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Moms Kick Butt

Moms Kick Butt

by Dianne Bright
Moms Kick Butt

Moms Kick Butt

by Dianne Bright


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In these 31 reflections from Matthew, moms and grandmas discover how they can be more like Jesus in a #keepingitreal kind of way. Short and sweet, the goal is to help readers get back on track, including a response section at the end of each entry.

Casual and sassy, this book invites women who drink coffee and enjoy a glass of merlot. From loving jerks to confusion with prayer, it's mostly about being honest and remembering how much we've all been forgiven. Whether you're new to the faith or a mature believer, your takeaway is the same—just go deeper! And if you think Aquaman is hot, jump to reflection #20 (#justsaying).

MOMS KICK BUTT makes a great gift for an aunt, sister, or friend for her birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, or Christmas. While mom devotionals are a dime a dozen, this one targets the one lost sheep—recognizing we've all been lost at one time or another.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633573000
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2021
Pages: 75
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Dianne Bright enjoys being a full-time author and regular contributor with Reader's Digest and The Healthy. She lives in southern California with her husband, three teens, dog, and cat. When she is not writing, she is out photographing hawks and owls, meditating in her garden, or playing chess.

Table of Contents

Praise for Moms-Kick Butt v

Foreword 1

Thanks to Readers 3

Day 1 Jerks 5

Day 2 Prayer 7

Day 3 Sales 9

Day 4 Worry 11

Day 5 Judging Others 13

Day 6 Talkers 15

Day 7 Forgiven 17

Day 8 Being Real 19

Day 9 Bad Mommy 21

Day 10 Dialing 911 23

Day 11 Miracles 25

Day 12 Zonked 27

Day 13 Gardening 29

Day 14 Boundaries 31

Day 15 Penny-Pinchers 33

Day 16 Mom Language 35

Day 17 Head Space 37

Day 18 Freaked Out 39

Day 19 Stay Young 41

Day 20 Cliques 43

Day 21 Doers 45

Day 22 The Comparison Game 47

Day 23 MLM 49

Day 24 Choose Ice Cream 51

Day 25 Pariah 53

Day 26 Finishing Well 55

Day 27 Grudges 57

Day 28 Wasting Time 59

Day 29 Depression 61

Day 30 Lesser Than 63

Day 31 YOLO 65

A Little Bit on Prayer 67

Asking Jesus into Your Heart 69

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