Murder in Tranquility Park

Murder in Tranquility Park

by J.D. Griffo

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Alberta Scaglione and her twentysomething granddaughter, Jinx, love to spend time—and solve crime—together . . .
Ever since Alberta Scaglione inherited her spinster aunt’s Cape Cod cottage, she’s been enjoying the good life in Tranquility, New Jersey, with her black cat, Lola. But since things are mostly quiet in this town, she finds other things to do—like joining Jinx for morning jogs in Tranquility Park. She has to do something to stay healthy, as long as it doesn’t involve Jinx’s healthful tofu sausages and gluten-free pasta. But when they stumble across a treehouse hidden in the trees, and a dead body underneath it, they take a detour into solving a murder. Now the Ferrara ladies will have to exercise extreme caution to avoid a permanent decline in their health . . .
Includes Italian recipes from Alberta’s kitchen!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496713964
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Series: Ferrara Family Mystery Series , #2
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 125,258
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

J.D. Griffo is an award-winning writer and a graduate of New York University. He has studied at Playwrights Horizons and Gotham Writers Workshop, and has written several screenplays.

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Murder in Tranquility Park 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
GratefulGrandma 28 days ago
Murder in Tranquility Park is just as much fun as Murder on Memory Lake, the first book in this series. The Ferrara Family are a hoot. A huge Italian family who stick together through thick and thin. After solving a murder, they have decided that they are a detecting agency and are all set to solve other crimes. I love Alberta and her granddaughter Jinx. They are great friends as well as relatives. Jinx has convinced Alberta to start taking care of herself, so out running one morning they stumble upon their next case. In Tranquility Park, under a tree house, they find a body. It looks like he died from an accidental fall, but Alberta's great observation skills open up the very real possibility that it was a murder. I love how Alberta, her sister Helen, sister-in-law Joyce and Jinx all work together when there's a murder. This family is quite interesting as well as smart. You have a reporter, ex-nun, and a lawyer. They are a quirky group, and are they tenacious. In this book, Jinx's boyfriend Freddy and Alberta's boyfriend Sloan also get involved in the investigation. We meet some new characters as well as some familiar ones. Police Chief, Vinnie, once again allows the Ferrara family some leeway in investigating. When he was young, Alberta babysat him, so they had a relationship from the past. The plot was well-developed and the pace was quite quick. I was pretty sure I had figured out who the murderer was, but with one final twist, I was blown out of the water. The ending was quite tense and surprising. Having said all that, I really enjoyed this story. This was a very quick read that I enjoyed right from the beginning. If you enjoy a cozy with quirky characters, a quick story with a great mystery and ending, then pick up this book or the first in the series. I am sure you will enjoy it. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
Dollycas 3 months ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts The Ferrara Family Detective Agency has stumbled quite literally onto another case. Jinx has convinced her grandmother, Alberta Scaglione to exercise, in the form of jogging a few mornings a week. Their path leads them through scenic Tranquility Park. On the way into the park, Alberta notices a treehouse in one of the trees. On the way out of the park, she notices a body under the treehouse. They quickly determine the man is dead, but assume he has fallen to his death from the treehouse. Just in case they check out the scene thoroughly and call in the rest of their family before calling the police to inform them that, yes, there has been indeed another murder. Chief Vinny D’Angelo is an old friend and will admit the ladies helped solve the last murder case but he orders them to stay out of this one. Seriously, he knows that is never going to happen because his friend “Alfie” is never going to back away from anything she has set her mind on doing. He just hopes and prays none of them gets hurt. Mr. Griffo has created such wonderful characters. The Ferrara Family Detective Agency is made up of Alberta Marie Teresa Ferrara Scaglione, 64, a secret millionaire who inherited her home and her wealth from her Aunt Carmela. She is joined by her granddaughter Jinx, who has returned to the area to take a job at the local newspaper, her sister, the former nun, and her sister-in-law who has retired after working years on Wall Street. Together they love their Italian food unless cooked by Jinx, who tries to make their favorites no-carb and gluten-free, several flavors of vodka, and solving murders. These characters are likable, engaging, funny, and at times absolutely crazy. They all go to great lengths to get answers. The dialogue between these characters is priceless. Alberta’s Sicilian Catholic roots play heavily throughout the book. Each chapter starts with an Italian phrase and Italian runs through the dialogue but is always translated in a way that never slows the flow of the story. The mystery turned out much more complex than I ever imagined. Jinx’s roommate is the police’s prime suspect but the evidence is just too tidy. There were many twists and turns that brought other suspects to light. It was when the second body is discovered that a few little tingles for my suspect cemented themselves in my mind. I just had to keep reading to see if I was right. The ending is very dramatic and scary but one part of it felt a little off to me. I think what happened was much more dangerous than even was portrayed. Murder in Tranquility Park is a great addition to this series. The characters are fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed this story.
