Marrying the Wrong Earl

Marrying the Wrong Earl

by Callie Hutton


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Lady Arabella Danvers is happy with her life just the way it is. She is free to be herself and take care of broken and abandoned animals. Her mother is desperate for her to marry, and has decided to take things into her own hands. There is just one little problem with her plan.

Nash, the Earl of Clarendon has determined it is time to take a wife. He has selected a woman to whom he intends to propose. However, the annoying Lady Arabella has stumbled into his life at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

But he of all people should know if Lady Arabella is involved, plans will go awry.

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ISBN-13: 9781544759005
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Callie Hutton, USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty historical romance books, writes humorous and spicy Regency novels with "historic elements and sensory details" (The Romance Reviews). Visit her at

Charlotte Anne Dore has been recording audiobooks since 2011, most of which have been historical romances. She has worked in film and television, but she mostly works in live theater and performance, with a focus on historical reenactments, ghost tours, mystery shows, and storytelling.

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Marrying the Wrong Earl

Lords and Ladies of Love The Series

By Callie Hutton, Erin Molta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Callie Hutton
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-947-3


London, England, April 1820

Lady Arabella Danvers stared in horror as the Earl of Pembroke groaned and slid his vast body off the settee, landing with a thump onto one knee. He took her hand in his fleshy, sweaty one. "My lady —"

She sucked in a breath. "No, please, my lord. Do rise. Sit alongside me." She patted the settee, frantic to keep him from proposing. She'd known for some time what his intentions were but had hoped her lack of interest would have dissuaded him. Of course, she'd been well trained in how to word a refusal-of-marriage offer, but each time she'd had to do it, she'd suffered for days afterward seeing the pain of rejection in the gentleman's eyes.

"I must say this, Lady Arabella. I have admired you for some time now. You must know of my interest —"

"Perhaps I should send for more tea ..." She attempted to tug her hand loose from his grip, to no avail. Her mother had left the room several minutes ago, leaving her not properly chaperoned, so apparently, Pembroke's fumbling attempt at a proposal was not a surprise to Mother.

"I hold you in a great deal of esteem." He continued on as if she hadn't spoken. "I would like at this time to ask you —"

"My lady?" Arabella breathed a sigh of relief as the butler, Tavers, entered the drawing room. "Lady Elizabeth and Miss Caroline Davis have come to call."

She smiled brightly at Lord Pembroke. "Perhaps you should rise, my lord."

He glowered at the butler then gave Arabella a wan smile. "Yes, yes, of course. I will continue this another time." He awkwardly shifted his girth to stand but instead fell halfway, practically landing on her.

"Lady Arabella, how wonderful to see you." Lady Elizabeth and her cousin, Miss Caroline Davis, glided into the room. Pembroke rearranged himself, red faced and puffing, attempting to regain his dignity. Arabella hopped up to greet her guests. The three kissed the air next to each other's cheeks, exclaiming over gowns and bonnets. No one seemed to notice Lord Pembroke, who gave a soft cough.

"Oh dear, my lord, I did not see you there." Lady Elizabeth gave him a slight curtsy, as did Miss Caroline, who murmured, "My lord."

"Good afternoon, ladies." He turned to Arabella. "I will leave you now to visit with your friends. May I have the pleasure of escorting you on a drive tomorrow afternoon?"

Lady Elizabeth and Miss Caroline both turned to Arabella with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, indeed. Lady Arabella would love a ride tomorrow afternoon, wouldn't you, dear?" Arabella's missing mother, Lady Melrose, hurried into the room, all sunshine and happiness.

"Actually, Mother, I had planned to ..." She halted, unable to think fast enough.

Mother jumped right in. "Nonsense, a ride in the park would be just the thing. You spend far too much time doing whatever it is you normally do in the afternoons." She took Lord Pembroke's arm and walked him out of the room, her voice fading as she chatted away.

"Lord Pembroke?" Lady Elizabeth adjusted her skirts as she settled on a chair across from the settee where Arabella sat. "I had no idea."

"There is no idea. I know the man intends to propose, but I will not be accepting." Arabella filled teacups for herself and her two visitors. "Although I am not foolish enough to want love in a marriage, I would at least prefer to like the man I'll spend the rest of my life with." She shuddered as she took a sip of her tea. "And I can assure you, that will not be Lord Pembroke."

