Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leaders

Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leaders

Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leaders

Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leaders


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Presents timely, implementable, and easy practices for the modern workplace, and demonstrates how leaders can be mindful, listen deeply, and embrace tension to enable organizations, and people, to succeed in uncertain times.

Leading is by no means an easy task. We expect our leaders to be steadfast but also flexible. We need leaders to show us the way, but also to deeply listen and recognize the expertise of those around them.

In Mindfully Wise Leadership, Keren Tsuk, founder of consulting group Wisdom To Lead, seeks to revolutionize the process by which leaders manage their organizations and their people. Through her research in the field, Tsuk found that, with the application of mindfulness techniques, individuals can not only improve their effectiveness in the management of others but also in the management of their own needs, building better futures for everyone. It’s for these reasons that leading organizations such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Aetna, and Apple have already implemented mindfulness programs, which have resulted in increased productivity, innovation, and employee engagement.

Mindfully Wise Leadership offers precise tools for leaders to learn how to:

  • Listen to their employees, their customers and the market in new ways
  • Engage employees from a place of meaning, purpose, intrinsic motivation and connection
  • Utilize a central tool called dialogue space that enables creative solutions to emerge
  • Hold tensions and create a culture that enables a flow experience

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ISBN-13: 9781538156360
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/08/2021
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 1,152,911
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About the Author

Keren Tsuk, PhD, is a keynote speaker, consultant, and thought leader in 21st century leadership. The founder of the consulting firm Wisdom To Lead, Tsuk specializes in the development of senior management teams and corporate leadership. She guides companies and senior management teams to reach their full potential using various techniques in the field of mindfulness. She has developed an innovative Mindfulness-Based Leadership (MBL) course and retreat, which she conducts for different organizations around the world. Her practice extends to assisting executives to discover their own inner wisdom and maximize their overall leadership potential—both in and out of the workplace. With over 20 years of experience working with senior management in the areas of transition, growth and development processes, Tsuk has worked with companies such as Checkpoint, Verint,Amdocs, Ex Libris, Google, Siemens and more. Being a keynote speaker on the topic of the relationship between mindfulness and leadership, she has lectured at conferences worldwide and has been invited to speak at universities around the world, instructing graduate business school courses at PolyU in Hong Kong, IDC Herzliya, and Lahav Executive Education Tel Aviv University.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Scott Shute


Chapter 1: Landmarking Leadership

Chapter 2: The New Path to Leadership

Chapter 3: From External Power to Internal Strength

Chapter 4: The Foundation of Mindful Leadership

Chapter 5: Paradoxical Management

Chapter 6: Flexible Mindset

Chapter 7: Authentic Communication

Chapter 8: The Courage to Be Present

Chapter 9: Deepening Compassion and Empathy

Chapter 10: Trust as the Foundation of Self

Chapter 11: Gratitude to All

Chapter 12: Building Space

Chapter 13: Holding Tension

Chapter 14: Enabling Flow

Chapter 15: Freedom and the Future




About the Author

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