Moments of Grace: When God Touches Our Lives Unexpectedly

Moments of Grace: When God Touches Our Lives Unexpectedly

by Neale Donald Walsch

Hardcover(Large Print Edition)

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From every corner of the Earth and from all walks of life, people are coming forward with stories of God’s presence in their daily lives – stories they did not have the courage to reveal until Neale Donald Walsch paved the way with his New York Times best selling Conversations with God series. Since then, Walsch has received an outpouring of personal experiences from individuals who have been blessed by the omnipresent and miraculous force of the Divine. Moments of Grace is an inspiring compilation of the myriad ways in which God, and the message of Conversations with God, continues to touch countless lives.
  • Inspirational stories that bear witness to the enormous significance of Conversations with God series
  • A wonderful anthology of the many ways in which the Divine moves in our lives
  • A collective voice for the emergence of spirituality as an integral part of every day experience

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ISBN-13: 9780783897790
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Edition description: Large Print Edition
Pages: 275
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About the Author

In 1992 Neale Donald Walsch's life abruptly changed when, in a moment of extreme frustration, he shot off an angry, middle-of-the-night "letter to God"--and to his astonishment, received an answer. The result was the Conversations with God trilogy of books. All three books have been on the New York Times bestseller list. They have been translated into more than 20 languages, reaching a worldwide audience.

Walsch formerly was a newspaper reporter and managing editor, a radio station program director, public information officer for one of the nation's largest public school systems, creator and owner of his own advertising and marketing firm, and a nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

He has now retired from his career in communications to pursue his vision of a world in which people no longer live in fear of God, or of each other. He is the founder of ReCreation, a non-profit organization that sponsors lectures, seminars, workshops, and retreats across the country for those interested in personal growth and spiritual understanding. He lives with his wife Nancy at Heart Light, their home in the woodlands of Southern Oregon.

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When Life Changes Course

Moments of Grace are those times when God intervenes in our lives in very real, very direct, and very visible ways. They are moments when something happens, big or small, that causes a Course Change.

You experienced a Moment of Grace when you picked up this book.

There are many ways that The Divine moves in our lives, especially when we open to the possibility of miracles. Once we have unlocked the door in our psyche to the potentiality of being touched by God in ways we could only imagine in our dreams, then those dreams begin to come true.

A few years ago I wrote a book called Conversations with God, which captured attention throughout the world. I believe that book was directly inspired by God during Moments of Grace. And I am very clear that I am not the only one receiving such inspirations and experiencing such moments. For if Conversations with God taught us anything, it is that God talks to all of us, all of the time. Yet we can hear God only when we are open to listening.

Let those who have ears to hear, listen.

But now here is the startling news. God not only has conversations with us, God visits us every day, in person.

This book is all about such visits. It will create a course change in your life because it is about real people, just like you. It is not the story of masters or gurus or saints or sages, but about ordinary folks who have had a "run-in with God"--and never forgot it. Because it is about real people living lives just like yours and mine, it is very convincing on the question of whether there is another force at work in our lives.

In my own mind, that force is called God. You may call it anything you wish. Whatever you call it--coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity, luck, intuition, inspiration--you will find it very difficult, after reading this book, to deny that it is there. Right there. In our lives. Every day. Working miracles. Making magic. Changing everything.

It happens in everyone’s life. Janice Tooke, 43, of Herkimer, New York, says it happened in her life this way . . .

My eleven-year-old son and I were on our way downstate to camp and sail on the Hudson River. During the two-hour drive, we listened, as we always do when we are in the car together, to Conversations with God.

On this warm, sunshine-filled August afternoon, we noted that we had seen many, many monarch butterflies during our trip. Feeling full of light and love as we sailed lazily along, I envisioned Jesus in my mind, standing in a field, arms outstretched, calling forth many butterflies. They came as bidden, orange and black and beautiful, and covered him fully, alighting on his arms, his hands, and his head. It was a beautiful image, and it brought calmness to my heart.

Feeling in that moment that I was one with God, I also imagined myself calling forth the butterflies in much the same manner. It was a beautiful moment in my mind. I wanted it to continue. I wanted it to never end.

Then my human doubts crept in. Maybe I’m making it all up, I thought. All these feelings and visions are nothing but creations of my own imagination. I felt frustrated. I wished there was some way that I could know that God is real, and that I am part of Him.

At that moment, I asked God to show me a sign and reveal Himself to me in a tangible way during this trip. I didn’t want to have to wait any longer. I wanted it to happen during this trip, right here, right now. I even used "I Am" words to call it forth. I said, "I Am going to be given a sign."

That evening we camped on an island. The next morning brought a beautiful sunrise to the river. The sunshine sparkled off the water into my eyes as I shook myself awake. While I sat at the picnic table watching waves on the beach, a large monarch butterfly swooped down out of nowhere and began dancing in front of my face. It startled me as it circled once around the top of the tent in which my son was still sleeping.

I immediately said, "Oh, how beautiful you are. Come and see me!" Reaching out my hand, I watched, astonished, as the butterfly alit there!

It was so beautiful! Its orange-and-black wings were huge and perfect, and it sat still for several seconds there in the palm of my hand. My son awoke hearing my voice, and, sticking his head out of the tent, saw the butterfly on my hand.

We were both amazed.

Of course, I knew who sent this gift. I have the knowing because I called it forth. And I know that I can call it forth, and that we all can, in moments of gratitude and praise and pure at-one-ment with All That Is.

Now, if you’re not careful, you could look right past the magnificence of that moment. Or you could agree that it was kind of neat, but that it proved nothing, and that Janice is stretching things to say that it did.

But what would you tell Bill Colson, of Lehi, Utah?

My father’s breathing had become difficult, labored. He’d been lingering between life and death for days. The whole family was there, keeping the vigil.

Wracked by cancer, Dad’s weakened body--which seemed to be disappearing right in front of our eyes--shook now and then with what I could only assume were spasms of pain. He’d gone past any ability to complain about it, not having spoken a word, nor opened his eyes, in seventy-two hours.

"My God," my mother said softly at one point, sitting at the side of his bed, "how long can this go on?"

It was after one o’clock in the morning, and the poor dear was exhausted. We all were. But they’d been married sixty-one years. Nothing and no one was going to take Mom away from that bedside now.

That’s when I had my conversation with God.

"Must he suffer like this?" I asked Him, silently, urgently, in my heart. "He’s been a good man, God. And he’s finished his work here. There’s nothing left undone, there’s nothing more to complete. Please. Won’t You take him now? Won’t You stop his pain? If You’re here, God--and I know You are--please, let this end."

At that instant, Dad’s breathing became less labored. Within three minutes he slipped away. Gently. Like falling into a deeper sleep.

My eyes filled with tears. I never doubted God before. I’ll certainly never even think of doubting Him now.

Coincidence? Synchronicity? I don’t think so. A Moment of Grace? Yes.

Moments of Grace are those times when God intervenes in our lives in very real, very direct, and very visible ways. They are moments when something happens, big or small, that causes a Course Change.

You experienced a Moment of Grace when you picked up this book.

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