Mastering Essential Math Skills, Book Two, Middle Grades/High School: 20 Minutes a day to success

Mastering Essential Math Skills, Book Two, Middle Grades/High School: 20 Minutes a day to success

by Richard W Fisher


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ISBN-13: 9780966621129
Publisher: Math Essentials
Publication date: 06/01/2016
Series: Mastering Essential Math Skills Series
Pages: 152
Sales rank: 246,124
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 11 - 18 Years

Table of Contents

Whole Numbers
Addition     5
Addition with Large Numbers     6
Subtraction     7
Subtraction with Zeroes     8
Reviewing Addition and Subtraction     9
Multiplying by 1-Digit Factors     10
Multiplying by 2 Digits     11
Multiplying by 3 Digits     12
Reviewing Multiplication of Whole Numbers     13
Division by 1-Digit Divisors     14
Dividing Hundreds by 1-Digit Divisors     15
Dividing Thousands by 1-Digit Divisors     16
Reviewing Division by 1-Digit Divisors     17
Dividing by Multiples of Ten     18
Division by 2-Digit Divisors     19
More Division by 2-Digit Divisors     20
Dividing Larger Numbers with 2-Digit Divisors     21
Reviewing Division     22
Reviewing All Whole Number Operations     23
Identifying Fractions     24
Expressing Fractions in Their Simplest Form     25
Changing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numerals and Whole Numbers     26
Adding with Like Denominators     27
Adding Mixed Numerals with Like Denominators     28
Subtracting with Like Denominators     29
Subtracting Mixed Numerals with Like Denominators     30
Subtracting Mixed Numerals or Fractions from Whole Numbers     31
Reviewing Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numerals/Like Denominators     32
Finding the Least Common Denominator     33
Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators     34
Adding Mixed Numerals with Unlike Denominators     35
Subtracting Mixed Numerals with Unlike Denominators     36
Reviewing Addition and Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numerals     37
Multiplying Common Fractions     38
Multiplying Common Fractions/Eliminating Common Factors     39
Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions     40
Multiplying Mixed Numerals     41
Reviewing Multiplying Fractions     42
Reciprocals     43
Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numerals     44
Reviewing All Fraction Operations     45
Reading Decimals     46
Changing Words to Decimals     47
Changing Fractions and Mixed Numerals to Decimals     48
Changing Decimals to Fractions and Mixed Numerals     49
Comparing Decimals     50
Adding Decimals     51
Subtracting Decimals     52
Reviewing Adding and Subtracting Decimal     53
Multiplying by Whole Numbers     54
Multiplying Decimals     55
Multiplying by 10, 100, and 1,000     56
Reviewing Multiplication of Decimals     57
Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers     58
Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers with Placeholders     59
Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers with Zeroes in Dividend     60
Dividing Decimals by Decimals     61
Changing Fractions to Decimals     62
Reviewing Dividing Decimals     63
Changing Tenths and Hundredths to Percents     65
Changing Decimals to Percents     66
Changing Percents to Decimals and Fractions     67
Finding the Percent of a Number     68
Finding the Percent of a Number in Word Problems     69
Changing Fractions to Percents     70
Finding the Percent     71
Finding the Percent in Word Problems     72
Reviewing Percent Problems     73
Reviewing Word Problems     74
Reviewing Percent     75
Points, Lines, Planes     76
Parallel, Intersecting Lines, Angles     77
Types of Angles     78
Measuring Angles     79
Measuring Angles with a Protractor     80
Polygons     81
Classification of Triangles     82
Perimeter of Polygons     83
Circles     84
Circumference of Circles     85
Areas of Squares and Rectangles     86
Areas of Triangles and Parallelograms     87
Areas of Circles     88
Reviewing Perimeter, Circumference, and Area     89
Solid Figures     90
Reviewing Geometry     91
Addition     92
Addition with More than Two Integers     93
Subtraction     94
Reviewing Addition and Subtraction     95
Multiplication     96
Multiplication with More than Two Factors     97
Division     98
Multiplication and Division-Two-Step     99
Reviewing All Integer Operations     100
Charts and Graphs
Bar     101
Line     103
Circle     105
Picture     107
Reviewing Graphs     109
Word Problems
1-Step Whole Numbers     110
1-Step Fractions     111
1-Step Decimals      112
1-Step Word Problems Review     113
2-Step Whole Numbers     114
2-Step Fractions     115
2-Step Decimals     116
Reviewing All 2-Step Word Problems     117
Multi-Step Word Problems     118
Reviewing Problem Solving     119
Review and Answers
Final Review Section     121
Answer key     128

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Mastering Essential Math Skills, Book Two: Middle Grades/High School: 20 Minutes a Day to Success [With DVD] 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
1mom2sons More than 1 year ago
This book claims to be for middle school skills, but it does not cover the current educational standards in math for middle schools. If your child is in special education or seriously below standard this book might be helpful. I would recommend for elementary school 4th and 5th. However, if you want a book to help your child pass the standardized middle school tests, this book is not the one. This book covers only very basic math skills.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago