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American University in Cairo Press, The
Lughatuna al-Fusha: A New Course in Modern Standard Arabic: Book One

Lughatuna al-Fusha: A New Course in Modern Standard Arabic: Book One

by Samia Louis


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ISBN-13: 9789774163524
Publisher: American University in Cairo Press, The
Publication date: 06/01/2010
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Samia Louis has taught Arabic for more than ten years with the International Language Institute (ILI) in Cairo (, an affiliate of International House, and is the author of all the books in the Kallimni ‘Arabi series (AUC Press, 2007–09).

Table of Contents

Plan of Modules
Module 1: Greetings and introductions
Presentation 1 Good morning
The Arabic alphabet, some letters
Greetings and introductions
Introducing yourself
Presentation 2 Good afternoon
More letters, long vowels
Greetings and introductions
Asking about names
Module 2: Asking about people
Presentation 1 Are you Wagdy?
More letters
Asking about people
Answering with affirmation or negation
Presentation 2 Who are you?
More letters
Using 'who' in a question
Asking about people 2
Module 3: Who is he? Where are you from?
Presentation 1 Who is he?
More letters
Third-person forms in questions
Presentation 2 Where are you from?
Asking about someone's native country
Shadda - feminine ending in nouns and adjectives
Module 4: Asking about nationality and asking about items
Presentation 1 I am Egyptian
Asking about nationality
Singular and plural adjectives
Presentation 2 This is my room
Asking about the contents of a room
Affirmation, negation answers
Module 5: Asking about personal belongings
Presentation 1 Whose book is this?
Asking about ownership of personal items
Answering in the affirmative or negative
Presentation 2 Is this a bag?
Is this your bag?
Singular and plural objects
Module 6: Numbers, dates, and telephone numbers
Presentation 1 What is the number?
Asking about different telephone numbers (home, and so on).
Presentation 2 What is the day today?
Asking about dates, days, and time
Numbers 20-100, cardinal numbers
Module 7: What is the price? What is the color?
Presentation 1 What is the price?
Asking about prices of clothes, office supplies, and so on.
Larger numbers
Presentation 2 What is the color of his pen?
Asking about colors
Describing the apartment
Module 8: Asking about places and directions
Presentation 1 Where is the bag?
Describing the location of items
Asking about places in a building
Presentation 2 Where is the pharmacy?
Asking for directions
Giving directions
Module 9: Routine daily activities
Presentation 1 A day in Bassem's life
Talking about daily activities
What do you do every day?
Presentation 2 My weekend
Talking about activities on the weekend
Talking about some habits and activities with negation
Module 10: Asking about family. Asking about weather conditions
Presentation 1 Me and my family
Talking about family members
Talking about their jobs
Presentation 2 What is the weather like today?
Asking about weather conditions
Asking about temperatures
Useful Grammar Terms

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