The Man Book

The Man Book

by Otto DeFay

Paperback(First Edition)

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This book contains everything you need to know to be a man. Everything. It will prepare you for every situation you can imagine, from the office to the bedroom. It will improve your life no matter what you're doing…whether you're in a bar, in a fight, in a wedding, in an argument, at a game, at work, or in a stranger's bed.

It's time to be a man. Read this book.

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ISBN-13: 9780312383121
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 05/13/2008
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.24(w) x 5.38(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Otto DeFay is a free-lance writer and sports data analyst who spends most of his life on the road staying in barely decent hotels. Among his notable achievements are scoring a hole-in-one at the Russian Jack Springs Golf Course in Anchorage, Alaska and breaking three ribs during a layup in the final four seconds of his high school basketball championship. He has not dated anybody famous—yet—but he did win $17,550 once while playing blackjack in Las Vegas. The Man Book, published by St. Martin's Press, was his first book.

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The Man Book

By Otto DeFay, Wendy Letven

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2008 Otto DeFay
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-2520-4


YOU ARE A MAN. This is your book.

This is a book for males. More specifically, men. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books for women and for girls. They address the needs of a woman's body, of a woman's emotional self, of a woman's relationship with her mother, of a woman's desire to go shopping. Chances are, one or more of these has already found its way into your home.

However, there has not been a single book — not one — about men and men's bodies, men's emotions, and all the things that go into becoming a man.

First of all, the idea sounds silly. Or perhaps even downright stupid. Men don't want to hear about such things. Men grow up, and they deal with it. That is the essence of being a man.

Unfortunately, growing up is never as easy as it's supposed to be. Men do have problems with their bodies. Men do have emotions. And, much as they don't want to admit, men have needs. Those needs extend beyond sports, sex, and alcohol. Not far, but they do extend.

We're not here to get all touchy-feely. Quite the contrary, we're here to provide information, some of it amusing, some of it scientific, some of it useful, some of it trivial. All of it is designed to be read while waiting for your significant other in the dress department of the local department store. Or perhaps while you're spending quality time in the bathroom after a night of eating jalapeño bratwursts and chili dogs.

Women's books have names like Our Bodies, Ourselves, Growing a Girl, Reviving Ophelia, and Martha Stewart's Entertaining. Men don't have books — they have magazines. Most of these magazines you can't read in public after the age of thirty. Certainly, they're not the kind of magazines that your significant other is going to appreciate you leaving on the coffee table just as she is getting ready to have a baby shower for her best friend.

So it's time for a book. This book.

This book is for men. Certainly, adolescent males will find much of interest — and much to laugh about — in these pages. Finding humor in just about everything is part of becoming a man. But our target male is not just the man who is in the mood to laugh, but someone who might be on his way to getting married, is already married, or equally important, has just scheduled his first prostate exam.

No one ever tells a growing man his nipples will hurt if he bumps them during gym in high school, that his pubic hairs will turn gray one at a time, or that someday sleep will be more desirable than sex.

No one ever tells you. So we're going to.

And we're not going to stop there. For instance, no one ever quite knows how big a soccer field should be. We do.

No one gives you that perfect joke to tell the boss when he's treating you like his best friend. We do.

No one tells you how big your girlfriend's tits really are. We do.

No one quite remembers who won the NASCAR championship ten years ago, or what the exact difference is between a single malt and blended whiskey, or how to make a martini, or what a petabyte is, or Iron Man's secret identity, or the difference between hail and sleet, or what to buy for a twentieth anniversary, or the best things to say during a prostate exam.

We do.

Be a man. Read on.


Excerpted from The Man Book by Otto DeFay, Wendy Letven. Copyright © 2008 Otto DeFay. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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