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More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

by Lisa Dooley
More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

by Lisa Dooley


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Monday morning. Anywhere.

Standing in your cluttered mudroom. Your youngest can’t find her backpack and “lost” her permission slip. The middle child is shouting from the bedroom because he can’t find his phone or soccer cleats. Your oldest needs the missing car keys. The phone is buzzing. Your partner is looking for the laptop charger because it’s missing, again. Did I mention that it’s Monday morning? Perhaps you’ve read a lot of organizing books. You’ve followed the checklists, the diagrams for folding your clothes, and feng shui’d the heck out of your life. Yet nothing has changed. You can’t seem to get, or stay, organized. The stress and unhappiness levels are going up daily. More Space. More Time. More Joy! is a new way of looking at organization that gets to the heart of the hows and whys to help you make lasting change.

Let’s get started….

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732793385
Publisher: SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Often asked why she got into organizing, Lisa's answer is always the same-"It's about making your life easier. When my life was especially chaotic and stressful-young children, the demands of growing a business, ill or dying family members, I found that being organized just helped me stay on a more even keel and get through those really tough times. Organization isn't the end goal-happy is the end goal-but being organized goes a long way in making your life easier so that you can focus on the really important things." Since starting her coaching practice, Lisa has been a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, a professional group dedicated to improving our clients' lives, one cluttered space at a time. For almost a decade, Lisa has worked with clients to create organizing systems that work.

Table of Contents

Part I More Space.... 13Chapter 1 How Do I Get Started? .... 15

Chapter 2 How Do I Find More Space?.... 23

Chapter 3 What Is Transitional Space?... 31

Chapter 4 Kiss: Keep It Seriously Simple.... 39

Chapter 5 Making Transitional Space Work.... 45

Chapter 6 But My Organizing Challenge Is Unique! .... 51

Chapter 7 It’s Not the Box or the Bin.... 61

Chapter 8 Where Does All This Stuff Live?.... 67

Chapter 9 What Is Good Storage and an Effective System?..... 79

Chapter 10 Maximizing My Space.... 93

Part II More Time....103

Chapter 11 How Does Being Organized Save Me Time?.... 105

Chapter 12 Prioritizing Time.... 115

Chapter 13 How Do I Prioritize My Time with Better Systems?.... 123

Chapter 14 Tackling Techno-Clutter.... 135

Chapter 15 Are You Keeping Pace with Change?.... 145

Chapter 16 Taking off the Badge of Busy..... 151

Chapter 17 Distractions and the Social Media Time Suck.... 157

Chapter 18 Write It Down and Get It Done.... 165

Chapter 19 Working and Historical Files and Forever Documents.... 173

Chapter 20 Clearing out the Clutter.... 187

Part III More Joy!.... 193

Chapter 21 Making It All Work.... 195

Chapter 22 Honoring Your Legacy..... 205

Chapter 23 So Many Photos! ....215

Chapter 24 Clutter Holds You Back.... 227

Chapter 25 When I Look Good, I Feel Good.... 237

Chapter 26 Safety First.... 257

Chapter 27 It’s Not about the Stuff.... 269

Chapter 28 Wellness and Wholeness.... 277

Chapter 29 Joy in Service.... 287

Chapter 30 Getting Started.... 293

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