Moonlight Rises (Dick Moonlight Series #2)

Moonlight Rises (Dick Moonlight Series #2)

by Vincent Zandri
4.6 6


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Moonlight Rises (Dick Moonlight Series #2) by Vincent Zandri

A gang of Obama-masked thugs in a downtown Albany alley gave Dick Moonlight a one-way ticket to the Pearly Gates. But when his hovering spirit slips back into his bruised body, the real trouble starts.

A private detective with a short-term memory problem, Moonlight knows he’s still in danger. He’s got plenty of enemies to keep him guessing why — even the latest love of his life, Lola, can’t be trusted. But the goons who snuffed him want something else: Moonlight’s latest client, a handicapped nuclear engineer, had a top-secret box the gang believes is in Moonlight’s possession. Moonlight can’t remember any box — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it. He just better figure out where it is before he winds up dead for the last time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781612183442
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 09/04/2012
Series: Dick Moonlight Series , #2
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

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Moonlight Rises 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
BookSakeBlogspot More than 1 year ago
When I requested Moonlight Rises, I wasn't aware that it was part of a series (although Jess probably told me and I ignored her, as usual). Anyway, I put off starting this book for a while because I've never had a good experience with reading novels out of sequence, but Moonlight Rises was awesome. The author includes just enough background to get the reader up to speed, while still focusing on the story at hand. Moonlight Rises reminded me of an old school mystery novel. The plot was pretty serious, but the characters helped to lighten the mood. Dick Moonlight and Georgie are hilarious - very sarcastic, which is right up my alley. There were moments that I literally laughed out loud. I really enjoyed the overall concept of the story as well. Usually I find that mysteries with funny characters are generally less suspenseful, but that was not the case with Moonlight Rises. Admittedly, this is a light read, but it is definitely a page-turner as well. I highly recommend Moonlight Rises to anyone who's looking for a mystery novel with a comical twist. Reviewed by Brittany for Book Sake.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Stephanie O: What a wild and crazy ride this book was! Always changing, having a hard time figuring out the who, what, when and where . . and then, it all starts to snap into place. As all the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together, one may find themselves afraid to ask . . what next? (Because, that may be opening another can of worms no one wants.) Hired by a young man (Paul) to locate his father, Dick is thrown into the middle of some deep stuff. Not knowing how deep until it costs him his life (for five minutes). Now it's a race to find all the pieces of the puzzle, before the electric voice, Obama mask wearing men find him again. With the help of his good friend Georgie (who reminds me of Leo from That 70's Show), it takes a lot of mental strength and working together to keep each other alive and see this thing to the end. A great read. I hope to be able to visit with Dick and Georgie again in the future. What a great team! Favorite Quote: "As I drift off, I think, Baby, are you gonna have some serious explaining to do when I wake up, or what?"
MeteorFlower More than 1 year ago
Dick Moonlight is dead. He was beaten to death in a dark alley by thugs wearing President Obama masks that spoke only using voice synthesizers. What were they looking for? A box that nobody knows anything about and they want him to stay away from his newest client: a handicapped nuclear engineer by the name of Peter Czech. You'd think Moonlight's problems would be over but during his out of body experience in the hospital, he sees his true love, Lola hugging up on some young guy. Now he wants answers and he wants them bad enough to come back from the dead to get them. If you haven't read the first book, Moonlight Falls or the short story, Moonlight Mafia, you will not get the whole scope of what Dick Moonlight has been through. Vincent Zandri kinda recaps it in this book but I feel you should read them all. You'll get the inside jokes and exactly how much Hell he's been through. Just when you think Dick's life couldn't get any worse, it does and it almost costs him his life. The ultimate heroic underdog comes back with a vengeance and once again Vincent Zandri takes us on a ride with more twists than