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Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow / Edition 5

Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow / Edition 5

by Craig E. Johnson
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Using an informal approach, Johnson (leadership studies, George Fox U.) explores the ideas behind ethical behavior across a wide variety of disciplines in this undergraduate and graduate text. He includes the reasons why evil is easy; the psychological, philosophical and spiritual resources leaders need to build ethical organizations; and the challenges inherent in cultural diversity in a global market. He makes a case for ongoing ethical learning by adding case studies and self-assessment exercises to each chapter for this edition. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 2901452259184
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 12/31/2013
Edition description: Fifth Edition
Pages: 552
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Craig E. Johnson (Ph D, University of Denver) is emeritus professor of leadership studies at George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership, ethics, management and communication. During his time at the university he served as director of the George Fox Doctor of Business Administration program and chair of the Department of Communication Arts. Though retired from full-time teaching, Johnson continues to serve as an adjunct professor. He is the author of Organizational Ethics: A Practical Approach (also published by Sage) and co-author, with Michael Z. Hackman, of Leadership: A Communication Perspective. His research findings, instructional ideas, and book reviews have been published in the Journal of Leadership Studies, the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, the Journal of Leadership Education, Academy of Management Learning and Education, the International Leadership Journal, Communication Quarterly, Communication Reports, and other journals. In 2016 he received the George Fox University outstanding graduate faculty researcher award. Johnson has led and participated in service and educational trips to Honduras, Kenya, Rwanda, New Zealand, China, and Brazil and has held volunteer leadership positions in a variety of religious and nonprofit organizations. In addition to teaching and writing, he enjoys working out, reading, fly-fishing, watching sports, and spending time with family.

Table of Contents

Part IThe Shadow Side of Leadership
Of Heroes and Villains3
Defining Terms6
1.The Leader's Light or Shadow9
What's Ahead9
A Dramatic Difference9
The Leader's Shadows10
The Shadow of Power10
Case Study: The Executive Order: An Abuse of Power?12
The Shadow of Privilege14
The Shadow of Deceit15
The Shadow of Inconsistency18
The Shadow of Misplaced and Broken Loyalties19
The Shadow of Irresponsibility21
Implications and Applications22
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment23
Chapter End Case: Making a Case for Loyalty24
2.Shadow Casters27
What's Ahead27
Shadow Casters28
The Monsters Within28
Faulty Decision Making30
Contextual Pressures33
Ethical Deficiencies35
Case Study: Multiply Abused Children36
Stepping Out of the Shadows: Expanding Our Ethical Capacity37
Implications and Applications43
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment43
Chapter End Case: Casting Shadows at Salomon Inc.44
Part IILooking Inward
3.The Leader's Character49
What's Ahead49
Elements of Character49
Character Building52
Components of Moral Action52
Finding Role Models53
Case Study: The Hero as Optimist: Explorer Ernest Shackleton54
Mission Statements62
Implications and Applications68
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment69
Chapter End Case: "Chainsaw" Al Dunlap70
4.Combating Evil75
What's Ahead75
The Faces of Evil75
Evil as Dreadful Pleasure76
Evil as Deception76
Evil as Bureaucracy77
Evil as Sanctioned Destruction77
Evil as a Choice78
Facing Evil79
Making a Case for Forgiveness80
Breaking the Cycle of Evil80
Case Study: To Forgive or Not to Forgive?81
The Forgiveness Process82
Spiritual Resources84
Spirituality and Leadership84
Spiritual Development86
Spiritual Disciplines88
Implications and Applications92
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment92
Chapter End Case: Collective Evil at My Lai93
Part IIIEthical Standards and Strategies
5.General Ethical Perspectives99
What's Ahead99
Utilitarianism: Do the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People100
Case Study: The Reference Letter101
Kant's Categorical Imperative: Do What's Right No Matter What the Cost103
Communitarianism: Shoulder Your Responsibilities/Seek the Common Good104
Altruism: Love Your Neighbor110
Ethical Pluralism113
Implications and Applications114
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment114
Chapter End Case: The Parable of the Sadhu115
6.Normative Leadership Theories121
What's Ahead121
Transformational Leadership: Raising the Ethical Bar122
Postindustrial Leadership: Ethics in Relational Process128
Taoism: Leading Nature's Way131
Servant Leadership: Put the Needs of Followers First135
Case Study: Servant Leadership Behind Bars138
Implications and Applications138
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment139
Chapter End Case: Transforming Clear Lake College140
7.Ethical Decision-Making Formats143
What's Ahead143
Pick a Format, Any Format143
Kidder's Ethical Checkpoints144
Case Study: The Board Chairman's Question146
Nash's 12 Questions149
Potter's Box152
Cooper's Active Process Model155
Implications and Applications159
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment159
Chapter End Case: Ethical Scenarios for Analysis160
Part IVShaping Ethical Contexts
8.Building an Effective, Ethical Small Group167
What's Ahead167
The Leader and the Small Group168
Resisting Groupthink169
Enlightening Communication172
Comprehensive, Critical Listening172
Defensive Versus Supportive Communication175
Productive Conflict177
Engaging in Effective Argument178
Case Study: Religious Revival at Pearl River Central180
Implications and Applications181
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment183
Chapter End Case: A Transplant for Brandy185
9.Creating an Ethical Organizational Climate189
What's Ahead189
Organizational Light or Shadow189
Creating a Climate of Integrity191
Discovering Core Values193
Core Ideology193
Values Adoption Process196
Codes of Ethics197
Case Study: Cutting Corners at the University198
Continuous Ethical Improvement202
The Need for Continuing Ethical Learning202
Enhancing Organizational Ethical Learning204
Implications and Applications209
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment209
Chapter End Case: Battling Blindness: Merck Does the Right Thing210
10.Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Cultural Diversity215
What's Ahead215
Leadership and Ethical Diversity215
Overcoming Ethnocentrism and Prejudice218
Cultural Differences and Ethical Values220
Defining Culture220
Case Study: Sexual Intimidation at Mitsubishi221
Cultural Values Orientations223
Cultural-Ethical Synergy230
Standing on Moral Common Ground232
A Global Ethic233
The Platinum Rule233
Eight Global Values234
The Peace Ethic235
International Rights236
Implications and Applications237
For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Self-Assessment238
Chapter End Case: Industrial Disaster and International Justice238
About the Author260

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