Modern Trends in Hypnosis

Modern Trends in Hypnosis

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1985)

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Modern Trends in Hypnosis by David Waxman

The 9th International Congress of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine expresses the continuity in the effort to gain scientific knowledge of hypnosis and scientific status for it, ever since the 1st International Congress for Experimental and Therapeutic Hypnotism was held in Paris in 1889, attended by many of the best-remembered psychiatrists and psychologists of the day - men such as Babinski, Bernheim, Binet, Delboeuf, Freud, James, Lombroso, F. W. H. Myers, Ribot, and many others. The continuity was broken by the period of reduced interest in hypnosis between the time of the 2nd Inter­ national Congress for Hypnotism in Paris in 1900, and the revival of interest shown by the 3rd International Congress for Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine in Paris in 1965. Since then, the Congresses have met more regularly, making the one of which this is the report, the 9th. The programs of these Congresses have become increasingly rich through the years, with many of the older problems still with us but now studied more dispassionately in the light of new knowledge and new scientific methods in the design of investigations and the vali­ dation of scientific findings.

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ISBN-13: 9781468449150
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 12/12/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1985
Pages: 429
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Table of Contents

I Special Addresses.- Scottish Contributions to the Development of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine.- Hypnosis — Both Poetry and Science.- Conscious and Unconscious Processes in Hypnosis.- The Clinical Relevance of Hypnotizability in Psychosis: With Reference to Thinking Processes and Sample Variances.- II Behavior in Hypnosis.- In Search of Hypnosis.- The Relevance of Hypnotizability in Clinical Behavior.- Interaction Between Hypnotist and Subject: A Social Psychophysiological Approach.- Non-Volition and Hypnosis.- Visual Memory Processing During Hypnosis: Does it Differ From Waking?.- A Study on the Hypnotic Susceptibility of Persons Attempting Suicide: Some Therapeutic Considerations.- III Electrophysiological Studies.- EEG Evoked Potential, Hypnotic Anosmia, and Transient Olfactory Stimulation in High and Low Susceptible Subjects.- Depth EEG Recordings in Epileptic Patients During Hypnotic and Non-Hypnotic States.- Evoked Potential Correlates of Verbal Versus Imagery Coding in Hypnosis.- Hemispheric Specificity and Hypnotizability: An Overview of Ongoing EEG Research in South Australia.- Some Neuromuscular Phenomena in Hypnosis.- IV Self Hypnosis.- The Essential Aspects of Self-Hypnosis.- Representations of Self-Hypnosis in Personal Narratives.- An Investigation into Audiotaped Self-Hypnosis Training in Pregnancy and Labor.- Change in Subjective Experiences During Therapeutic Self-Hypnosis.- V Hypnosis and the Alleviation of Pain.- Why is Hypnosis Effective in Pain Control?.- Hypnosis and Plasmatic Beta-Endorphins.- VI Hypnosis and Addictive Behavior.- Hypnosis in the Alleviation of the Smoking Habit.- The Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction: An Overview.- VII Hypnosis and Psychosexual Problems.- Hypnosis and Sexual Disorders.- Hypnotherapy in Male Impotence.- VIII The Use of Hypnosis in Criminology.- Hypnosis, Coercive Persuasion and the Law: A Historical Perspective.- Hypnosis in Criminal Investigation — Ethical and Practical Implications.- An Examination of the Effects of Forensic Hypnosis.- Hypnosis and the Law: The Role of Induction in Witness Recall.- IX Hypnosis and Anxiety.- Effects of Hypnosis on State Anxiety and Stress in Male and Female Intercollegiate Athletes.- Results of Anxiety Control Training in the Treatment of Compulsive Disorders.- X Case Histories.- On a Case of Urinary Retention Treated by Means of Hypnosis.- Hypnosis in the Treatment of a Case of Guillain-Barré’s Disease.- Hypnoanalytic Treatment of Severe Borderline Neurosis by Means of Spontaneous Multiple Personalities: A Case Report.- XI Some Uses of Hypnosis in Dentistry.- The Treatment of Dental Phobia with a Meditational and Behavioral Reorientation Self-Hypnosis.- The Difficult Dental Patient.

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