Miss Caroline took a small biscuit from a tray on the table in front of them. "It sounds as though your mother has other ideas."

"Yes, I know. I do wish she would stop pushing me to marry. Due to Papa's declining health, and then his death, I started late, so I've only had one Season. Is it so terrible for me to not take the first man who offers marriage?"

"Pembroke is the third man you have turned down, young lady." Lady Melrose swept into the drawing room, a frown marring her still-lovely complexion. A frown Arabella had noticed was, of late, a perpetual expression for her once-carefree mother.

Since Arabella was an only child, the family estate had passed into the hands of a distant relative who was currently conducting business in India. They had been told by their solicitor the new Earl of Melrose was expected to return to England and take up residency in the fall.

Unfortunately, Arabella's late father had enjoyed a predilection for whiskey and faro, and a total lack of interest in the preservation of his estate. Mother had impressed upon Arabella several times that once her dowry was paid, there would be no funds left for her support, so unless her daughter took her in, she would have nowhere to live.

Via their solicitor, the new earl had offered to allow Lady Melrose to continue living at the estate, but her mother had turned up her nose at that offer. She would live with her newly married daughter, she'd sniffed.

"I've hardly turned down three ideal offers, Mother. Lord Pembroke never got the words out, and Mr. Featherington and Baron Smythe are both old enough to be my grandfather."

"Which is to your advantage, miss. They are both wealthy men and will die soon."

At Arabella's indrawn breath, her mother waved her hand. "No need for hysterics, young lady. It is a fact that both men were looking for a wife in order to have an heir before they cocked up their toes."

And I do not wish to be someone's broodmare.

If she said that out loud her mother would most definitely swoon, and a half hour would pass trying to restore her sensibilities. Instead, Arabella waved at the teapot. "Would you care for some tea, Mother?" Lady Elizabeth and Miss Caroline had pretended they hadn't heard the exchange by softly mumbling to each other. But Arabella had no doubt they took in every word and would soon use it as fodder for their next morning call. Honestly, why couldn't Mother be a bit more circumspect?

"No tea, thank you, daughter. I am off to the milliner's. I will see you at dinner before we depart for the Ashbourne ball."

Arabella groaned inwardly at the reminder. At present, one of Arabella's animal patients was in dire need of supervision while it recovered from its injuries. The last time she had left one of the downstairs maids in charge of a patient, the poor thing had died.

Mother thought her concern for animals, and her desire to nurture them back to health, a nasty hobby. On the other hand, Arabella saw it as a way of keeping her brain from melting with all the talk of ribbons, gowns, gossip, and other nonsense most of the ton ladies lived for.

She'd already heard whispers at various events about her passion for animals and how unseemly it was for a young lady to delve into such goings-on. She sighed. Another reason she so disliked attending these functions.

Later that afternoon, Arabella entered the spare bedchamber where she kept the various animals under her care. The scant sunlight coming through the west window cast a soft glow over three dogs, one bird, and two cats. All had been injured in some way. She had been rescuing and treating animals since she was a young girl. Over Mother's objections, Arabella continued to not only bring home injured animals, but accept those poor creatures who appeared at the back door of their townhouse. Despite the whisperings at social events, word of her healing skills had spread throughout London, and those unable to care for their injured pets brought them to her.

She could not remember a time when she did not love caring for animals. As a young girl, more comfortable with the family's groom than other girls of her class, she'd spent time learning about horses and their care. That knowledge had driven her to various books on veterinary practices, and then eventually to helping other injured animals.

"Well, look at you, Miss Aphrodite. You appear well today." She addressed the large white long-haired cat which ran her pink tongue over her fur. The animal continued her ministrations, ignoring Arabella. Something she did on a regular basis. The gash on the left side of her body was slowly healing. Arabella had sewn her up, and did her best to keep the cat from licking the wound.

Arabella would bring the cat to the elderly Lady Oswald, who had agreed to take Miss Aphrodite when Arabella had mentioned her to the ladies at her morning calls. Arabella placed the basket on the floor and carefully lifted the cat and placed her inside. "I know you will just love your new home. Lady Oswald is quite anxious to have your company."

