Lives forever Changed: False Allegations & Children That Lie: What Every Adult Should Know

Lives forever Changed: False Allegations & Children That Lie: What Every Adult Should Know

by Philip Kramer


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Everyday, adults are falsely accused of abuse crimes that they did not commit. Many of these accusations come from children who have hidden agendas of their own, separated or divorced parents, or from mistaken interpretations from strangers. These allegations take away from the legitimate cases of abuse that have actually occurred, and cause needless suffering to those victimized by lies. While many cases of child abuse are real, this book shows the other side of the equation...where innocent adults are accused of horrendous crimes when they were completely innocent. The result is the incorrect prosecutions and convictions of thousands of adults who have faced the wrath of law enforcement and the judicial processes that contrary to belief at times, makes one guilty until proven innocent.

Hundreds of child sexual abuse allegations are investigated by the authorities and social service agencies every day. Studies by both governmental agencies and professional experts show that up to 2/3 of the allegations turn out to be lies made against the innocent. What is more frightening is that an innocent adult that is charged with crimes against children has over a 90% chance that they will be convicted. The odds are greater that an adult will be investigated for a child abuse crime than the chance of the same adult being bitten by a strange dog or stung by a bee in their lifetime.

If you do not think that you could face a false allegation, this book will change your belief. Should you be facing this nightmare, very little information is available on what you and your family will face during the sequence of events yet to transpire. Written by a parent who was falsely accused of child sex abuse, the author takes the reader through every part of the nightmarish ordeal of defending one's self in order to preserve their freedom.

Written from the perspective of a person who actually successfully fought the false allegations made towards him, the reader will come to understand what would be in store for them should it become their turn in the future. The book was written as a guide, taking the reader through the initial arrest and police investigation process, all the way to the trial that determines their ultimate fate. In between, this book covers how to select the appropriate defense counsel, how to prepare one's case when no beneficial evidence seems to exist, and explains the inner workings of both the law enforcement and social service agencies...and how each always gives the benefit of the doubt to the accuser while disregarding what the accused knows to be proof that the accusations are lies.

This guide has been written in an easy to follow manner; explaining the technical legal jargon and processes to be faced, so that the innocent reader can properly defend their self. This book was not written to cover the particular specifics of the author, but has been designed to be of assistance to any person facing unspeakable allegations. The author includes small "It Happened to Me" sections throughout the work, so that the reader can understand how the information presented actually related to the experience of the writer.

Just as important, the author explains the different emotions that will be faced, along with how interactions with personal, work, and media relations once an allegation is made will forever change the accused's life.

Thousands of innocent individuals have been falsely accused, prosecuted, and convicted. No one who is accused of horrendous crimes will be believed until possibly a trial occurs, and each person wrongly accused will be determined to be guilty from the start. Your friends, family, loved ones, and people you care about need to know this information now; before it is ever needed.

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About the Author

Written by a parent who was falsely accused of child molestation by their own child, the author endured years waiting for his trial to occur so that he could refute the claims. Written under a pseudonym to protect his privacy, the author explains the frightening statistics of just how prevalent false allegations are today.

Having endured the unbelievable stress of an accusation, and watching his relationships change with his own family, close friends, and employer, the author desires to educate others with the contents of this book. Lives forever Changed is the perfect title for this book, as the author found his life, and that of those around him, to be forever changed. Having done the near impossible of actually winning a sex abuse allegation in court, the author created this book so that others facing this troubling time could have a reference to understand the emotions that they will be living.

This book also will help those people close to the accused as to what to expect in the months and years ahead. Written from a person that has lived the nightmare, this book is able to provide a glimpse as to what is to happen in the near future, while providing hope.

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