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Motivated Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles!: Insight, Advice, and Resume Samples by Some of the Most Credentialed, Experienced, and Award-Winning Resume Writers in the Industry

Motivated Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles!: Insight, Advice, and Resume Samples by Some of the Most Credentialed, Experienced, and Award-Winning Resume Writers in the Industry

by Brian E Howard


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Resumes are the cornerstone to any successful job search, and this resource gives you unprecedented insight and advice from more than a dozen of the most experienced and award-winning resume and LinkedIn profile writers in the industry. Get inside the minds of these writers to learn how to create impactful materials that get you interviews and job offers. Learn how they think about keywords, titling, branding, accomplishments, format, color, design, and a host of other resume writing and LinkedIn profile considerations. Become an “insider” and learn the secrets from some of the very best.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608081837
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 11/01/2017
Series: The Motivated Series
Pages: 356
Sales rank: 1,134,034
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

With more than 25 years of recruiting experience, Brian Howard has received international acclaim and is a member of an international recruiting organizations Hall of Fame. Under Brian's leadership, The Howard Group has received the prestigious Best in Class Award for Overall Client Satisfaction.

Table of Contents

Part I Some Things to Know about Your Job Search 1

Branding 2

Understanding the Employer's Mindset 5

Knowing What an Employer Wants in an Open Position 7

Matching Experience and "Word Clouds" 8

Transferable Job Skills and Professional Qualities 9

The Sum Total 13

Part II Impactful Resumes 15

Do Job Seekers Still Need a Resume AND a LinkedIn Profile? 15

What Is a Resume? 17

Time Is of the Essence 18

Your Resume Is Your Marketing Brochure 20

Use of Keywords 21

Resume Formats 23

The Dateless (Ageless) Resume 26

Parts of a Resume 26

Accomplishments 35

Other Credentials 40

Use of Recommendations on a Resume 42

Information NOT to be Included on a Resume 44

Testing the Impact of Your Resume 44

QR Codes 44

Dealing with Employment Gaps on a Resume 45

Infographic Resumes 48

Part III LinkedIn 53

Use of Keywords 56

Your LinkedIn Profile - Sections 56

Introducing LinkedIn Optimization 69

How Does It Work … How Does a HR Recruiter Use LinkedIn to Find Candidates? 69

The Goal of Optimization 70

Keyword Location 70

Keyword Stuffing 75

Completeness 75

Connections 77

Compelling 78

Put It to the Test 80

Strategies for Your LinkedIn Profile When You Are Unemployed 81

Which Strategy Would Be Best for You? 84

The Open Candidates Feature on LinkedIn 85

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your LinkedIn Profile 87

What Do You Do with Your LinkedIn Profile after You Get a New Job? 87

Keep Your Profile Current 88

Sample of an Optimized LinkedIn Profile 88

Part IV Cover Letters and Other Written Communications 97

Types of Cover Letters 97

The Cover Letter Success Formula 98

Cover Letters and Career Transition Job Seekers 104

Cover Letters and Recruiters 104

Marketing Emails - Proactively Marketing Your Professional Credentials 105

Thank-You Letters 107

Thank-You Letters When You Are Not Selected for the Job 110

Some Final Words about Written Communications 111

Part V Business Cards 113

Traditional Business Cards 113

Networking Business Cards 114

Resume Business Cards 114

Infographic Business Cards 116

Part VI Sample Resumes and Other Great Resources 119

Appendix: More of "What the Pros Say" 297

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