Since it was a pleasant day, Arabella and her maid, Sophia, elected to walk through the park to reach Lady Oswald's house. The air was unseasonably warm, and the soft breeze tickled the hair that had escaped her bonnet, blowing the wisps into her eyes. The blanket over the top of the basket where Miss Aphrodite rested began to shift. "I believe our passenger has awakened from her nap."

Lifting the blanket, Arabella stared down at the animal, who stared right back at her. Before she could even say a word, the cat jumped from the basket and raced away.

"Miss Aphrodite, come back!" Arabella handed the basket to Sophia then picked up her skirts and, abandoning all dignity, dashed after the cat. "Come back," she yelled, ignoring the people around her who turned to gawk in her direction.

The cat tore over the ground, apparently chasing a small rodent. Arabella placed her hand on her bonnet, which threatened to sail from her head. The cat continued on, and Arabella was beginning to get a stitch in her side when a young gentleman headed toward her from the other direction. Right in Miss Aphrodite's path. "My lord, can you please catch my cat?"

Apparently deep in thought as he enjoyed a stroll, the man looked up just as the rodent ran up his leg. Miss Aphrodite hurled herself at his chest, the weight of her body knocking him backward into a tree. Waving his hands to avoid the mouse and the cat, he slammed into the trunk, slid down, and landed in a puddle of muddy water. His hat flew off, and Miss Aphrodite jumped from his shoulder onto the tree, scaling the branches, disappearing from sight.

* * *

Nash, the Earl of Clarendon, stared stupidly at the woman who raced up to him, holding her side and panting. "I'm so sorry, my lord. Are you well?"

"Lady Arabella?" With his legs stretched out, he shook his head, trying to clear it, and stared up at her. He remembered her from a few social events they'd attended together. If his memory was correct, she was a friend of his sister, Eugenia, Marchioness of Devon.

"Yes. Oh my goodness, Lord Clarendon. I am so very sorry." Her face was flushed, her bonnet askew, her eyes — for lack of a better word — wild. That look, however, did not detract from the girl's visage. Lady Arabella was, indeed, a very attractive young lady. Not that this was the time to dwell on such a thing.

He placed his hand on the soft, muddy ground and jumped up. The back of his breeches clung to him in such a way that he knew they were mud filled. As was his glove, he noticed with chagrin. "What happened?"

"My cat." She continued to pant and barely got the words out.

"Your cat?"

"Yes. She got out of my basket." She pointed behind her to where a woman, obviously a maid, hurried up, carrying a basket with a blanket draped over it. Lady Arabella looked behind him, up at the branches of the tree. "Oh dear. She's climbed up, and now she can't come down."

Just as she uttered the words, a loud howl came from above. The devil take it, was the animal now going to drop on his head?

Lady Arabella glanced frantically from the top of the tree to him. "My lord, can I ask a favor of you?"

Still trying to process everything that had just happened, he looked at her for a minute before answering. "A favor?"

"Yes, please. Can you climb the tree and rescue my cat?" She chewed her lower lip, which would have appealed to him if he wasn't standing in wet, muddy breeches, with an animal yowling over his head.

"Climb the tree?" Surely the woman was daft. This was Hyde Park, for heaven's sake, not his country estate where he'd done such things as a lad. "I am sorry, my lady, but I fear I am not dressed for tree climbing. Animals are most adept at rescuing themselves."

She waved at the animal howling above his head. "What sort of a gentleman are you? You would walk off and leave that poor animal in distress?" Her voice rose on the last few words.

Nash glanced around at the two couples who strolled nearby, who were watching the exchange with a bit too much interest and humor. The last thing he wanted was to draw more attention to himself.

"Please?" Apparently, she felt a change of tactics would work better. Her irresistible hazel eyes filled with tears, and her plump lower lip quivered. Bloody, bloody hell. The one thing he could not countenance was a woman's tears. He ran his hand down his face before he remembered his glove was muddy.

She winced.

"I just smeared mud all over my face, did I not?"

She nodded and continued to chew her lip. At least she had the good sense not to laugh, as he was sure she was wont to do. The cat continued to screech, and to his horror, a crowd was gathering. "Very well." He stripped off the muddy gloves, then his coat. The sooner he got the blasted animal out of the tree and back into its basket, the sooner he could go home, have a bath, and down a very large glass of brandy.

"Oh, thank you so much." She stood, wringing her hands.

