Memory Walker

Memory Walker

by Carly Marino


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ISBN-13: 9781773396910
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Publication date: 05/21/2018
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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Memory Walker 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
The_Dark_Reviews 7 months ago
I tend to be harsh on YAs with boxes to check and obvious tropes vomiting in every chapter. They take me a long time to read. It feels like work. This didn't feel like work. I casually started reading on a Sunday and finished on Thursday of that same week. What kept me reading? For one, the story was very inventive and the magic system intricate yet not overwhelming. The characters were fun. Sure it checked a few boxes, but that's part of the genre. Lovers of YA/Fantasy expect to see certain aspects on full display. It keeps them grounded. I didn't mind it, expecially when the story was self-aware: "This guy was a walking, talking, paranormal cliche. A hot, flawlessly-cut, outer space being, standing in perfect lighting without a shirt." Yes, Thea, that's what I thought, too. Haha. And yet, it didn't bother me here. The mc was strong enough to carry the whole story which isn't always the case. She was naively funny, too. "I guessed he was right. I had saved his life. Maybe I was a destined vigilante." Thea is a teenager with teenage needs. And I know how some would find it annoying that she thinks about wanting a normal high school life and getting kissed, but that's the want of a lot of teenage girls. If you're reading YA novel while projecting adult thoughts onto the characters you're not going to enjoy yourself. Thea wanted what a lot of girls want. It might not be to be extraordinary or a scientist but she didn't have to. Yet: "I'm different? Great. So, I went from being a freak to the freak among the freaks. Awesome. Just awesome." There are a few things we learn later on in the story that help explain why it woudln't have been wise of her to "reach for the stars." Still, she was plucky and fun and even though she wasn't always sure what was going on and to who or why, she never stopped wanting to learn and do better when better was the right thing to do. At the end, Thea is a much stronger person for having discovered her life was never meant to be simple. As for the rest of the cast. I'm hoping to see more of them. I'm expecially talking about Cole. I liked Cole. I still wanted to know more about his journey. And I don't mean his one main goal in life, but the other parts of him. He was crazy for Thea and that was clear enough, but that also left a lot of room for him to grow and expand. Looking forward to that. Nora, Drake, Logan, Wynter, and Ethan were all fun supporting characters. I was the most interested in Drake. He seemed the most complicated. As for Logan and Nora, they were a hoot, Logan, a pompous brat, and Nora, a hard-edged drunkard. Haha. Ethan was very interesting. And Wynter was a great friend. I like how the story balanced Thea's current life and friends and family, Aunt Karen, with the new life she finds herself in. For the story itself. There is magic, high school, first kisses, first dates, angst, mystery, romance, adventure, etc. It's a YA novel. Expect fun and you will be entertained. The ride doesn't stop and there was never a dull moment. Good read.
Andrea_C 10 months ago
It's been a while since I have read any YA paranormals, because for a while I felt like I was reading the same story over and over again. And then I saw the blurb to this one. I was intrigued. The concept of being able to touch someone and read their memories is something that hasn't been overly done. In fact, I can't even remember specifically the last time I saw it. I enjoyed this book. It does follow somewhat of a typical pattern: teenager who is kind of a longer, other than her closest friend(s), is an orphan who discovers that she has powers and a past that she doesn't know or remember. Now her life is in danger and she needs to learn as much as she can to protect herself and those she loves. It is a general formula that works, but the details in this one make it a unique story in this genre. I really like Thea. She seems to handle what she has been dealt in stride and is very eager to find a way to work with it and to find out more about who she really is. I think she is a relatable teen in dealing with the usual ups and downs of high school. And she definitely has enough naivete about so many situations that show she is still learning. She can trust too easily. And it's kind of hard to decide how you feel about her friends and the people in her life. They definitely keep you on a roller coaster. This is definitely an interesting debut to a new series and one I'll keep an eye on for future installments. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.