Lodestone Book Four: Seeds Across the Sky

Lodestone Book Four: Seeds Across the Sky

by Mark Whiteway


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The discovery of an ancient artefact sends Keris of the Kelanni and the human Alexander McCann spinning back into the distant past to uncover a threat more terrible than either of them could conceive.

Five planetary turns have passed since Humans were driven from the planet Kelanni. Keris learns of an ancient record that purports to tell the true origins of her people, and of a being named Ash that has manipulated their development for his own purposes. But is the record true, or merely another cynical attempt by Humans to exploit the power of Lodestone?

'Seeds Across the Sky' is the fourth book in the best selling Lodestone Series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781480188631
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/15/2012
Series: Lodestone Series , #4
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

"Writing SciFi was a long held ambition of mine. As a kid, I read everything from Wells to Verne to Heinlein. At twelve years old, I wrote a novella. (I still have it, hand-written in a huge ledger).

"Following that, life intervened, and it was only in April '09 that I determined to get back to writing. Several ideas had been running around in my head for some time, of which the Lodestone concept was the strongest. As I began to develop the story, it became clear that I was not going to be able to do justice to it in a single book, and so the Lodestone Series was born."

Mark Whiteway lives in rural West Sussex, England.

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Lodestone Book Four: Seeds Across the Sky 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Jeff-Wallace More than 1 year ago
Seeds Across the Sky is the fourth book in Mark Whiteway's popular science fiction Lodestone chronicles. In this latest installment we find Keris, head of the Division of Maintenance of World Order, investigating the thief of an artifact. Her investigation leads her to a bar and Alexander Edward McMann, the last human on Kelanni. He produces the artifact she looking for and reveals how her people came to be known as the Kela-nesh-hannani, those who have been cast out. Curious to find out this knowledge she follows him to an ancient archive where she listens to a sphere log that tells the story of how the Helvenian people came to be the Kelanni. From the first time that Keris plugs in the sphere and we hear the voice of Zemira as she keeps us spellbound with tale of her first meeting with energy being called Ash, the events that lead up to desperate group of Helvenians being launched into space and their struggles to survive. Throughout the telling of her story we find ourselves emotionally ivested as Zemira reluctantly co-operates with Ash but keeps a suspicious eye on him until she can figure out his ultimate goal and just how it will impact the Helvenian people. Zemira knows that she will eventually have to challenge Ash but not until she discovers how far his influence goes and the limits of his power. Mr. Whiteway uses the element of suspense extremely well in this book not just with the mysterious Ash and what are his plans are, but who is responsible for the explosion on the the solar sailing vessel known as the lattice and who betrayed Zemira's plan to return to Helvena. One of my favorite parts and another example of the use of suspense is the epic battle between what has become known as the rimmers, Zemira and the others that have been exiled to the outer circles of the lattice, known as rimmers, and those living near the center, known as hubbers. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys science fiction involving space travel, conflicts between good and evil or just the struggles to overcome prejudices. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars
JRNeely More than 1 year ago
I liked this one - It's a prequel nested within a sequel and a coming-of-age tale. It's quite similar to Wizard and Glass, of Steven King's Dark Tower series. Except it's in space, of course. Seeds Across the Sky explores the consequences of an advanced species breaking the Prime Directive. In this aspect, it's similar to David Brin's Uplift Trilogy and the Stargate television series. However, the female protagonist, caste system, and the slow unraveling of mysteries make it more reminiscent of Hugh Howey's Wool. Whiteway does a good job of blending his "Speculative Sci-fi" with good old-fashioned story telling. His descriptions of advanced technology are enticing - it all seems possible, but just out of reach. Fortunately, the hard sci-fi is balanced nicely by politics and the mystery of Ash. The protagonist's tale, refreshingly broken up at intervals by McCann and Keris, was what really pulled me through the book. Young enough to stand in awe at the bold science project of her race, Zemira is endearing and relatable. But she is also old enough to start seeing her world as it really is. As she and her budding society age and mature, we follow them on an exciting odyssey through the stars - and the mysteries of ancient Helvena.