"Yes, well. Let's have at it." He grabbed a low-lying branch above his head and swung himself up. He balanced on the branch and reached, but was not high enough to grab the irritating cat.

"Miss Aphrodite, come down, please. Let this nice gentleman help you."

Nash looked down, his eyes wide. "Miss Aphrodite?"

"Yes. That's her name."

Miss Aphrodite.

"If you call her by her name she might warm up to you and come down," she shouted up at him.

He was already making a spectacle of himself in the tree, his arse covered in mud, and dried, caked dirt on his face. He would damn well not call the animal by that ridiculous moniker. "Come here, kitty."

That sounded no better. The cat wailed and looked down at him. He grabbed another branch and moved higher. Reaching out, he almost had her when she hissed and leaped right at him, her nails clinging to his waistcoat. "Ouch!"

He grabbed the animal by its back fur just as a loud sneeze erupted from his nose. Nash wrapped his arm around the branch next to him as he sneezed several more times.

"Oh my lord. Are you allergic to cats?"

He looked down at Lady Arabella. "I've never been this close to one before, so apparently, I am, my lady." He began his descent, trying to hang on to the hissing, scratching cat. More sneezes. "I will drop the animal, if you can catch it."

"Oh no, my lord. She will just run off again."

Bloody hell. The best thing that could happen to any of them was to have the blasted cat run off. As far away from him as possible. He continued to hang on to the feline until he jumped to the ground. He heard the sound of fabric tearing as his feet landed. Nash closed his eyes and groaned when he realized the back of his breeches had just split.

With a scowl, he turned the cat over to Lady Arabella, who purred and talked nonsense to the devil-feline. She tucked the creature into the basket and covered it with the cloth once more.

"I suggest you remove that animal before it runs off again." He took out a handkerchief and attempted to brush some of the dried dirt from his face.

"How can I possibly thank you, my lord?" Lady Arabella's face shone with happiness as she tucked the blanket snugly around the basket. The animal did not move, seemingly worn out from its adventure.

"You can thank me by never allowing that — thing — out of the house again." He sneezed once more and wiped his nose. He retrieved his coat from the grass and shrugged into it, hoping it covered enough of his breeches to allow him a dignified retreat from the park. "Now, I will bid you good day, Lady Arabella." He bowed as if he wasn't covered in mud, with a tear in his breeches, and his face dirty. Turning on his heel, he strode out of the park and toward his townhouse.

* * *

Later that evening, Nash descended the stairs to the Ashbourne ballroom to join his sister, Eugenia, and her husband, Lord Devon. He squashed the urge to turn tail and run when he noticed Lady Arabella standing next to Eugenia, chatting away. Just watching her, he felt a sneeze coming on. She certainly looked a lot better than she had the last time he'd seen her. Of course, he imagined he looked more restored, as well.

Earlier, his valet, Andrews, had sniffed his disapproval at the condition in which Nash had returned home. With raised eyebrows, but no comment — none was necessary — he had helped Nash out of his clothes and, holding them by his fingertips, marched across the room to drop them into a bundle on the floor. "A bath, my lord?"

"Yes. But a large glass of brandy first."


