Look Beyond

Look Beyond

by Kaiva Rose


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ISBN-13: 9781732791121
Publisher: Rou Odyssey
Publication date: 03/11/2019
Series: Rou Odyssey , #1
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Author Kaiva Rose, was born and raised in Fargo, ND. She moved to Minneapolis to study art and design, and quickly found her true passion was in the art of word and communication, so embarked on a new path in theatre arts. Kaiva eventually moved to New York City to study at the Stella Adler Studio. She found an appreciation for writers with powerful messages and eccentric characters. Along her journey, she also began to study the healing arts - chakra system, yoga, crystal healing, astrology, reiki, nutrition and Chinese medicine. The core word to best explain Kaiva is empowerment. Through writing and her deep love of human connection, she continued to embark on her journey to empower others and herself, and found herself in Los Angeles, CA. There, Kaiva really unleashed her writing and acting, creating eccentric characters and empowering people through healing arts. Her first screenplay was written, which was based on a short story she had done in a creative writing class at University of Minnesota. It has since evolved into Part 1 of her Rou Odyssey series. She began talks to get it developed into a film. Fantasy is quite expensive, and after developing and expanding the story over 5 years, she decided to turn it into a series of novels. Her intension is still the same as it was for the film. Kaiva wants to inspire people to be leaders for themselves. She wants to empower audiences to live a more embodied and fulfilling life, by inspiring them through eccentric characters in fantastical worlds and powerful messages.

Table of Contents


Prologue: Book I xi

Chapter 1: Times Forgotten for Times Anew 1

Chapter 2: Secrets for All 33

Chapter 3: Communion with the Ancient Ones 47

Chapter 4: Rebel with a Cause 63

Chapter 5: Intentions Set 75

Chapter 6: Trusting Fools 89

Chapter 7: Eccentricities 99

Chapter 8: Vengeance 117

Chapter 9: Art of Sorcery 127

Chapter 10: Wits of the Witness 143

Chapter 11: Fleeting Friends 153

Chapter 12: Reminiscing 169

Chapter 13: Hexed Invaders 183

Chapter 14: The Honorable 191

Chapter 15: Stealing Tricks 205

Chapter 16: Mind Ruse 213

Chapter 17: To See or not To See 221

Chapter 18: Pursuit Awry 237

Chapter 19: Reckless Junctions 245

Chapter 20: The Quiet Voice Inside 261

Chapter 21: The Illuminated Path 269

Chapter 22: Inhale of Evil 277

Chapter 23: Guardians of the Pure-Hearted 283

Chapter 24: Trickster’s Fate 295

Chapter 25: Rise and Shine 303

Chapter 26: Looks Can Be Deceiving 319

Chapter 27: No Home for Evils 329

Chapter 28: Timeless Allegiance 335

Epilogue: Fairy Play 343

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