Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780689710681
Publisher: Aladdin
Publication date: 03/28/1986
Series: Rats of NIMH Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 11,233
Product dimensions: 5.37(w) x 8.37(h) x 0.60(d)
Lexile: 790L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Robert C. O’Brien was born in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Williams College and graduated from the University of Rochester. He was a writer and editor for Newsweek, National Geographic, and other publications. He lived in New York City and then in Washington, DC, with his wife and four children. Z for Zachariah—which is now a major motion picture starring Margot Robbie, Chris Pine, and Chiwetel Ejiofor—was completed by his wife and daughter, with the help of his notes, after his death in 1973. He is also the author of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and The Silver Crown.

Table of Contents

The Sickness of Timothy Frisby3
Mr. Ages12
The Crow and the Cat20
Mr. Fitzgibbon's Plow27
Five Days33
A Favor from Jeremy39
The Owl45
"Go to the Rats"53
In the Rosebush61
In the Library75
A Powder for Dragon89
The Marketplace96
In the Cage103
The Maze112
A Lesson in Reading120
The Air Ducts129
The Boniface Estate142
The Main Hall149
The Toy Tinker158
Thorn Valley165
Seven Dead Rats187
At the Meeting206
The Doctor216

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 144 reviews.
barena19 More than 1 year ago
I grew up with Mrs. Frisby and think children of all ages will love her as well. I think all children boy and girl alike can relate to her and enjoy the story. Definitely a must have for all children.
Sentimentalist More than 1 year ago
My sister has a pet rat that she adores, and to surprise her, I wanted to find a book that portrayed rats as the inteligent creatures that they are. A friend recommended this book to me, and I found the book on tape at the library. It was so fascinating! My entire family loved it! I was impressed at how the author was able to answer every single question that I had (such as how could the rats find tools small enough to use, small technical stuff that most authors fail to explain) The story was incredibly intricate, but never failed to be interesting and slightly humorous. I recommend this book to anyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is wonderful. I love it. It is very entertaining and shows a clear point of view from a mouse. My favorite part was when one of the rats tell Mrs. Frisby about how Johnathan Frisby helped the rats. It answers my questions about Johnathan Frisby. It is very sad that he died. This book was so good I could not put it down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book teaches kids good morals such as helping those in need and repaying those who helped you while you were in need. It's done using animals instead of people so that a kid can relate to it in a fun way.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is a Book worth reading it has excitement suspense and surprises around every corner. Mrs. Frisby¿s is a widow with four children she must move soon or the farmer will plow up her winter home. But her youngest son Timothy falls ill and Mr. Ages a friend of the family and a doctor gives him some medicine but for it to work he must not be sick for three weeks. And the farmer plows in just three days! Out of desperation she seeks some advice and what she gets she doesn¿t like. She has to meet the rats under the rosebush. How will she solve this solution? Only one way to figure it out. READ IT!
rachelellen on LibraryThing 3 months ago
I first encountered this book in the third grade, after I had already become rather obsessed with reading the books on which movies were based to find all the things I missed in the movie. The mid-80's cartoon made from this story is a pale, overdrawn shadow of the original, which is understated, humorous, serious, fascinating, and altogether wonderful. Every time I read it (and that's a lot of times), I fall into the world of the mice and rats and live in it until I am done. The pages of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH contain adventure, pathos, energy, and completely knowable characters -- including a certain VERY crush-worthy rat. The "moral lessons are couched in this very real fantasy story without even a breath of overbearing preachiness or condescension. This is truly a book for adults and children to cherish.
Crowyhead on LibraryThing 3 months ago
One of my all-time favorite books; a rich, fascinating tale of hyper-intelligent rats and one very brave mouse widow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mrs.Frisby is a widowed mouse with four children. Her youngest son, Timothy, has pneumonia. The mice have to move during harvesting season so the tractor doesn't "harvest" them. She travels to the wise owl for advice, and he tells her to go to the "Rats of NIMH" because they might be able to move her house for her. The rats agree to move her house since Timothy can't go outside for long. Nicodemius tells Mrs. Frisby a bunch of stories about getting tested on in a lab and getting electricity in their "rat house". Mrs. Frisby have to give the evil cat, Dragon, sleeping medicine before the rats can move her house. She succeeds and now her house can be moved by the rats. I give Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH four stars. I got a little bit confused between when Nicodemius was telling a story, and what was present time. I thought the story line was a little strange, but very cool. It was a very good book, I just got confused.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: I read this back when I was still in school and it was, by far, one of my favorite childhood reads. I read it multiple times. Before I even reread it this year, I could remember the story like it was yesterday. It's amazing how certain things just stick with you like that. The story of the rats of NIMH, their journey past and present, is one that cannot be matched. The world building alone is phenomenal. Like the synopsis says, it is an unusual novel, but that's what makes it so amazing. A group of rats that escaped the National Institute of Mental Health with exceptional intelligence? Insane. And how Mrs. Frisby fits into the story of the rats is nothing short of brilliantly played. I felt as if I was walking through it as Mrs. Frisby herself. Learning all these things about her late husband's ties to the rats and learning how to find the strength within herself to do what needs to be done. The details contained within describing the surroundings were so vivid. I could picture all the different rooms and halls the rats built in my mind. The background of the rats gets told by Nicodemus to Mrs. Frisby to explain how they knew her husband and how it was possible for them to do what they do. I always loved that part of the story. And Justin, one of the rats. How is it possible that his personality is just so lovable? Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH is, in my opinion, one of the greatest stories written. I absolutely adored it, even more so now. As I was reading it, I couldn't help but feel like I was transported back to my childhood, sitting there with my eyes glued to the page in wonder and joy. What's amazing is that it's not just the story itself, it's also the emotions tied to it that make it all the more powerful. The book is much better than the movie, even though I still love the movie). If you're ever in the need for a great chapter book to make you feel like a kid again, this is absolutely the one you need to pick up. My Rating: Exceptional
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have loved this book since I was in the 6th grade and my grade school teacher was reading it to us. I now have two nephews about the same age and I think the will love it just has much.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book for my 3rd grade book report and I thought it was a really good book. Mrs. Frisby, the mouse, had a problem because the doctor, Mr. Ages, said her son Timothy would be cured in two weeks, but the plow would come in five days. A crow named Jeremy sent her to an owl who sent her to the rats of the National Institute of Mental Health. Their plan to move her house by moving the cinder block roof into a new hole worked, but one rat died when the pump truck came. I think people should read this book because it is interesting and unique. I liked it best when the rats of NIMH opened the vent with a screw driver. It was a funny book because at the end Dr. Schultz said, "Where's my screw driver?" While I was reading I felt like I would want to be friends with Justin because he was really friendly. He might have saved Brutus's life. I didn't like when Mr. Fitzgibbon plowed down the rosebush. It ruined the rats' home and it was mostly for nothing because all but two rats escaped. Overall, I thought this book was a very interesting, well-written, creative, and unique book. It had life lessons and no grammar mistakes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read just two pages and I knew it was a good book. This book is descriptive you can picture everything.
Thelostshoe More than 1 year ago
This book scared me as a kid. I dont think it's suppose to be scary.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hottie-Penn More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM is the bestselling fiction book written by Robert O’Brien that entails one of the most thrilling and suspenseful stories of all time. This story takes the reader on the journey of the widowed mouse named Mrs. Frisby. Mrs. Frisby and her four children are living in their winter home, a cinder block in the garden of the farmer named Mr. Fitzgibbons. Unfortunately, the family must make their journey back to their summer home or face death from Mr. Fitzgibbon’s plow. However, their journey will be more difficult than was originally anticipated. Mrs. Frisbys youngest son, Timothy, has come down with a bad case of phenomena and is unable to make that journey back to their summer home safely. Unwilling to leave her prized son for dead Mrs. Frisby decides to consult with the wise old owl of the forest with the hope that he will come up with a plan to save her family. The owl believes that the only way to save Timothy would be to move Mrs. Frisby’s home closer to a rock where it will be untouched by the plow. However, the owl is unable to offer his personal assistance in the moving of the home and instead refers Mrs. Frisby to seek assistance from the Rats. While seeking for assistance, Mrs. Frisby soon discovers that the rats are not ordinary rats at all. They are actually a genetically engineered intelligent species of Rats that escaped from a laboratory called NIHM where they received special shots that boosted their intelligence and stooped the effects of aging. The rats agree to help Mrs. Frisby in saving her family, however are under constant pressure to keep up with their own plans as well as Mrs. Frisby’s. Mrs. Frisby feels forever indented to the rats. However, will they be able to mover her house? Will they do it before the plow begins? To find out pick up the book and read it. This is an excellent book that I believe a large audience can relate to. Many people feel as though they are underdogs, a mouse, and it is always reassuring to know that there is always a kind soul willing to go out of their way, the rats, in order to help others in need. I recommend that anyone looking for an enjoyable reed pick this book up and read it. It won’t leave you disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My son is an advanced reader for his age - 9 - but most of the middle school books talk about subjects he's not interested in or allowed to read about - This book is for a higher reader with no explicit, violent subjects. My son loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My daughter is 7 years old and LOVED the book! A must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thank you for your speedy shipment. Book came in time for the first day of school.
Eddie_F More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH is a good book. I enjoyed reading the book, although it starts slow in the beginning, but the book is well written and therefore it's easy to follow what's going on. The book is very detailed, which makes it seem very real; you can actually picture the scenes in your head. I recommend reading this book, although it may be hard to understand for children in the lower grade levels. The book teaches about how you can reach out for help when you need it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago