Lucius Burckhardt Writings. Rethinking Man-made Environments: Politics, Landscape & Design

Lucius Burckhardt Writings. Rethinking Man-made Environments: Politics, Landscape & Design


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Design for a democratic society was a matter of urgency in bombed-out postwar Europe. Swiss sociologist, journalist, professor and founding father of strollology Lucius Burckhardt (1925-2003) pioneered the interdisciplinary analysis of man-made environments, and thereby highlighted both the visible and invisible aspects of our cities and social relations. Acutely aware of how our interventions and decisions shape the world, and how the changing world in turn, shapes us, his life-long focus was not only the prerequisites of architecture, urban planning and design but also their long-term impact. Teaching and practice still owe much to his work. Thus, the first selection of Lucius Burckhardt's texts to appear in English, introduces his groundbreaking theory of environmental design, in retrospective tribute to a prescient thinker.

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ISBN-13: 9783990434956
Publisher: Birkhauser Verlag
Publication date: 09/15/2012
Pages: 288
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Table of Contents


The Work of Lucius Burckhardt Urban Planning and Democracy (1957)

Ulm Anno 5. The Curriculum of the Ulm School of Design (1960)

Building-A Process with No Obligations to Heritage Preservation (1967)

On the Value and Meaning of Urban Utopias (1968)

From Design Academicism to the Treatment of Virulent Problems (1973)

Who Plans the Planning? (1974)

Family and Home-Two Adaptable Systems (1975)

Urban Design and Its Significance for Residents (1975)

Gardening-An Art and A Necessity (1977)

Why Is Landscape Beautiful? (1979)

On the Design of Everyday Life (1979)

Design Is Invisible (1980)

Dirt (1980)

What Is Livability? On Quantifiable and Invisible Needs (1981)

The Night Is Man-made (1982)

Architecture-An Art or A Science? (1983)

A Critique of the Art of Gardening (1983)

Fake: The Real Thing (1987)

Aesthetics and Ecology (1990)

A Walk in Second Nature (1992)

The Sermon (1994)

Strollological Observations on Perception of the Environment and the Tasks Facing Our Generation (1996)

Wasteland As Context. Is There Any Such Thing As The Postmodern Landscape? (1998)

On Movement and Vantage Points-the Strollologist's Experience (1999)

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