a curly straw. I read this book in one day actually, a few hours. I had to finish 50 pages of Moonlight Falls, all of Moonlight Mafia and then I thought I would START this one. Instead, I devoured it and absolutely did not want to put it down. The only time I've ever read 300 pages like that was with Jeffery Deaver's novels. I definitely found myself lost in Dick's unfortunate adventure which he once again drags his friend George into. At times you feel really bad for him and at times you want to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Just makes you wonder what kind of trouble Vincent is going to have him get into next. I want to be one of the first in line for the next book and until then I'm going to read more of Zandri's work! Thank you to Partner's In Crime Blog Tours and Vincent Zandri for the review copy. It in no way influenced my review.
CMash More than 1 year ago
MOONLIGHT RISES by Vincent Zandri Published by StoneGate Ink ASIN: B005HB16Y6 At the request of the author, a PDF edition was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion. Synopsis (borrowed from Amazon): "Life sucks. Then you die. Or, if you're Dick Moonlight, first you die and then you live." Dick Moonlight is dead. Really dead this time, now that three President Obama-masked thugs dressed all in black and communicating only with hand-held voice synthesizers pressed up against their voice boxes have beat the life right out of him inside a dark, downtown Albany alley. What are the thugs after? A box. Size, weight, description unknown. They also want him to stay away from his newest and only client: a handicapped nuclear engineer of dubious Russian heritage by the same of Peter Czech. But then, now that they've killed him, Moonlight's problems seem to be over. In fact, as he undergoes an out of body experience, his soul floating above his train-wreck of a corpse inside the Albany Medical Center I.C.U., he feels pretty damned good. Great in fact. To make death all the more sweeter, his one true love, Lola, is standing by his bedside. With her long dark hair draping her chiseled face and big round Jackie O sunglasses hiding tear-filled eyes, she appears every bit the grieving sig other. Nothing could make the dead-and-gone Moonlight prouder. But then something happens. Something bad. A man enters into the I.C.U. Some young guy. He takes hold of Lola's hand, and pulls her into him. Together, the two share a loving embrace over Moonlight's dead body. Now, what seemed like a peaceful death is anything but. Moonlight wants back inside his body so he can face-off Some Young Guy and find out if his true love has in fact been cheating on him. At the same time, he wants to find out the true identity of those thugs who killed him so he can exact his revenge. No doubt about it, Moonlight needs to live if he's going to uncover some pretty painful answers and take care of business. Like a little kid dropping down a playground slide, Moonlight slides right back inside his bruised and broken body. Opening his eyes the white light blinds him. He feels the pain of his wounds and the pain of his breaking heart. Life sucks, then you die. But Moonlight rises. My Thoughts and Opinion: If you follow my blog you already know what I think of this author. And you probably also know the two words that always come to mind when I finish one of his books are brilliant and genius!!! And you already know what the rating I will be giving this got it....a 5!!!! Another winner!!! But for those who are new followers, if you like mystery and suspense, this is the author that you HAVE to read!!! This is the sequel to Moonlight Falls, the one that grabbed me, hook, line and sinker. However, it can also stand on it's own. Zandri. with his masterful writing, brings you up to speed with Moonlight Rises. The quirky P.I., Dick Moonlight is back with his unconventional investigations and sometimes outlandish one liners. Zandri, once again, takes you on a fast paced, action packed ride filled with twists and turns that the reader never sees coming. I have read every book that this highly talented author has written. Do I recommend him? ABSOLUTELY!!!! My Rating: 5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received Moonlight Rises for review as part of a blog tour, but I wasn't aware that it was the third book in a series. Usually I will not read a series out of sequence, but I decided to give it a try. Thankfully, not reading the first two books didn't seem to affect this one. The author did a good job at giving enough back story at the right times to understand what the main character has been through. Moonlight Rises is a mystery-thriller with a slight twist. Richard (Dick) Moonlight, is an ex-private investigator turned bar owner. But he just can't let his P.I. ways go, no matter how many problems they've caused him. When Moonlight 'wakes-up' dead and floating over his body in the hospital, he knows it was one of his many enemies who caused it, but doesn't know which one. All he remembers was being attacked by President Obama... well, three guys in Obama masks, that is. While floating over his beaten to death body, he sees his girlfriend come in the room, but she's not alone. Seems as though she has already moved on with a younger man. Then something amazing happens, he's pulled back into his body and is returned to the living. Now, battered and bruised, Moonlight has to find out who killed him before they do it again - this time for good. Not to mention getting to the bottom of what's going on with his girlfriend. Dick Moonlight is a seriously flawed guy, and I like that. He's already survived an "accidental" attempted suicide, a divorce, the Albany police hating him, and attempts on his life. The man doesn't give up. Through it all, he keeps his sense of humor - I always appreciate a good smartass. Moonlight enlists the help of his friend Georgie, a Vietnam Vet, medicinal pot smoking "doctor" to help him uncover who killed him and why. The two of these guys together was a fun duo, especially on stakeouts. The Obama trio is convinced that Moonlight has something they want, but he has no idea what or where it is. People tell him that a client came to visit him in the hospital and gave him something, but he doesn't even remember any of it. He doesn't know who he can trust anymore, so he doesn't trust anyone except Georgie. As Moonlight tries to uncover what his client is really involved in, and why some psychos are trying to kill him for something he doesn't have, he learns the truth about what's going on with his girlfriend and her involvement in the whole mess. There were some parts in the book that made me feel really squeamish. For instance, the incident when he is still in the hospital and the thugs pay him a visit, I seriously had to skim over it. I had my kidney removed not too long ago, and what they were doing to him in the book made me feel lightheaded and I keep holding my side. Moonlight Rises was an action packed mystery that had me guessing throughout the book. I think it's definitely more for the adult readers, though.
ReviewsByMolly More than 1 year ago
Okay, so I'm sure you all are getting tired of me singing Vincent Zandri's praises. Ya'll are probably thinking "will she EVER stop?". Well, from the bottom of my heart I apologize, but, no. I can't stop. This guy has got some of the BEST, ROCKIN-EST writing skills that I've seen around. Oh, there are others out there who measure up, sure. But, I didn't fall head over heels for suspense novels til I read Moonlight Falls and The Remains by Vincent Zandri. After that, suspense novels and I have been just growing closer and closer and I love them whole heartedly. Anyway, back to the review. Moonlight Rises is AWESOME. It's a second Dick Moonlight novel and even BETTER than Moonlight Falls (which was pretty dang good!). Moonlight Rises picks up, of course, after Moonlight Falls. Once again Moonlight is in detective mode, but this time....he's trying to stay alive, because he's looking for who's trying to kill him. The culprits? Three dudes in Obama halloween masks. Go figure! So, I loved all the twists and turns in this particular Moonlight novel. His long time girlfriend, Lola, harbors a secret, though he didn't know about's a BIG secret and he's in for a BIG surprise. The question is, will he stay alive long enough to figure out the puzzle, along with his "big brother" Georgie? The way he keeps "rising", or having his out of body experiences, it's hard to the end of the book though, you'll be hit with a whopper of an experience! From Russians, to head-nurses, to nuclear secrets, you'll LOVE this novel! All the jaw dropping twists, the tongue tying turns, and the humor-yes Vincent Zandri uses humor in this one like crazy....gotta love his sense of humor in his stories!- create THE perfect suspense novel. This is one of his best pieces of work to date, and I can't wait for another Dick Moonlight novel to come! I definitely, DEFINITELY recommend this novel with a high flying 5 book rating! You'll be so engrossed in the story you'll feel as if it's YOU rising out of body and watching the action below. And, if you are new to Vincent Zandri's work, or, at least, new to the Dick Moonlight novels, it's okay if you haven't read Moonlight Falls (though I HIGHLY suggest you read that one too!), Zandri will keep you up to date in Moonlight Rises, so it's not overly confusing for new readers. FAN-AWESOME-TASTIC job, Vincent!