The Moab Story: From Cowpokes to Bike Spokes

The Moab Story: From Cowpokes to Bike Spokes

by Tom McCourt


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ISBN-13: 9781555664701
Publisher: Bower House
Publication date: 03/15/2018
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 667,630
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Tom McCourt is a native son of the deserts and canyons of eastern Utah. He has been a cowboy, a coalminer, a social worker, a freelance writer, and a tour guide. Tom has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Utah and served as an Officer and a Gentleman in the U.S. Army. He and wife Jeannie make their home in rural Carbon County, Utah.

Table of Contents

How Moab Got Its Name 1

Mosquito Bite 3

A Town by Any Other Name 5

The Magic Water of Matrimony Springs 8

Moab Fever 9

Anasazi Ancestral Puebloans 11

The Moki Scream 15

The Earliest Artists of Moab 17

Trailing Through Moab 21

Trading Gone Wrong 25

Called to the Land 27

Building on Shaky Ground 31

The Decline and Fall of the Elk Mountain Mission 34

"Negro Bill" and Frenchie 36

Modern Moab Takes Shape 40

Home, Sweet (?) Home 42

The Marlboro Men of Moab 45

A River Runs Past It 50

A Ferry Good Idea 53

The Pinhook "Massacre" 57

Outlaws and In-Laws 67

Gunsmoke in the Canyon 73

And just Who Was This Matt Warner? 75

The Ghost Wolf 79

The Killing of Flat Nose George 81

The Dubinky Ghost 84

Bank Bandit Follies 87

A Town is Bom 90

When Bears Ran in Packs and Nobody Danced with Wolves 93

The Real Effects of Climate Change 96

The Earliest UFO Cover-Up? 100

Moab: Uranium Capitol of the World 103

The Yellow Circle Dream Mine 106

The Atomic Age Comes to Moab 108

Charlie Steen, the Uranium King 114

Leave it to Beaver at Ten Thousand Feet 118

The Ecstasy and the Agony 120

Give Me a Home Where the Millionaires Roam 123

An Atomic Legacy 125

National Parks and National Treasures 130

An Arch, a Bridge, or a Hole in the Wall? 135

The Name is Wilson Arch-Damn It 136

The Real Faux Falls 139

A "Point" of Politeness 141

Moab Goes to the Movies 143

The Worlds Most Scenic Garbage Dump 149

H-Bomb at Church Rock? 151

Murder and Mystery 154

The Rocket's Red Glare 157

The Mother Of All Bombs 160

Marijuana Mesa 162

Something in the Water? 163

Wilderness for Fun and Profit 165

A Day in the Desert 169

The Secret Name of a Utah State Treasure 173

A Red-Rock Field of Dreams 175

Rocks That Might Kill You and Dirt That's Alive 184

The Long Shadow of Edward Abbey 186

One Hundred Years on the Sandrock Trail 189

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