More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World

More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World

More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World

More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World


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Are you interested in the Enneagram, but want to explore your personality more fully than a single number result? Discover how the Enneagram can be paired with the power of the gospel in this revolutionary and transformative guide for Enneagram beginners and experts alike.

We are all made up of parts. Have you ever said, “Part of me wants to go to the party, but part of me wants to stay home”? We already speak in these terms without realizing it. More Than Your Number takes a deeper dive into the world of the Enneagram by moving past the quickly assigned and sometimes stereotypical Enneagram Types to consider and engage your unique, multidimensional personality. After discovering your Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP), you’ll be able to not only name what has affected you your entire life, whether positively or negatively, but also understand and apply the truth of how God intends to redeem and use all of you—not just parts of you.

Through the EIP, Enneagram coaches Beth and Jeff McCord provide a simple, tested, personal strategy to understand and welcome these parts through God’s grace, equipping you to better lead and shepherd your internal interests. Filled with charts, diagrams, and unique insights, you will:

  • Explore the driving force behind your unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Learn how to lead yourself out of unhealthy patterns and get real help
  • Experience deeper understanding, confidence, and peace in your relationships with God, yourself, and others
  • Discover why the Enneagram on its own is not enough and how the gospel changes everything

Discover your real identity in Christ, readjusting your internal world toward a healthier path for your unique personality type.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780785290995
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 09/20/2022
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 195,230
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Beth McCord is an accomplished Enneagram speaker, author, coach, and teacher with over two decades of dedicated experience. Her passion lies in helping individuals rewrite their life stories, empowering them to realize that lasting change and meaningful relationships are possible. Beth’s mission led to the creation of the Your Enneagram Coach community—a nurturing space where individuals safely explore the Enneagram.

As a recognized Enneagram leader, Beth has honed her expertise through extensive training and certifications under renowned experts. Today, she simplifies Enneagram insights from a faith-based perspective, making it accessible to people from all walks of life.

Beth offers personalized coaching, immersive events, online courses, and comprehensive training for aspiring Enneagram coaches.

Her contributions extend globally, having trained over two-thousand coaches, authored eleven Enneagram books, has a vast online following, and reaches millions through her free Enneagram assessment and podcast.

Jeff McCord (Type 6: Faithful Guardian) has served in pastoral leadership for several churches and organizations for more than 20 years. He has a Masters of Divinity as well as multiple certifications in pastoral counseling, family and church mediations, and Gospel Coaching. The Enneagram transformed Jeff’s life, family, and ministry, leading him to cofound Your Enneagram Coach (YEC) with his wife, Beth. Providing Enneagram resources to individuals, couples, and groups, their mission is to help people see themselves with astonishing clarity, so they can break free from limiting patterns and experience freedom in Christ.

Together, Beth and Jeff founded and lead Your Enneagram Coach, one of the largest Enneagram platforms in the world and the only one of its size that teaches people how to use the Enneagram from a faith-based perspective. In addition to their best-selling books and wildly popular podcast, more than 2 million people have taken their industry-leading Enneagram Type assessment, and more than 1,500 people have enrolled in their Become an Enneagram Coach program, which certifies Enneagram Coaches around the world.

Table of Contents

Introduction: My Good Shepherd xi

Part 1 Seeing the World Within

1 The Wounded Child and the Beloved Child 3

2 Recognizing the Fog Within 15

3 Waking the Beloved Child 27

Part 2 Exploring the Enneagram and Your Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP)

4 Activating Your Internal GPS with the Enneagram 41

5 The Health of Your Enneagram Type 63

6 Beginning Your Enneagram Internal Profile 81

7 Understanding the Parts of Your Enneagram Internal Profile 99

8 Unpacking Aware 115

9 Walking Through Aware 131

Part 3 Mapping Out Your Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP)

10 Type One: Principled Reformer 147

11 Type Two: Nurturing Supporter 161

12 Type Three: Admirable Achiever 175

13 Type Four: Introspective Individualist 189

14 Type Five: Analytical Investigator 203

15 Type Six: Faithful Guardian 217

16 Type Seven: Enthusiastic Optimist 231

17 Type Eight: Passionate Protector 243

18 Type Nine: Peaceful Accommodator 257

Acknowledgments 271

Notes 273

About the Authors 279

About the Collaborators 281

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