Maybe This Time: Maybe this time you will get sober

Maybe This Time: Maybe this time you will get sober

by Steve R


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The world of addiction is a darkened abyss, waiting patiently to devour those still lost inside its insidious gates. As we listen to those cries of anguish and torment inside our troubled minds, our spirits stay troubled. Without a powerful merciful intervention, who knows what future those still lost inside must face?

Maybe this time's story can reveal how God can grasp a desperate trembling hand and lead them out of the dark abyss that holds them captive, one day and one step at a time. If he did this wonderful miracle for me, He surely will do it for others.

This book will use a variety of simple analogies to illustrate personal experiences, experiences that helped me gain my own sobriety. They are just whispers of a true reality of where I came from, shadows left behind after escaping the darkness. The complex moments of uncertainty and clarity that marked my path to recovery, reflections that I care to share with those who desire to learn.

I pray that this story will impart a message of hope and courage to those still suffering from this sad disease. I hope that it mirrors the horrors of millions of like people, and shows how I was able to learn the truths that I can now share and write about candidly.

I was to discover in that wondrous journey that I partook in that insights weren't any more than rearrangement of facts. Sometimes in life things happen for a reason, though that reason may not be apparent at first. With time though the facts of the complex puzzle pieces when assembled make complete sense. Once one understands how to assemble the puzzle, how to decipher what one has done. That vibrant brilliant light somehow seems to illuminate a path into a new dimension.

My hope is that my readers will experience a greater understanding of God's Mercy and Grace, and their own capabilities. It doesn't matter where you came from in life-where you are headed though is of the utmost importance. Inside this book you may come to recognize similarities to your own life, similarities that many alcoholics/addicts have endured over the years.

I have gained freedom from the obstacles that held me captive for most of my life, now I want to share those secrets that I learned over forty years. To share with you how I was able to leave behind problems that had previously shackled me, but now I am free from. Agree with me or disagree with me after you have read this book, we should all pray that those who seek help may find God's Grace.

Once, maybe even twice in a person's life, an opportunity can appear that can brush against that person's soul. It can alter what they were destined to become. It can make an impression on broken hearts and tortured souls. These will be the evidence, the footprints that God will leave behind. I am one of those blessed individuals who have emerged Within God's Grace, to share His Merciful and Gracious message.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781979910613
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/07/2017
Series: Born Broken , #5
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Steve possess unique insights concerning this subject matter that set him apart from other authors. His vast personal knowledge and understanding about alcoholism qualify him to pen this story. His experiences have been gained the hard way, living them day after day. He is a by-product of alcoholism in his childhood surroundings, and regretfully, he generated the same dreadful settings for his own family to suffer through.

By overcoming and conquering incredible difficulties, he has been able to transform a life of defeat into one of success. His enthusiasm about sharing his story, depicting the destruction he witnessed alcohol unleash in his family, is what motivated him to bring this booklet Maybe This Time to life.

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