Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations: Winning Orals, Speeches, and Stand-Up Presentations

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations: Winning Orals, Speeches, and Stand-Up Presentations

by John P. Stewart, Don Fulop


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ISBN-13: 9781119550051
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

JOHN PARKER STEWART is the founder and CEO of Stewart Leadership, which he started in 1980. He is globally recognized as a leadership coach, consultant, educator, speaker, orals/speech coach, and team performance specialist. John has coached and trained tens of thousands of leaders worldwide.

DON FULOP is a senior executive who has worked in aerospace and defense his entire career. During his career with the world's largest defense contractor, he led teams that won billions of dollars in new business.

Table of Contents


An Absolute Will to Win Is Essential for Success 14

Government Orals – What They Are, How They Originated, Why They Are So Important & the Requirements the Government Must Follow When They Are Used 15

Customer’s Objectives 17

Your Team & Your Team’s Objectives 18

Orals Coach or Speech Coach? 19

1 Preparation: Preparation Is the Foundation of Success 21

Customer Intelligence 21

Evaluation Criteria 25

Team Strengths & Weaknesses 26

Competitor Strengths/Weaknesses 29

Presentation Win Strategy 31

Value Proposition 34

Win Themes & Discriminators 35

Getting to Blue! 39

2 Secrets Of Successful Presenters An Audience Quickly Forgets the Ordinary – Don’t Be Ordinary! 40

Let Your “Self” Shine Through 41

The Power of Personal Stories 42

Converse Rather Than Lecture 43

Teach the Customer Something They Don’t Already Know 44

Include Something Astounding 45

Keep It Short, Sweet & Direct 47

3 Presentation & Messaging Preparation Key Elements to Increase Your Win Probability 48

Select Content 49

Prepare Content for Delivery 53

Effective Graphics & Visuals—There Will Not Be a Second Opportunity to Create a Great First Impression. 55

Effective Dialogue & Manuscript—The Key Part of Messaging Is Delivery. 61

Refining Your Message—Improvements to Increase Your Win Probability. 68

Review the Power of Your Language—What You Say & How You Say It Are Equally Important. 70

Make Your Content Work for You—Achieve the Most Value with Limited Time & Resources. 71

Highlighting Strengths & Mitigating Weaknesses—All Companies Have Them Know Yours! 72

Using Content & Delivery to Connect 74

Incumbent Tips 76

4 Rehearse The Delivery Part Interview, Part Stage Show 78

Appearance 79

Verbal Delivery Tips 81

Nonverbal Delivery Tips 85

Effective Use of Your Hands. 86

Effective Use of Your Face. 87

Effective Use of Your Body: Posture & Gestures. 88

Connect with the Audience Emotionally & Psychologically 88

Engaging.General Delivery Tips 95

Using Props & Visuals 98

Practice, Practice, Practice 98

Dry Run Your Presentations 100

Informal Dry Run. 100

Formal Dry Run. 100

Create a Mock-up Presentation Room 102

Prepare for Common & Uncommon Events 103

Question & Answer Sessions 106

Sample Questions Your Customer May Ask You 110

5 Formal Presentation Day Demonstrate Your Competence, Credibility, Confidence & Commitment 112

Dealing with Nervousness & Distractions 112

Delivery Distractions. 115

Guidelines for Interacting with the Customer 116

Formal Presentation Day Emergency Kit 116

Essential Backup Equipment to Take With You. 118

Final Preparations 118

The After-Presentation Action Review 119

Celebrate! 119

6 Real-Time Demonstrations – A Truly Special Experience! Live Demonstrations Present New Challenges & Opportunities To Crush Your Competition 120

Understanding the Demo Requirements 120

When Demonstration Requirements Are Clear. 121

When Demonstration Requirements Are Not Specified. 121

Simple & Complex Demos—Either Way, Make Sure They “Get it”! 123

Getting from Good to Great with Deeper Insights—Discriminators, Risks & Hot Buttons. 124

The Demo Project Plan & Project Manager 124

Teammate, Subcontractor, Vendor & Supplier Support 125

Visuals 126

Planning for Success 126

How to Handle an Issue or Problem 126

Before Going Live—Holistic Review, Integration & Rehearsal 128

Celebrate Success! 128

7 Sample Charts 129

Overall Approach, Win Theme & Discriminators Chart 130

Organization Chart 131

Impact & Special Messages Chart 131

Build-Up 131

Text-Intensive Charts 132

Mixing Key Words & Graphics 132

Sample Chart – Features & Benefits 133

Risks Chart 133

Financial & Statistical Charts 134

Tables 134

Technical Illustrations & Drawings 134



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