Excerpted from Marrying the Wrong Earl by Callie Hutton, Erin Molta. Copyright © 2017 Callie Hutton. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Marrying the Wrong Earl 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed reading Marring the Wrong Earl!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was better than the first in this series. Enjoyed it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So cute and sweet. Just loved this book. Wonderful characters and fun to read. Sweet!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nash and Arabella's story starts out as a mistake but soon realize they were meant to be. There are a lot of adjustment both have , being newly married. Especially Arabella's habit of bringing in injured animals to doctor. Love dthe story.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I didn't like Nash...I felt like all he did was tell Arabella what she could do or what she was doing wrong, which was a big turn off for me. Loved Arabella! I loved that she continued to do what she loved even when other condemned her for it. I also like the storyline. Couple that is forced to wed, making the most of it and eventually falling in love. But I just couldn't get over Nash... Even though this isn't a great one for me, I still look forward to seeing what Hutton has in store for us next!
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
I chuckled a lot during my reading of this cute romance ‘cause it reminded me of marriages in this day and age as well…not because of the way the hero and heroine met and were forced to marry due to societal strictures, but because of the ways husbands and wives have to get used to living with each other with give and take and sacrifice and understanding. Nash and Arabella rubbed each other the wrong way until they accidentally met in the library while at a ball, at which time their accidental private meeting was witnessed by a designing parent and others. From then on Nash and Arabella fussed and fumed with each other and then “made up” and gradually fell in love with each other. A lively, lovely romance!
Romwrit More than 1 year ago
Lady Arabella likes animals more than she likes people. The animals aren’t judgmental. They don’t expect her to dress, speak, and act a certain way. She is free to be herself. All of that could change if she takes a husband, which is why she avoids doing so. No matter what her mother says. Nash, Lord of Clarendon, needs a wife. Well, he needs an heir and a spare; but unfortunately for him, that requires he takes a wife. Resigned to do what needs to be done, he was prepared to make an offer. However, those plans came crashing down with an “ooh”, a couple of “oh my goodnesses”, and a plethora of “shame on yous”. Before he can blink and clear his throat, he finds himself betrothed and then quickly married to Arabella. Considering they couldn’t stand each other, they were set for a very interesting union. And interesting it became. Both very easy on the eyes, they find themselves physically attracted to each other…that is, once they stopped arguing long enough to notice. Rules of the ton don’t have to be followed in the privacy of their own home; so before long, they find themselves finding common ground. There was still an obstacle, of course. Arabella’s love of nursing sick animals isn’t at all appropriate for a Countess, and Nash doesn’t hesitate to remind her of that. They slowly learn to compromise, and the love, honor, and respect grows. The drama is minimal, with just enough to keep the story interesting. With no murder, theft, blackmail, or manipulation; and only a moment of a thought of possible infidelity, the story is light and sweet. It does have an ample amount of heat with the steamy sex scenes, so don’t let the sweet confuse you. Although the union is quick – as it often is in historicals since they are known for “love not being necessary”, the actual love developed at a steady pace. It’s so cute (for lack of a better term coming to mind) when Clarendon gets jealous. I couldn’t help but to smile. I really enjoyed the story. I have not read the first in the series, but I plan to. I’d also like to follow up with Nash and Arabella.
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
Callie Hutton's "Marrying the Wrong Earl" hits all the bases with two strong main characters, solid comedy, and gut-wrenching angst. This author's Historical Romances are without a doubt One-Click purchases for a guaranteed romantic and entertaining read. The Heroine, Lady Arabella Danvers, is happy to be single dedicated to caring and mending injured animals. Unfortunately her mother's set on marrying Arabella to an elderly, wealthy, and titled man no matter what he looks like. Arabella's opinion is not a priority in the least. Arabella is intelligent, steadfast, adventurous, and well read. The Hero, Nash, the Earl of Clarendon needs a wealthy bride, preferably one who's young and "trainable". Nash's set in his ways, concerned with the ton's opinion, but intrigued by Arabella's lush figure and responsive body. Unfortunately Arabella rebels at Nash's "high-handedness" and Nash is confounded by Arabella's obsession with her animals. Callie Hutton writes both characters in such a way that you can sympathize with their opinions of the other. For all of Nash's frustration at Arabella's non-conformity he's protective, possessive, and loving. Arabella is vexed at Nash's inability to understand that her doctoring of animals is more than just a hobby. But Arabella appreciates how Nash cares for and shields her, not to mention her enjoyment of her husband's body. Despite their resolutions and disbelief of the possibility they find themselves in love. However, Arabella's dedication to sewing up and tending to wounded animals becomes too much for their marriage to withstand. Nash sends her to their country estate while he remains in London tending to his Parliamentary responsibilities. A discussion with a duke in a similar position as Nash and a near traumatic event changes his convictions. Callie Hutton creates Historical Romances with unique storylines, enchanting characters, and a healthy amount of steamy sex. The pacing in "Marrying the Wrong Earl" is steady and lively. The comedic elements balance nicely with the tense and sensual. Arabella is a truly compelling, unique, and dynamic Heroine. Nash is an interesting Hero. Despite the fact Arabella isn't Nash's ideal of his perfect countess he's dedicated to her care when she's ill. Even though he's resolute in his stance on decorum he vehemently defends Arabella's honor at the social events. And when they become intimate he's patient, loving, and lavishes her with sweet endearments. Nash's a stubborn man but he's also a smitten one. Callie Hutton constructs a lavish Regency world that's difficult to bid goodbye. To read the entire review please visit: This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Marrying the Wrong Earl was a sweet story. Similar to Nash's sister's story ( Seducing the Marquess , Nash and Arabella do things a bit backward--they're married first (about 1/3 of the way in) and gradually work their way into love from there. I have to admit I was a tad bit concerned that they'd be able to pull off their HEA in the end--it went pretty down to the wire--because Nash's "my wife needs to act like all the other ton wives out there" 'tude seemed even more extreme than Drake's in The Duke's Quandary . (Is it a coincidence that Drake had to show up and give him an assist? I think not. ;)) So...they get to their HEA (of course!) but it is a bit of a last minute thing...still, they do get there, and it is a very sweet ending. Despite the fact that characters from other books by Ms. Hutton do make appearances here, this book should work well as a standalone if needed. Fingers crossed that there'll be a third book in the series, though. Rating: 4 stars / B+
CelticDragonBookReviews More than 1 year ago
First off, I love this cover! MARRYING THE WRONG EARL is the story of Lady Arabella Danvers and Nash, Earl of Clarendon. It's book #2 in the Lords and Ladies of Love series. I read it as a standalone even though I have the first book, I've not gotten to read it yet. That oversight will be rectified very soon. I had no problems following the story. MARRYING THE WRONG EARL is my first Callie Hutton novel I really enjoyed it. It kept me engaged because I didn't know what's going to go wrong next. Even though I'm a pet lover myself, I felt that Arabella put her pets before her marriage too many times. BUT I also thought Nash could've given in a little more. Ultimately, it's an enjoyable tale of compromise. I received a copy of this book to review for Celtic Dragon Book Reviews. Opinions are my own.
TamWindsor_69 More than 1 year ago
A completely charming and thoroughly satisfying read! Arabella was a leading lady after my own heart as, I too, am an animal lover and "helper". Poor Nash is in the wrong place at the wrong time and, therefore, ends up married to the exasperating and irascible Lady Arabella. But, maybe these two aren't so unsuitable after all. Can compromise and love find their way into two stubborn hearts set on having things their way? *I received a complimentary ARC of this newly revised and reedited book from NetGalley & Entangled Publishing, LLC in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.
Sirius14 More than 1 year ago
Amazing, fabulous and wonderful. This was a one sit read for me with lovely and beautiful characters, intriguing and thrilling plot and a flowing prose. The book was entertaining and fabulous that I loved reading. A perfect for lovers of romance and feisty, independent heroines. A whooping 4.3 stars
BarbaraVW More than 1 year ago
I received a free book and voluntarily chose to review it. A scheming mother who decides it is past time for her daughter to marry well. Since the title says the wrong Earl, we can assume her plans went wrong. I enjoyed this book a lot. Arabella is a strong woman who stands up for what she wants. I enjoyed how she tried to stay single. I thoroughly enjoy mismatched marriage stories and the ways the couple try to prevent the marriage.
debralmartin More than 1 year ago
Nash, the Earl of Clarendon, has always been an honorable gentleman so when he finds himself in an accidental, but compromising position with Lady Arabella, he does the only thing he can and announces they are engaged. Lady Arabella is a free spirit and her life's passion is rescuing and saving injured animals. The last thing she wants is to be married to a straight-laced Earl. This book is about letting go of one's arrogance and stubbornness and learning to compromise. Neither Nash nor Arabella want to change and therein lies most of the conflict in the book. There is a minor mystery going on in the book about declining revenues at Nash's country estate, but I had that figured out early on. Ms. Hutton writes well, but I didn't feel any scorching heat between the H and h. I would have liked to have seen more conflict between Nash and Arabella than just being set in their ways. Don't get me wrong--It was a pleasant story overall that comes to a predicable end. If you're looking for a quick and easy read, this story will delight you. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
