by Lucy Baker


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ISBN-13: 9781929440009
Publisher: Nautilus Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 08/01/1999
Pages: 352

Table of Contents

  1 Discovery


  2 Confrontation


  3 Hope


  4 Adjustment


  5 Intrigue


  6 Lost


  7 Found


  8 Mystery


  9 The Unfolding


10 Aloha Oui


11 Heartbreak


What People are Saying About This

Stacey Snider

From Stacey Snider of Universal Studios who wrote of Miracles, a screen play by Lucy Baker

I had my group take a look at the screeplay, Miracles, and all agree, it's a compelling read.


It is not necessary to believe in miracles but I promise that if you do, your life will be enriched. Life is exciting, it can be rich, invigorating and rewarding if you believe this possible and reach out for the rewards that await the seeking heart. We are not just molecules and cells infused with life, which in itself is a miracle, but rather, we are living breathing Spirit, created for a specific purpose and here on earth to serve each other and find our destiny.

Of course my story is fictional but when so many people came to me after reading it, many in tears, longing to find a place like Lanai, or people like those in the book I realized that the human heart longs for a better world on earth just as it longs for its eternal home in paradise.

I happen to believe that there are angels all around us only we do not see or recognize them. On Lanai they were just more noticeable.

Lift up your hearts and be joyful.

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