Most Popular Vegetarian Indian Recipes Quick & Easy: How to cook vegetarian alternatives of traditional Indian recipes and save on restaurant or takeout bills!

Most Popular Vegetarian Indian Recipes Quick & Easy: How to cook vegetarian alternatives of traditional Indian recipes and save on restaurant or takeout bills!

by Meera Joshi


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How to cook vegetarian alternatives of traditional Indian recipes and save on restaurant or takeout bills!

This Indian cookbook focuses on the traditional and favorite dishes that you will find if you walk into any Indian home or restaurant but with a vegetarian twist. From wonderful flavorsome curries and mouthwatering Dals to exquisite flatbreads and refreshing beverages, a range of fantastic recipes from many different regions of India are contained within.

Learn how to cook vegetarian versions of the most popular Indian dishes

Indian cuisine is popular amongst many people and everyone seems to have their own favorite dish. With Indian cooking, it is possible to introduce more vegetables into your diet or maintain your vegetarian dietary requirements without the need to sacrifice on taste. In some cases the taste of the dish can even be enhanced.

Included in this cookbook are surprisingly tantalizing vegetarian Indian recipes such as:

• Vegetable Biriyani

• Chana Masala (Garbanzo Bean Curry)

•Aaloo Palak Saag (Spiced Potatoes with Spinach)

•Dal Makhani (Kali Dal or Black Dal)

•Mushroom Tofu Vindaloo


•Tomato Rice

•Raita (Cucumber Yogurt)

•Masala Chai

and more!

Do you spend regular nights at your favorite Indian restaurant or enjoy Indian takeout?

If you already love Indian food and spend regularly to enjoy it. It's now possible for you to cook at home saving yourself the expense by producing a healthy, flavorsome meal in the process. Simply follow the step by step recipes inside.

Expand your vegetarian cooking repertoire with a fantastically diverse and aromatic cuisine!

Many people do not realize how sensationally tasty Indian cuisine is as a vegetarian option. The fantastic herbs, spices and aromas that are an integral part of Indian cooking lend themselves equally as well and in some cases even better to a vegetarian diet. Further enhance your recipe repertoire with Indian cuisine to add another dimension to your vegetarian cooking or use these recipes as an inspiration to further enhance your cooking ideas.

Have you traveled to India? Re-live that fantastic Indian vacation again and again!

Use this cookbook to re-create in the comfort of your own home, those wonderful dishes that would have formed an amazing experience on your travels. Get reacquainted with the unique blend of tastes and smells from the various regions of India.

Impress your loved ones and friends using easy to follow recipes!

Although Indian food can seem challenging at first, with the right instruction Indian cooking achievable! The carefully selected Indian recipes in this cookbook are simple to follow and make use of easy to find ingredients. Discover great tasting Indian dishes that suit any palate and will help introduce your family and friends into a world of magnificent aromas. Each recipe includes a suggestion of the best dish to compliment the recipe, so you can truly deliver a great meal for any gathering or event.

Enjoy this cookbook, if you are new to this type of cuisine or if you are already familiar with Indian food and wish to enhance your skills to build your vegetarian recipe repertoire. These recipes will show you how to cook Indian food the right way. Teach and pass on these recipes to family and friends who require a healthier option in their diets.

Begin cooking with sensational aromas and tantalizing tastes today!

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About the Author

Meera Joshi is a chef and now author specializing in Indian cuisine. Born in Nagpur, India, Meera developed a love of cooking from an early age through spending enjoyable times with her mother and grandmother cooking at family gatherings and special occasions.

Meera's love of cooking inspired her to become a chef, but was only able to realize this dream when she moved with her family to the US at age 19. While residing in New Jersey, Meera trained as a chef and spent many years working within various Indian restaurants before deciding to go back to her roots to re-discover the essence of the cuisine that she loved so much. Meera made it her goal to travel throughout India and was fortunate to work with some of the most renowned chefs to further enhance her cooking.

Now back in the US, Meera runs a restaurant and lives with her husband and son. Her focus is on removing any misconception of difficulty that Indian cooking may have and enable more accessibility to all, no matter what the palate of the individual is.

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