lady arabella danvers just wants to care for her wounded animals. her mother thinks it's past time she marry, and she has just the gentleman in mind. but the title of this book is marrying the wrong earl, and it's nash, the earl of clarendon, who gets caught in lady arabella's mother's trap. unfortunately, he was not the intended target. at first arabella resists the idea of marrying nash. they don't know each other at all. she's not interested in being a pillar of society. she wants to care for her animals and nash is horribly allergic to cats. he also doesn't listen when she tells him their marriage isn't going to happen. he commands instead of asks. and this makes her dig in her heels. but digging in her heels gets her nowhere. and when it's apparent that nash is right and their only alternative is to get married she goes along with it. she doesn't really have a choice. nash has no choice either, but he's definitely more gracious about the sudden alteration of his plans. he just wishes his estate weren't in such arrears and that he hadn't been looking to marry an heiress, which arabella isn't. he had expected a biddable society wife and arabella is not that. the thing is, she is something more. when nash is around her he feels, well, invigorated. she challenges him in ways he doesn't expect, and while he doesn't always handle this gracefully he also takes his role as her champion seriously. however commanding and occasionally sexist nash might be, he clearly respects arabella's position in his life. he may not love her at first, but the chemistry between them and the more he sees of her innate goodness, it's hard to resist being charmed. and this story is charming above all things. we get to really see how arabella and nash build a marriage that is strong and able to resist the challenges life throws at it. **marrying the wrong earl will publish on april 17, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (scandalous) in exchange for an honest review.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Marrying the Wrong Earl' by Callie Hutton is book Two in the "Lords and Ladies in Love" series. This is the story of Lady Arabella Danvers and Nash, the Earl of Clarendon. I have read the previous book 'Seducing the Marquess" but feel this can easily be a standalone book. With that said I will updated you on the characters in this book: Nash is the brother of Lady Eugenia Devon who was the Leading Lady in the first book and Arabella was a friend of Eugenia. But Nash and Arabella didn't really mix much at all in that first book. Arabella mother is trying to marry her off quickly due to the fact that her husband...Arabella's father died and left them with little to no money. Arabella doesn't know this part but does know her mother is trying to marry her off fast. But Arabella isn't looking for marriage as quickly and turns the suitors away. The town thinks she is a Odd Girl because she likes to take care of sick animals. Arabella knows it will be hard to find someone will to take on her odd behavior. Nash is the proper Lord who is looking for a biddable wife who is young and can be 'trained' in her duties as his wife. Nash has Lady Grace in mind for that title. Although he doesn't love her he feels she can be brought up to scratch with what he wants. When an odd encounter with Arabella where he is forced to help her get her cat down from a tree he quickly knows she isn't the type of women he would want as a wife. Arabella knows too that Nash is not the one for her too. But an accidentally set up might have them forced to think something else! This was another Great Story by Ms. Hutton! Loved it! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this fun and fast paced historical read. Nash has decided it’s time to find the perfect wife, however Lady Arabella ruins his plans. I enjoyed this entertaining read. The sparks fly between Nash and Arabella even though they are very different people. The story has plenty of emotion and drama to keep you hooked from beginning to end.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
Lady Arabella is happy and doesn’t want to marry right now. The Earl of Clarendon is ready and making plans to marry the lady he picked. Lady Arabella loves animals and just wants to help them, her mother feels different she wants her married and works to make this happen. When things involves Arabella they don’t always go as they should as Nash well knows. Arabella finds herself in a compromising position with Nash which leads them to marry. Which leads to an interesting read since these two can’t do anything but irritate each other. This may be a rocky start but is there enough between them to make the marriage work? I liked Arabella she is so different from the ladies around her. She is a little spirited, beautiful, and smart as well as a refreshing character that are so different than what we are use to. Nash has no trouble finding a women with his good looks he has them falling at his feet. These two do have wonderful chemistry from the start add the conflicts that come from this type of marriage and you have some funny scenes. When you think the author will take the story one way she twists it another holding your interest and keeping you smiling. The title fits this story to a T since Arabella mother never planned on her to marry Nash but someone else that she cannot stand. The author gives you a wonderful plot with some really good writing that pull you in from the first page. The twists are interesting with great characters and supporting characters. There are some really laugh out loud moments, it was a fun read but once they married things were a little different. I cannot put my finger on it but things didn’t flow as smooth as it did at first. I thought it was a good read that I really enjoyed. I feel most that like this type of genre will enjoy it. I do recommend it.
