Mean Joe Greene: Built By Football

Mean Joe Greene: Built By Football

by Joe Greene, Jon Finkel


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Many years before he would anchor the most-feared, most-successful defense the NFL had ever seen, Joe Greene was just a big, timid kid from Temple, Texas struggling to find his confidence as a teenager being raised by a single mother.

In his compelling, eye-opening autobiography, Greene takes readers on an unprecedented tour of his life, exploring the people who influenced him and the events that shaped him: from humiliating high school embarrassments to the grit and guts that led to four Super Bowl titles.

Mean Joe Greene: Built By Football is the inside story of how a series of mentors, mindset changes and maybe some luck helped a young man turn a scholarship offer from a small college in Texas into a selection as an All-American, a first-round draft pick in the NFL and a life in football that would net him six Super Bowl rings, including two as a coach.

As the first book in the Football Matters’ ‘Built By Football’ series, Greene discusses how football helped shape his character, his leadership skills, taught him humility and integrity, and helped him learn the lessons he would use throughout his life as a player, husband, father, friend and coach.

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ISBN-13: 9780998627311
Publisher: JF Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Pages: 178
Sales rank: 1,052,545
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Introduction 7

Chapter 1: Always Picked Last 15

Chapter 2: Out of Control 31

Chapter 3: Joining the Mean Green 45

Chapter 4: Welcome to Pittsburgh 57

Chapter 5: Peaks and Valleys 83

Chapter 6: The Turnaround 89

Chapter 7: Great Expectations 101

Chapter 8: Glory and Legacy 114

Closing Thoughts 131

Supplementary Research & Reading 137

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