Long Ride To Laramie (book 3): Making Tracks

Long Ride To Laramie (book 3): Making Tracks

by Greg E Jones


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Long Ride To Laramie is the story of the life and times of Amos Moss. Amos was just 14 years old at the end of the Civil War. He witnessed the horrific rape of his closest friend and his young bride by Union raiders. Amos could not abide that wrong and made the raiders pay with their lives. That set in motion a long chain of events that would see Amos grow from an Arkansas hill boy to a man in the cattle baron years that were the old west in Wyoming. From a railroad hand to a cowboy to a U.S. Marshall Amos would see the rise and fall of the cattle empires. He would battle crime and corruption, find love and make friends. He would find joy in victories and pain in defeat. The series that follows his life is written much like the old dime novels. The chapters are short but always leave the reader wondering what will happen next. Each book builds on the last until half a century of western history has been told. Many of the characters are real and historical people and many events are based on actual events. Amos and the main characters are fictional but are based on composites of people the author has known. Their fictional involvements with real characters and real events seem entirely plausible. The number of books in the series is not yet determined.

The author, now in his sixties, is the third of five generations of Wyomingites and as a child heard the stories of men who were old then and have long since passed on. Those stories are woven throughout the series in hope that they will not be lost. The geography described is accurate and can be easily followed on a map. The book covers are from the actual places where the stories unfold.

Wyoming is wide, windy, sometimes desolate, often harsh but always beautiful. The author hopes that feeling comes across in the series.

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