Ajgray More than 1 year ago
I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. Love the book. The quick wedding between Arabella and Nash is full of ups and down and much humor. Thru it all Arabella keeps her head held high and weathers all the barbs. They both come to realize, after a brief separation, they are deeply in love with each other. It is a wonderful story of love conquers all. I would highly recommend this book.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
Marrying the Wrong Earl by Callie Hutton is another fine addition to the Lords and Ladies in Love Series. Book 2 is Lady Arabella Danvers and Nash, the Earl of Clarendon’s tale. This story is fun, perfectly paced and totally entertaining. Marrying the Wrong Earl sucked me in from the very first page. A recommended read! Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
AntoniaG More than 1 year ago
absolutely loved this story. Between Arabella and Nash, I'm not sure who I liked more. Nash with his uptight and sometimes dirty behaviour or Arabella and her madcap adventures. Great storyline and well rounded characters suck you in and hold you spellbound until the last page. It was so well written that I was even able to overlook the use of the word moist. For me that's saying something. It has everything. Light-hearted and sadness, hope and despair...
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
It's a lighthearted, humorous, and very entertaining historical romance novel. Lady Arabella does not fit into ton's life. She is spirited and love rescuing animals. She has no interest in hosting dinners or socializing with her peers, who clearly do not hold her in any regard. So she is happy spending time with her pets. Unfortunately, her mother does not like her "hobby". She wants to see her well-married. In fact, she wants for Lady Arabella to marry as soon as possible, not only that, also to marry someone who is rich and old. Her logic is that he will not live for long and then Arabella will be free to do as she pleases. Her mother's scheming leads to Arabella's wedding to Lord Clarendon aka Nash. Nash always thought he'd marry a biddable society miss. Who will be a perfect countess and never embarrass him in public. Arabella is the exact opposite. She argues, and do as she pleases with no respect for society's demands. And she loves animals, probably more than she will ever love him. But now that they're married they will have to try their best to get along with each other. Otherwise they will end up miserable. Therefore, he is willing to give her a chance. Hopefully she will learn to act according to her proper place in society. As a countess she must adhere to certain way of living no matter how much she despises it. Its an absolutely fantastic read. Two people who do not know each other well, and what little they know about one another isn't something they like, yet they find themselves married. Will they ever be able to find love or happiness or are they doomed to be in an unhappy relationship? I loved this book. It's one of the best historical novels I've read this year. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good historical fiction.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
London - 1820 Lady Arabella Danvers is in shock as the plump Earl of Pembroke prepares to propose to her. Thankfully, Lady Elizabeth and her cousin, Miss Caroline Davis, drop in to visit her which saves her. Arabella’s mother, Lady Melrose, keeps pressuring her to spend time with the odious Earl. His is the third proposal she has turned down. Due to the illness and death of her father, Arabella has had just one season. As she is an only child, the estate has passed to a distant relative who is to arrive before long and become the new Earl of Melrose. Arabella's prime interest is caring for injured animals that she finds and when they have healed, she finds homes for them. Nash, the Earl of Clarendon, encounters Arabella in the park and begs him to rescue a cat that is stuck up a tree. Despite his allergies to them, he agrees. By the time he returns the cat to her, he is totally disheveled and irritated. When they see one another again at a ball, they both accidentally met in a darkened library where they are found in an innocent but compromising position which prompts Nash to offer for Arabella’s hand. Neither of them wants to marry even though Nash had been ready to propose to a wealthy heiress whose money would fill his empty coffers. Arabella’s late father had spent money from her dowry leaving it rather lean. But, marry they do and to find they butt heads more often than not. Can a marriage of people with different views on life be a success? Can they learn to give and take? This is a good story but I found it hard to like Nash as he is a hard-headed, demanding person who tends to boss Arabella. She, on the the other hand, has been fairly sheltered during her life and is a bit on the immature side. However, I’m sure readers will enjoy the story as they stumble through the early days of their marriage. Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
JenB2725 More than 1 year ago
such a fun and exciting new tale. Callie knows how to weave a couple that have such chemistry in a love hate relationship and to many animals. Nash wants a mild manner woman to become his bride and it is not Arabella. she is head strong and has a love for animals. Plus he's allergic to cats! what kind of life could they have together? but the wrong peole witnessing them in a compromising position has them rushing off to the alter and learning about each other afterwards. they have a passion amungst each other but will it be enough to keep a marriage going? tempers rise and furr will fly in this hilarious tale.