Moment of Truth: Tackling Israel-Palestine's Toughest Questions

Moment of Truth: Tackling Israel-Palestine's Toughest Questions

by Jamie Stern-Weiner (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781944869694
Publisher: OR Books
Publication date: 05/22/2018
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

JAMIE STERN-WEINER is a graduate student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford. A dual British-Israeli national, he has written about the Israel-Palestine conflict for publications including The Nation, Jadaliyya, MERIP, Truthout and openDemocracy. He is a freelance researcher and editor and was founding co-editor of New Left Project.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xii

Maps xiii

Chronology xvii

Introduction xxv

Section I Palestine

Part 1 The West Bank

Chapter 1 Can the Current Palestinian Leadership and Its Institutions End the Occupation? Nathan J. Brown 5

Response Diana Buttu 13

Response Glenn E. Robinson 19

Chapter 2 Is Israel's Annexation of East Jerusalem Irreversible? Daniel Seidemann Yoaz Hendel 23

Response Rami Nasrallah 39

Response Michael Dumper 43

Response Lior Lehrs 47

Chapter 3 Have the Settlements Made a Two-State Solution Impossible? 53

I Politics Shaul Arieli Gideon Levy 53

Response Shlomo Ben-Ami 69

Response Dahlia Scheindlin 73

II Technical Aspects Jan de Jong Shaul Arieli 83

Part 2 Gaza

Chapter 4 Can Gaza Survive? Sari Bashi 117

Chapter 5 Can Armed Struggle End the Siege of Gaza? As'ad Abukhalil Mkhaimar Abusada 131

Response Wendy Pearlman 147

Response Usama Antar 151

Response Bashir Saade 155

Response Ahmed Yousef 163

Rejoinder Mkhaimar Abusada 167

Response Ahmed Yousef 170

Chapter 6 Can Hamas Be Part of the Solution? Nathan Thrall Ghaith al-Omari 175

Response Khaled Hroub 187

Response Ido Zelkovitz 191

Response Tareq Baconi 195

Chapter 7 Floating in an Inch of Water: A Letter from Gaza Sara Roy 203

Section II Strategy

Chapter 8 Lessons from the Intifadas 223

Ghassan Andoni 223

Leila Khaled 227

MusaAbubashhasb 233

Chapter 9 Is a Third Intifada Possible? 239

Jamil Hilal 239

Mazin B. Qumsiyeh 245

Muhammad Shehada 249

Chapter 10 Can There Be a Resolution of the Conflict If Palestinian Citizens of Israel Are Not Involved? 255

Amal Jamal 255

Suhad Bishara 265

Nadim Rouhana 273

Sammy Smooha 279

Chapter 11 The Palestinian Economy: Development and Liberation Raja Khalidi 287

Response Sam Bahour 299

Response Arie Arnon 305

Response Nur Arafeh 309

Chapter 12 Are Human Rights an Effective Weapon in the Struggle for Justice in Palestine? Jessica Montell 317

Response Raja Shehadeh 325

Response Richard A. Falk 329

Response Neve Gordon Nicola Perugini 335

Response Michael Sfard 341

Rejoinder Jessica Montell 347

Chapter 13 Apartheid in South Africa and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: A Useful Comparison? John Dugard 351

Response Alon Liel 365

Response Hagai El-Ad 369

Response Ran Greenstein 373

Response Robbie Sabel 377

Rejoinder John Dugard 382

Response Robbie Sabel 385

Section III International

Chapter 14 Palestine and the Arab Upheaval: Can Palestine Still Inspire the Arab World? 391

Gilbert Achcar 391

Rami G. Khouri 397

Glen Rangwala 403

Chapter 15 How to Get Israel to Withdraw: Lessons from President Jimmy Carter's Middle East Diplomacy Norman G. Finkelstein 407

Response William B. Quandt 423

Response John J. Mearsheimer 429

Response Mark Tessler 433

Further Reading 437

Glossary 445

List of Contributors 451

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