Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir

Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir

by Mary N. Garrard


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This is the original, unabridged biography of Jessie Penn-Lewis, written by Mary N. Garrard, her successor as editor of the Overcomer magazine. Originally published in 1930, it has been completely re-typeset; spelling and punctuation has been updated, but otherwise the content has been left untouched.

"There is a course prepared for each believer from the moment of his new birth, providing for the fullest maturity of the new life within him and the highest which God can make of his life in the use of every faculty for his service. To discover that course and fulfill it is the one duty of every soul." These words from Mrs. Penn-Lewis aptly describe her own spiritual journey. From the moment of conversion, she experienced deep longings for more of the power and presence of God in her life. At age 31 she experienced a remarkable baptism of power for service. This, together with her God-given insight into the Scriptures-especially her understanding of the believer's identification with the cross of Christ as the secret of victory-prepared her for a unique ministry that lasted a lifetime and continues to the present time through her many books, which are in constant demand.

Though frail in health her entire lifetime, and despite having been given only a few months to live at the age of 28 (and several times afterwards), Mrs. Penn-Lewis nevertheless accomplished a great deal. Her ministry took her to Russia, Scandinavia, India, Canada, and the USA. She was a frequent speaker at the famous Keswick Convention in England and was the founder of the Llandrindod Wells Convention in Wales (the "Welsh Keswick"), and later the Matlock Conferences. She also founded the Overcomer magazine in 1908, a serious journal on the pursuit of the deeper Christian life. Her life became linked with some of the spiritual giants of her day, including D. L. Moody and Andrew Murray, as well as F. B. Meyer, whom she considered "an old friend."

May the careful perusal of these pages kindle within each reader a desire to follow Mrs. Penn-Lewis as she followed Christ.

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