ccwriterunlimited More than 1 year ago
Outstanding Sci-fi With A Mix!! “It’s a contraction of kela-nesh-hannani, in the Kelanni Ancient tongue. It means those who have been cast out.” Keris doesn’t want to believe the words of the hu-man McCann. But he says he can prove it. Hesitatingly she agrees to go to the ancient ruins to hear and see for herself what the disc says of Kelanni and the history of her people.. Whiteway is a phenomenal storyteller as he brings his stories and characters alive. With each word the reader is breathlessly drawn in as they feel, see and hear along with Keris as they are observing history revealed through the ancient discs. The depth of the characters is amazing, creating a lasting effect. The storyline is a mixture of sci-fi, mystery, fantasy and adventure. I just could not get enough of this remarkable tale. Free-flowing and believable is the transition from modern day Kelanni to the ancient. I loved how the history all plays out through the eyes of Zemira really only a child in the ancient land when it all begins. I enjoyed how the story builds with Zemira, Jora, Priom and Terza as I wondered who Ash is. I myself love a good mystery adventure and “Seeds across the Sky” does not disappoint and would recommend to anyone looking for the same or an excellent sci-fi with a mix.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
By Far the Best Book in the Lodestone Series  Mystery, betrayal, and adventure are all interwoven in Seeds Across the Sky,  which is the fourth book in the Lodestone Series. Once I started reading this on my Kindle,  I couldn’t put it down and even sacrificed a good night’s sleep just so that I could finish it! Mr.  Whiteway gives us another story full of plot twists and surprises as we read about Alexander (the last known human)  and Keris as they unveil the background of the Kelanni culture/people through flashbacks. I swear I was on an emotional  rollercoaster while reading (to the annoyance of my husband). There are new characters that you love, hate, and sympathize  with throughout this story and of course he introduces a new enemy as well. This book really brings together the first 3 even  though we have new characters introduced. With that new background information still in my head, I’m ready to start book five  in the series and I really hope there is going to be more after that. I can’t say enough that they should make this series either a  TV show or a movie. I also love that you can read this book as a standalone or as part of the series (of course I highly recommend  you read the first three books beforehand). No matter what, I’ll continue to follow Mr. Whiteway and his future books because his  work makes him a top notch science fiction author and his series is highly worthy of praise. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great novel to read if you have some time and unspent brain power! If you like either of the American TV series Lost or 24, this book will definitely draw you in. I really enjoyed the wealth of vocabulary used, and made margin notes on my Kindle, a practice that is helping me prepare for the verbal section of the GRE.  This novel does a wonderful job of creating new intricacies and expanding upon content we already THOUGHT we were familiar with. The principle of knowing where you come from, the reasons behind traditions and common laws, and not taking things at face value are highlighted as the last surviving human points Keris towards her own history. Her people, Kelanni, were cast out just as they had cast out the humans. McCann, the human, wasn’t so bad; what are these power struggles and secrets about? Initially I was skeptical of book four since the first three books were referred to as a trilogy, but now I’m excited for book five!
LucyB3 More than 1 year ago
In this day and age of trashy novels with even trashier language used to keep the attention of young readers, I continue to be very appreciative of Whiteway’s style of writing.  It is not easy to write in such a way that does not offend older readers yet is real enough to attract the younger generations, and he has definitely figured out how to do that in a masterful way that allows readers of any age to thoroughly enjoy the book and the fascinating storyline.  Once again I can’t wait for my grandson to arrive for his summer visit so he can start reading this series from the beginning.  By the time he starts this fourth book in the series, he is not going to be able to put it down.  The action and adventure of the male characters as well as their strength and daring will have him reading non-stop to see where the story lands by the end of Seeds Across the Sky.  In fact, he’s going to be driving me crazy until he gets his hands on the fifth book!  It is truly a bit of a miracle the author can write in such a way for his books to be enjoyed by this grandmother AND her teenage grandson – amazing!
GracePorch More than 1 year ago
As a modern-day woman myself, I think my most favorite character in the whole series is the gal Zemira! I love how she is developed as a heroine yet not a “perfect” one who never struggles with typical things women struggle with no matter what day and age they live in. Of course, she has to fight through doubting herself and her abilities and why she has endured some really tough times. But instead of allowing the challenges to make her bitter and cause her to live like a victim while dismissing the pain of her people and any responsibility she might have, she decides that she truly must answer the call and fight for her people regardless of her past and her confusion over a deceptive man (Ash) of the present. I love authors who write about female characters and plainly express the value women have in life whether it is here in reality, or in a fantasyland of science fiction far, far away. Yet he doesn’t try to cover her weaknesses either. Men and woman alike can greatly enjoy the strength and realness of the characters of Lodestone, and Zemira will be appreciated for the moral voice of freedom that she portrays in this installment of the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the time keepers book. If you are going to be gone for an extended amout of time (i.e. more than a day) then post the day that you should be back, and if you can, the time of your return. Thankey much! <p> ~Jetstar~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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zadelicious More than 1 year ago
Seeds Across the Sky is an intense psychological thriller in a science fiction setting. The sheer audacity of this fourth book in the Lodestone series left me awestruck. What starts out as a confrontation of dominance between two familiar characters from the world of Kelanni evolves into a gripping tale of mystery, suspense, and horror. In this prequel cum sequel, even more startling details about the endlessly fascinating history of Kelanni unfurl astonishingly, like the solar sails heading toward the sun called Simona. On Helvena, another planet in an entirely different solar system, lies the true origin of the Kelanni race. The swift technological advancement of Helvenans is propelled by the cruel bonds of a rigorously ingrained caste system. Instituted after the Great Revolution, this deeply hierarchical social structure is artfully masterminded by a lone megalomaniac from another world. Ash, a being of pure energy, is feared by the highest echelon of Helvenan society. His benign appearance as a beautiful creature of white light with golden hair and a serene countenance belies his shrewdly ruthless, manipulative nature. Ash appears evil, driven by utterly selfish motives, yet strangely lacks malice. His pure pragmatism betrays a disturbing lack of conscience that has tragic consequences for all of Helvena. Families are ripped apart during a fiery rebellion provoked by the most oppressed caste, and the entire fabric of society is all but destroyed. The situation worsens when the web-like lattice breaks away from the orbital space station housing Helvenan refugees, pushing the station toward self-destruction. Thrust into the vastness and uncertainty of outer space, the remnants of the closely contained caste community erupt into civil war. Within the power struggle, fragile and dubious inter-caste alliances are made in the desperate race for survival. Zemira, the Director&rsquo;s young daughter, is constrained by her conscience to take responsibility for the fate of her people. She overcomes crippling personal tragedy and self-doubt to lead them out of the cold grasp of tyranny into a brave new world. The discovery of lodestone sets the stage for The Lodestone Trilogy and explains the sophisticated technology prevalent in ancient Kelanni culture. As with all of Whiteway&rsquo;s books, the pleasure of reading is in the details laid out in beautiful prose within an action-packed plot. The scientific sophistication will make fans out of even hardcore science fiction aficionados. The warfare element that forms the bedrock of this story is a masculine aspect that will appeal strongly to male readers. The continuing presence of strong and authentic female characters will gain the loyalty of female readers. The powerful emotional pull of family ties will draw in readers of any gender. The father-daughter relationship between Director Terza and Zemira is just one of the poignant facets of this exciting saga. This story does not spare the reader&rsquo;s emotions. It draws out one&rsquo;s most powerful emotions &ndash; horror, fear, anger, disappointment, outrage, distress, relief, disillusionment, hope, elation &ndash; and draws you in completely until the very end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dinithi More than 1 year ago
It was a pure delight to read another spectacular breakthrough from the author of the Lodestone Trilogy, Seeds Across The Sky being the fourth instalment of the series. This book really shakes up the story by dramatizing a heart gripping tale of the history of the Kelanni and their origin. As Zemira, the keeper of the log unwinds a great story of blood and sacrifice which happened in the world of Helvenna, where twin suns gleam above, the readers are welcomed to a whole new world which existed many thousands years before. The book is a real page turnover and a set of fascinating characters including Kells, Naals, Chells and the dangerous being called as Ash add to the excitement. A fast-paced narration yet descriptive with every minute detail making it so believable. An excellent flow of a story through the present and the past which won&rsquo;t bore you even if you reread it number of times. I give it 5 stars and ask you all to treat yourself by reading this spellbinding story. It&rsquo;s a book SciFi and fantasy fiction lovers should not miss!
bertiejf More than 1 year ago
Mark Whiteway never ceases to deliver! His newest addition to the Lodestone series is every bit as gripping and smart as the first three. Now, the adventure takes us between two entirely different time periods, and two very different peoples. Keris and the hu-man McCann find themselves together again in an investigation that may not only change the way the entire Kel-anni race view themselves, but may also lead them to an apparently indestructible being who has the power to completely destroy their world. &ldquo;Seeds Across the Sky&rdquo; takes us on a journey into the very distant past of the Kel-anni, before Keltar, before Lodestone, before the prophet...before life as they know it. An exciting trip through history, with aerial battles, physical confrontation, and even personal demons faced. I love the way Mr. Whiteway is able to include the growth of his characters in such a way that I sincerely care about it. I have come to know and admire...or despise...each one of the 'people' that he brings to life in his pages. In this page turner, we not only get to witness the growth of character of the individuals involved, but witness the birth of an entire people. A fun ride and a great read! Thank you Mark Whiteway! I am looking forward to reading more!
Freeman_Writing More than 1 year ago
I loved Mark Whiteway's Lodestone series, and I was delighted to find this fourth book, &quot;Seeds Across the Sky&quot;. Whiteway rekindles my love for a good scifi story with his brilliant work, and I found every bit of it to be must-read material. Pages turned until there were no more, and I still find myself hoping that I'll get to read another. &quot;Seeds Across the Sky&quot; brings to mind a novel combination of ideas and possibilities as children from a particular caste are brought into a thrilling tale in which a nearly immortal creature has brought his considerable forces to bear to manipulate and direct an entire race so that one day he might physically return to his homeland and escape his completely incorporeal existence. The characters in this book are not only genuine, but highly lovable (or despicable, depending on the character), and I found myself quickly rooting for children who had just been introduced to the story, if for no other reason than the realistic and heartfelt way that they are introduced. The dialogue is spectacular, taking aspects of real interaction into account, and giving just enough information and description without spoiling the sense of believability or foretelling too much of what is to come. I did find myself predicting at least some of the plot early on, but nevertheless found myself rapidly turning pages and soaking in the material just to see if I was right. Many twists and turns later, I realized that the ride this book took me on was well worth the time spent reading it. I have now read my fourth Mark Whiteway book, and can't wait to dig into the fifth, sixth, and upteenth as his career segues onto every mainstream scifi scene I can think of, and likely quite a few more that I can't. My thanks to Mr. Whiteway, and best wishes for continued excellence. This book should be a NY Times bestseller!
SandraHeptinstall More than 1 year ago
&ldquo;Seeds Across The Sky&rdquo;&rdquo; I was amazed that the author was able to take us to a new dimension in the fourth installment of the series. One filled with so many twist that anyone who has read the first three books of this series will be surprised. The book can also stand alone, but I recommend that people go back and read the other books first. In the weak economy we are facing here in the USA, buying books can be a luxury. I would say if you like science fiction, you have come to the right place. I have been surprised by what happens in this book, but never disappointed. A tremendously likable book. The way this book ended I can see where there needs to be at least another book in the series. I would buy this book, as well as the other three. In fact this would make a great movie or television series. Rated G