Manifesting Made Easy: How to Harness the Law of Attraction to Get What You Really Want

Manifesting Made Easy: How to Harness the Law of Attraction to Get What You Really Want


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ISBN-13: 9781440597046
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 12/02/2016
Series: Made Easy Series
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 535,132
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 16.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jen Mazer is a transformational speaker and coach, known for her signature Manifestation Masters program and her website Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, The New York Times, New York magazine, Success 3.0, Fox News, ABC, and The Epoch Times. She is the author of Manifesting Made Easy. She lives in New York, New York.

Dr. Joe Vitale is the bestselling author of books such as The Abundance Paradigm, The Attractor Factor (Second Edition), The Key, Zero Limits, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, Hypnotic Writing, and Buying Trances. Joe also was a lead contributor to The Secret and is the author of the bestselling Nightingale-Conant programs The Power of Outrageous Marketing and The Missing Secret.

Table of Contents

Join the Manifestation Movement 10

Foreword 11

Introduction 12

How to Use This Book 15

Part 1 21

Demystify: How Does Manifestation Actually Work? 23

Imagine 25

Use the Law of Attraction 27

Cultivate Possibility 30

Partner with the Universe to Create Your Dreams 33

Set Your Intention 38

Plant Your Garden 41

Expect 44

Practice Gratitude 47

Pay Attention to Your Language 49

Part 2 53

Dream: Expand the Vision for Your Life 55

Get Crystal Clear about What You Want 57

Draw Positivity from Your Past 62

Write Your Affirmations 64

Focus on Your Big Dream 68

Visualize Your Dream 70

Do What You Love 73

Notice Synchronicities 76

Part 3 79

Dare: Take Action on Your Dreams 81

Act As if 83

Dare to Move Forward with Your Big Dream 87

Get an Accountability Partner 89

Creole a Daily Practice 92

Conquer Your Fear 96

Go for the No 100

Treat Your Dream Like a Business 103

Build Your Dream Team 108

Create Daily Reminders 111

Schedule Your Dreams 113

Part 4 117

Discover: Learn What's Been Holding You Back from Your Dreams 119

Learn to Deal with Resistance 120

Identity Your Limiting Beliefs 123

Understand the Upper-Limit Problem 126

Discover Your Old Stones and Patterns 129

Replace Your Limiting Beliefs 132

Realize What You're Tolerating 137

Meditate 140

Transform Your Negative Thoughts 145

Part 5 149

Detach: Learn to Let Go of Your Dream in Order for it to Come to You 151

Make Room for the New 152

Fail in Love with Your Wardrobe 154

Learn the Art of the Sacred No 156

Learn Forgiveness 159

Use Ho'oponopono to Ask for Forgiveness 162

Learn to Deal with Disappointment 165

Transform Jealousy 169

Surround Yourself with Positive People 172

Let Go 174

Transform Criticism 177

Release Anxiety 180

The Positive Side of Receiving a No 183

Part 6 187

Delight: Reap the Rewards of Your Manifestations 189

Follow Your Intuition 190

Manned Money 192

Decide How Your Money Will Make You Feel 195

Have a Wealthy Mindset 198

Be in the Present 201

Practice the Art of Receiving 204

Practice the Power of Giving 206

See the Good in Everyone 209

Be Love 211

Conclusion 214

Index 216

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