the Special Olympics, making up silly stories with her youngest daughter, and bingeing on weeks of DVR'd television with her husband.

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Live Out Loud 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
There was a time when the words “New Adult/Coming of Age” made me cringe. I’m talking I just refused to read the books. Marie Meyer has changed that for me. Live Out Loud is the second book that I’ve read from her and I’m hooked. Live Out Loud is the story of Harper King and Thorin “Thor” Kline. Harper is a twenty-six-year-old pharmacy student. Thor is a twenty-four-year-old auto mechanic and musician. As if in a dream, the two make eye contact while Thor is on stage performing. It’s like in those fleeting moments they could see into each other’s souls. After the set is over, Thor tracks Harper down, only to discover she’s deaf. He ends up giving her his number and then hoping that she calls him. Thor is a man who lives in fear that he will become abusive like his father. Thus, he doesn’t do relationships. Harper is the first woman to make him want to reconsider his ways of the past. “I want to get to know you. Everything about you.” These two go on to have an incredible relationship, though it is paved, at times with heartache. Harper is amazed and surprised that Thor is willing to learn to communicate with her in her language, something her parents have refused to do. However, their happiness is stalled when Thor’s drunk and abusive father returns and wreaks havoc on Thor and his mother. Sometimes it’s the things that are unsaid that hurts the most. Harper and Thor must find a way to trust not only themselves but each other. I liked Live Out Loud from the beginning. I was intrigued to see how a hearing person and a deaf person could navigate the world together. Thor captured my heart immediately because he didn’t back down when he found out Harper was deaf. He was sweet and caring, in wanting to get to know Harper and put her at ease. I hated the fact that he’s a smoker. Harper was surprising in her strength. She refused to play the shrinking violet that her family and others wanted her to be. Harper didn’t let the fact that she lives in a hearing world deter her from doing the things she wanted to do. In addition to having great main characters, Live Out Loud also has great secondary characters. I love that at least one secondary character already has a book. Hopefully, Harper’s best friend Chloe will get a story one day. *Please note that this book does contain domestic violence.* **Received a copy from the author and reviewed voluntarily.**
MoRWAReviewsSTL More than 1 year ago
Live Out Loud by Marie Meyer is a novel that I couldn’t put down. I was caught in the world of silence that Harper has known for over twenty years. Actions of children, adults and her own parents have crushed her heart and soul. Thorin, or Thor, the lead guitarist in a band her roommate Chloe takes her to see is mesmerized by the way his music has Harper moving to each note of every song. Getting to know each other is a healing and love filled challenge that Ms. Meyer has researched and explains in the words and images she creates.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
you don't think about how certain things are hard to convey. in live out loud one of our main characters is deaf. harper king is not completely isolated, she can read lips, she speaks asl. her closest friend has learned asl in order to communicate with her. But asl is a language that isn't easily translated into the written word. asl is about movement and shape. the author did a brilliant job of incorporating the visual aspects of asl, while also differentiating to the reader what things were spoken and what things were signed. thor reynolds, our hero, is an up-and-coming rock star. when he catches eye of harper at a gig he is intrigued by her. and her being deaf does not put him off. he's kind of the perfect guy about it really. he even goes out of his way to learn asl in order to communicate more easily with harper. their first dates they rely on napkins and pens and their cell phone note apps and text messages. harper's deafness doesn't define their relationship. neither does thor's past, even though this is a concept he struggles with. his father was physically and verbally abusive. his mother only recently managed to get out of the toxic relationship and he's still her lifeline to safety. thor is afraid to get truly intimate with anyone because he fears that he will somehow be his father's son. in some ways, harper's deafness tricks him into becoming more intimate that he ever intended. harper also has her reasons for being hesitant about the relationship. her previous partners were also deaf. and bridging the hearing and non-hearing world is not always a fun place to be, she's done that her whole life. her hearing parents have always made her feel lacking, not purposefully, but it's how she's made to feel regardless. as her relationship with her parents progresses to a better place and she understands her childhood a bit more, this allows her to open up to thor more than she ever intended. this isn't to say that their relationship isn't without drama. the kind of baggage they carry around means that they are ripe for misunderstanding, and how they work through that will either break them or leave them stronger. this is a romance so you can guess which way it ends up. i really enjoyed harper and thor's story. **live out loud will publish on april 30, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever) in exchange for my honest review.
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book a lot. I decided to read this book because I really enjoyed the last book that I read by this author and I ended up liking this book just as much. This is a romance that just feels real which is really nice. I also loved the fact that this story is set in my hometown of St. Louis because it is really wonderful to see familiar landmarks worked into a story. This was a book that I was able to read for hours at a time and found it to be a really satisfying romance. Harper was a great character. She is deaf and has had to work harder at some things in her life because of it. She is a pharmacy student who also works with deaf children at the local Y. Her roommate talks her into going with her to see a hot new band at a local club. She can't hear the music but she enjoys feeling it. She locks eyes with the guitar player in the band during the performance and he goes to find her as soon as it is over. Thor works on cars by day and plays music at night. He doesn't really do relationships but there is something about Harper that wants to know better. Thor is also dealing with some pretty series family issues that has really had a big impact on his life. I loved Thor's character and thought he was a genuinely nice guy who is willing to make an effort. I thought Harper and Thor were great as a couple. They have a lot of chemistry together and everything seemed to click between them from the very start. They both have family issues that they are dealing with although the situations are very different. They both come to each other with a bit of baggage. I liked how natural this pair were together and thought that the way they worked to communicate really added to the story. I really liked the way this book came together. It was a lot of fun to watch this pair get to know each other and I think that the way the book was told from both Harper and Thor's point of views really worked well. The pacing of the story was well done with a nice balance of romance, family issues, and sexy times. I really enjoyed the descriptions regarding communication between the pair. I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. I thought that this was a really sweet but sexy story with amazing characters. I look forward to reading more from Marie Meyer soon. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) - Forever Yours via NetGalley.