VWilliams 4 months ago
Cozy mystery with a family combining skills from the 65-year-old grandmother, Alberta, to 25-year-old granddaughter Jinx. In between are a sister (ex-nun Helen) and sister-in-law (Joyce). Vinny, now police chief for whom Alberta babysat and Nola, Zinx's roomy are also featured a second time. Jinx has convinced Alberta that she needs some exercise to keep those old bones running smoothly and she and Gram begin by jogging very early in the morning only to discover a huge tree house neither had previously noticed in the small town park. On their way back they run to the tree house to further check it out and discover the body of well-known life-long occupant, Jonas. The characters are very well developed ( this could function as a standalone) and each exhibit a whole host of personalities, from sweet and naive to biting but all work to create a well-paced narrative. Alberta is hardcore Sicilian Catholic and each new chapter heading is infused in beautiful Italian. Dialogue often borders on humorous with some innuendo enough to be fun and keep things light. Lots of twists, turns, red herrings, but really you have your suspicions early on and it's a matter of just enjoying how the author lays out the investigation and the role each of the sisters play. It's a fun, fast character-driven cozy mystery where the mystery is not forgotten and the theme of family value recurs often. I had a small problem with the conclusion and a couple of last twists into the climax you didn't see coming, so you can't guess it all (that and pushing disbelief with the gas pipe in a furnace room--uh, no...just, no). I was given this ebook download by the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. Easy to push right through this one and look for another. Recommended for cozy mystery fans looking for a slightly different, but very pleasant character.
Tangen 5 months ago
amateur-sleuth, family-dynamics, friendship, women-sleuths, murder, mystery The Ferrara lady sleuths are very Sicilian Catholic older widow Alberta and her granddaughter Jinx, Alberta's ex-nun sister Helen, and formerly sister in law a former Wall Street executive Joyce. Alberta and the health conscious Jinx go out for a morning jog in Tranquility park and find a decidedly dead body at the base of an old tree with a tree house but no ladder. While Jinx calls police, Alberta calls the other Ferrara sleuths. Enter Alberta's childhood friend and Chief of Police, Vinny, and his preferred detective Kichiro who appears to be the boyfriend of Jinx's roommate. From here on things only get messier and twisty complete with red herrings and improbable suspects! A great read! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
BobbieLCLA 5 months ago
I received a free copy of MURDER IN TRANQUILITY PARK (A Ferrara Family Mystery Book 2) by J.D. Griffo in exchange for an honest review. Alberta Scaglione is settling into her new life in Tranquility, New Jersey. Alberta has even agreed to join her health-conscious granddaughter, Jinx, for morning jogs in the park; however, Alberta refuses to give up good Italian home cooking for tofu. One morning, Alberta sees a treehouse in the park for the first time. Intrigued, Alberta and Jinx run past only to stop cold as they discover a body at the base of the tree. When local police have to be persuaded to investigate the matter as a homicide, Alberta invokes the Ferrara Family Detective Agency. I liked the book, the characters, and even the town. This is a group of people who would be extremely entertaining to know. I recommend the book. Since I haven’t read the first book, I look forward to doing so. #MurderInTranquilityPark #NetGalley
ArizonaJo 5 months ago
Murder in Tranquility Park by J. D. Griffo was an entertaining cozy with some very likable characters. The plot is smoothly paced with red herrings, several suspects, enough twists to keep me guessing and a dramatic reveal that had me gripping my chair. This author is new to me but her descriptive writing pulled me write into the story. I liked Alberta, Helen, Joyce and Jinx as each one has a distinct personality that added so much flavor to the story as I got to know them. The small town setting, likable characters and an intricate mystery made this book a pleasant experience. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley. All of the above opinions are my own.
CozyOnUp 5 months ago
Alberta and her granddaughter, Jinx, have taken up jogging to keep Alberta healthy. Out for an early morning job they find a local man dead at the bottom of a treehouse. It looks like he fell in a drunken stupor, but Alberta doesn’t believe it, she smells murder! The local sheriff believes it was just an accident, but has learned from past experience that Alberta and the ladies are often right, so he orders some tests to find the man was poisoned. When Jinx’s roommate, Nola, is arrested for the murder Jinx vows to prove her innocence and the ladies begin detecting in earnest. Once out on bail, Nola makes things worse for herself and is arrested again when a local police officer is found murdered in the same spot, right after Nola called and asked to see him. Eventually some detective and some old fashioned smarts from Alberta’s years of being able to read people and notice things brings it all together and things click. But will the ladies live long enough to share their findings with the sheriff? I can just hear my Aunt Josie and her sister Anne speaking when I read this book. It takes me back to my childhood in New Jersey. For me the characters feel like family and I also too enjoy the dynamics between the ladies. An enjoyable read with a good mix of red herrings to keep you guess whodunit until close to the end.