Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know

Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know

Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know

Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know


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Infused with Monica’s signature blend of empathy, authenticity, and light-hearted humor, Messages from Above will make you laugh as much as you cry. It’s for anyone who’s ever struggled with unresolved questions and feelings such as guilt or disbelief after losing a loved one. It’s for people who’ve wondered: What happens when we die? Do dogs go to Heaven? What are soul contracts? Can the dead watch us have sex?

Monica Ten-Kate, star of Freeform’s Monica the Medium, answers your burning questions while sharing Spirit’s most profound insights to help you heal in the midst of grief. Different types of loss are addressed, including: the death of a child, tragic accidents, terminal illness, suicide, overdose, miscarriage, and more.

Additionally, Monica weaves in uplifting channeled messages, jaw-dropping stories of past readings, and candid anecdotes of what life’s like as a twenty-five-year-old medium.

You’ll feel more connected to your departed family, friends, and pets. You’ll learn how to spot the signs they send from the Other Side. More than anything, you’ll be able to move forward with peace, comfort, and clarity knowing that love never dies.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781544505749
Publisher: 444 Publishing
Publication date: 11/11/2019
Pages: 350
Sales rank: 1,107,104
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

Monica Ten-Kate is an extraordinarily-gifted Spirit Medium, author, and star of the Freeform television series, Monica the Medium. At the age of fifteen, Monica realized that her empathic tendencies were accompanied by a sense of feelings, signs, and symbols, which she later discovered was Spirit communicating.

These days, Monica travels to cities across the country for her live Messages from Above events. She also teaches online courses and workshops for those coming into their own gifts, is the creator of The Empath Oracle deck, and hosts a podcast, Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium. Follow @MonicatheMedium and learn more at

Table of Contents

Disclaimer ix

Introduction xi

I Crowing Up Gifted

1 I Talk to Dead People 3

2 Monica the Medium 17

3 Life in the Public Eye 31

II The Big Picture

4 The Mechanics of Mediumship 61

5 The Soul's Journey 93

III They Really Are Okay

6 Sudden Deaths 121

7 Death by Illness 157

8 Death by Suicide and Overdose 175

9 Losing a Chad 199

10 Animals Have Souls Too 229

IV You Don't Need a Medium

11 Understanding Signs from the Other Side 253

12 More Than Just a Dream 287

Conclusion: Love Never Dies 303

Acknowledgments 313

About the Author 325

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