Maggie Wilson's WACKY Worlds II The Sequel: Maggie's Quest for Her Final Destiny Continues into The Faraway

Maggie Wilson's WACKY Worlds II The Sequel: Maggie's Quest for Her Final Destiny Continues into The Faraway

by Allen C McKinzie


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Maggie Wilson's WACKY Worlds II The Sequel: Maggie's Quest for Her Final Destiny Continues into The Faraway by Allen C McKinzie

The crazy, unpredictable saga of Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds continues!
Maggie returns to Earth II with her children and dogs; but is compelled to leave the sanctuary of Earth II, in order to pursue the final aspect of her destiny that awaits her in the Faraway. Or so she believed!
As I say in all of my books, I firmly believe that unique and interesting characters can make a good story great. That is why Maggie reassembles her friends, Dog, Skunk, Una, Sarah, Golye, the Professor and Mo-Jo to accompany her on this final journey as well. Bark, the stowaway scorpion that created havoc on Journey I, decides to sneak aboard once again.
Of course, Fleet is her constant companion and protector as always, still working on his English and eating various things.
In order to achieve the daunting goals placed upon her by the Higher Power in the Faraway, she and her entourage must confront and overcome three super-powerful Devil-Monsters at the cost of leaving one of their own dead. Some of the original characters will remain while she meets newer ones. For example: Play and Mate, two young sister Jaguars have become her companions and protectors.
The true identity of Hope the Calf is revealed, while the hilarious chimps collaborate with Joisey the Cow in selling her milk. She still has female problems and misses watching Dr. Oz on TV!
Rattle and his snake family, being endowed with new legs, decide to create a new species for themselves called "Snake-Ators", where they share habitat with Alligators. They had become tired of living in holes in the desert.
Skunk, whose greatest desire is to become a human girl, becomes involved in a scenario of survival. In order to rescue her, Sarah, by her own wish, makes an astonishing transformation of bodies.
Sarah and Golye get married after she dumps the Professor, who is repelled by her new body form while Dog, Skunk and Una become a family.
Maggie gets to meet Santa Claus, who clarifies some of the myths about his operation.
Earth I comes to a Standstill when it is self-destructing, becoming held in abeyance until the Higher Power decides what to do with it.
Ultimately, all secrets are revealed and all questions are answered regarding the Faraway and the Power that resides within it!
As in Maggie I, unpredictable twists and turns are continuously occurring in this book as well.
Author's note:
These books are not about religion, nor is Maggie a religious person. However, in order to access her own life and the after-life as it relates to her, she must fall back onto her religious teachings of the Bible, for there is no other reference for her.
She sometimes embraces her Christian upbringing, sometimes refutes it, but always remains connected to it. This vital part of her life becomes even more prevalent where she makes direct contact with the Higher Power in the Faraway, where she is vindicated!
Some religious parody and paraphrasing is used for entertainment purposes; however, no offense is meant.

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ISBN-13: 9781499165883
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2014
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.02(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

Allen has led a most unique and interesting life, using his many life experiences to draw upon for his writings. He is a voracious reader and prolific fantasy writer, having written several novels, a fictional series about animals, short stories for children and adults and many poems.
Having retired from an illustrious career with the Phoenix Arizona Police Department, he conducted free classes for hundreds of women on the subject of "practical self-defense". The highlight of his career was being assigned as a specially trained bodyguard directly involved in the security of dignitaries, including Presidents Reagan, Nixon, Ford and Carter; Vice Presidents; Presidential Candidates; Cabinet Members; the Mayor of Phoenix and others that required security when in Phoenix.
Other memorable notables were an African King, a Chinese Ambassador, celebrity Elvis Presley, sports great Kareem Abdul Jabbar, among others long forgotten.
Allen has acted in several plays, including "Sound of Music", "On Golden Pond", and others. He loves animals, nurses and old time Country and Rock and Roll; John Fogerty being his favorite entertainer, after Elvis.
Subsequent to four heart attacks, he underwent a heart transplant, having survived thus far for 20 years! Regarding heart transplants, he says, "It's a hell of a ride, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"
Notable and recent published works are four novels:
"Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds"
"Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds II - The Sequel"
"Relentless Pursuit" (of a woman called Dr. Death)
"Ransom of the Highest Order"
And a poem, "Nurses Extol", written in appreciation of all nurses, published in "Scrubs", a national Nurses' magazine.
Nearing completion of "Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds III, Maggie's Quest for Her Final Destiny Ends", he is simultaneously working on two other novels.
For medical reasons, he now lives in self-imposed seclusion atop a mountain in his beloved Arizona. He is happy however, with Jenifer, his wife of thirty-two years, several dogs and many wildlife visitors.
Allen is a member of the Professional Writers of Prescott, Arizona and the A.S.P.C.A.
He would appreciate a visit from you at, or "Like" us on Facebook at McKinzCreations.

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