Modularity and the Motor theory of Speech Perception: Proceedings of A Conference To Honor Alvin M. Liberman

Modularity and the Motor theory of Speech Perception: Proceedings of A Conference To Honor Alvin M. Liberman

by Michael Studdert-Kennedy, Ignatius G. Mattingly

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ISBN-13: 9781317785057
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/02/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 480
File size: 9 MB

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. F.S. Cooper, Introduction: Speech Perception. B. Lindblom, The Status of Phonetic Gestures. O. Fujimura, Comment: Beyond the Segment. C.A. Fowler, L.D. Rosenblum, The Perception of Phonetic Gestures. P.F. MacNeilage, Comment: The Gesture as a Unit in Speech Perception Theories. M.M. Vihman, Ontogeny of Phonetic Gestures: Speech Production. M. Studdert-Kennedy, Comment: The Emergent Gesture. J. Werker, The Ontogeny of Speech Perception. P.D. Eimas, Comment: Some Effects of Language Acquisition on Speech Perception. Q. Summerfield, Visual Perception of Phonetic Gestures. J.L. Miller, Comment: Bimodal Speech Perception and the Motor Theory. H. Poizner, U. Bellugi, E.S. Klima, Brain Function for Language: Perspectives From Another Modality. H. Lane, Comment: Dr. Harlan and Mr. Lane. J.C. Catford, P.W. Jusczyk, D.H. Klatt, A.M. Liberman, R.E. Remez, K.N. Stevens, Panel Discussion: The Motor Theory and Alternative Accounts. A.S. Bregman, The Compositional Process in Cognition With Applications to Speech Perception. D.B. Pisoni, Comment: Modes of Processing Speech and Nonspeech Signals. C.J. Darwin, The Relationship Between Speech Perception and the Perception of Other Sounds. B.H. Repp, Comment: Around Duplex Perception. H.J. Neville, Whence the Specialization of the Language Hemisphere? M. Konishi, Neural Mechanisms of Binaural Fusion. C. Browman, L. Goldstein, Gestural Structures: Distinctiveness, Phonological Processes, and Historical Change. I.G. Mattingly, Reading and the Biological Function of Linguistic Representations. D. Holender, Comment: Writing Systems and the Modularity of Language. U. Bellugi, S. Blumstein, J. Fodor, V. Mann, A. Samuel, Panel Discussion: The Modularity of Speech and Language. S. Crain, D. Shankweiler, Modularity and Learning to Read. P. Bertelson, B. de Gelder, The Emergence of Phonological Awareness: Comparative Approaches. E.S. Klima, Comment: Linguistic Awareness and Metalinguistic Control. J. Fodor, L. Frazier, M. Garrett, P. Gorrell, J. Mehler, Panel Discussion: Sentence Perception and Sentence Production. J.J. Jenkins, Summary of the Conference: Speech is Special. A.M. Liberman, Afterthoughts on Modularity and the Motor Theory.

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