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Microwave Solutions for Ceramic Engineers / Edition 1

Microwave Solutions for Ceramic Engineers / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781574982244
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/03/2005
Series: Engineering Solutions
Pages: 494
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.06(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: What is Microwave Processing? (D.E. Clark and D.C.Folz).


Microwave Processing of Ceramic Materials (W.H. Sutton).

Principles of Industrial Microwave and RF Heating (R.F.Schiffmann).

Fundamental Interaction Mechanisms Between Microwaves and Matter(R.E. Newnham, S.J. Jang, M. Xu, and F. Jones).

Microwave Material Interactions and Process Design Modeling (W.R.Tinga).

Modeling of Multi-Frequency Microwave Sintering of ZnO Ceramic (A.Birman, B. Levush, Y. Carmel, D. Gershon, D. Dadon, L.P. Martin andM. Rosen).

Equipment Safety for Microwave and Radio Frequency Processing ofCeramics (J.F. Gerling).

Fundamentals and Application of Dielectric Heating Technologies forMaterials Processing: A Review (J.W. Cresko).


Microwave Drying of Electrical Porcelain: A Feasibility Study (W.A.Hendrix and T. Martin).

Microwave Energy Versus Convected Hot Air for Rapidly DryingCeramic Tile (D.A. Earl, D.E. Clark, and R.L. Schulz).

Microwave Sintering Kilogram Batches of Silicon Nitride (P.A. Apteand W.D. MacDonald).

Sintering of Traditional Ceramics By Microwaves (84 GHz and 2.45GHz) (S. Takayama, M. Mizuno, S. Obata, T. Shimada, K. Satake, M.Sato, T. Mutoh, T. Shimotuma, S. Ito, K. Ida, T. Inoue, K. Esaki,O. Motojima and M. Fujiwara).

Microwave Plasma Sintering of Alumina (M.P. Sweeney and D.L.Johnson).

Microwave Processing of Ceramics, Composites and Metallic Materials(D. Agrawal, J. Cheng, Y. Fang and R. Roy).

Microwave Plasma Synthesis of Nanoparticles: Application ofMicrowave to Produce New Materials (D.V. Szabo, D. Vollath and W.Arnold).

Hybrid Microwave Firing of Heavy Clay Products (G.V.A. Tayler, M.Anderson and M. Hamlyn).

Annealing and Self-Healing of Microwaved Ceramics (M.S. Morrow,D.E. Schnechter, P.A. Eggleston, H.E. Huey and Q.S. Wang).

Enhancement of Cutting Performance of Cemented Carbide CuttingTools (Microwave Treatment by S. Aravindan, J. Ramkumar, S.K.Malhotra and R. Krishnamurthy).

Microwave Heating of Glass (U. Kolberg and H. Roemer).

Surface Modification of Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses UsingMicrowave Energy (Z. Fathi, I. Ahmad, J.H. Simmons, D.E. Clark andA.R. Lodding).

Microwave Crystallization of Glass (A. Boonyapiwat, D.C. Folz andD.E. Clark).

Microwave Joining of Engineering Ceramics (J.G.P. Binner, P.A.Davis, T.E. Cross and J.A. Fernie).

Auto Ignition Synthesis and Microwave Sintering of NanocrystallineCeramics (S.B. Bhaduri, W.R. Tinga, J.G. Huang, E.H. Zhou and S.Bhaduri).


Designing Industrial Microwave Heating Systems for Safe Operation:Batch Ovens (R.F. Schiffmann).

A Technical Review of Equipment and Methods for Waveguide PowerMeasurement in Microwave Heating Applications (J.F. Gerling).

Sintering of Ceramics Using Low-Frequency RF Power (J.B.O.Caughman, D.J. Hoffman, F.W. Baity, M.A. Akerman, S.C. Forresterand M.D. Kass).

Materials Processing Via Variable Frequency Microwave Irradiation(R.S. Garard, Z. Fathi and J.B. Wei).

MM-Wave Processing of Ceramics (G. Link, W. Bauer, A. Weddigen,H.-J. Ritzhaupt-Kleissl and M. Thumm).

Temperature Measurements in a 2.45 GHz Microwave Furnace (D.J.Grellinger and M.A. Janney).

Temperature Measurement in Microwave-Heated Silicon Wafers (K.Thompson, J.H. Booske, R.F. Cooper, Y.B. Gianchandani and S.Ge).

Scanning Dielectric Analysis-Another Analytical Tool for CeramicsStudies (R.M. Hutcheon, J. Mouris, P. Hayward and C. Pickles)


Microwave and RF Energy Utilization - Expert and AudiencePerspectives (W.R. Tinga).

Dielectric Heating: EPRI's Perspective on the Market and theTechnology (C. Gellings).

Commercialization - Steps to Successful Applications and Scaleup(B. Krieger).

Commercializing Microwave Systems: Paths to Success or Failure(R.F. Schiffmann).

An Industrial Application of Microwave Heating: Continuous Dryingof Inorganic Salts (J.I. Ortigosa).

Scaling Up the Microwave Firing of Ceramics (F.C.R. Wroe).

Microwave-Assisted Processing - From Laboratory to Production (S.M.Bond).

Parallam - New Structural Wood Composite (M.C. Churchland).

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