Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer Record

Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer Record

by Mixerman
Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer Record

Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer Record

by Mixerman


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Musician's Record

It takes many years to excel at recording (whether at home or in a commercial facility), and if you desire to become a professional recordist then that's what's required. But if you're a musician who wants to garner a reaction to your song, then you don't have time for that. You need to make a Killer Record right now. But how? First, stop thinking like a recordist.

If you're a musician, and you record, this book will prove an invaluable resource (I encourage you to read the reviews. People love this book). I explain all the things that I've learned as a high-level professional recordist, mixer, and producer over the course of decades, but as they relate to you as a musician, your songs, and the long view of your recording career.

The Goal

The stated goal of this book is to convert recording decisions into musical ones, and technical decisions into practical ones. Not only do I explain the musical strategies for making a Killer Record, I also break the technical information down to its core so that you can strategize based on your recording reality. So long as you have what you need to make a record, I can help you make it a Killer Record. This is the only additional gear you'll require to greatly improve the quality of your records.

Who am I?

I'm Mixerman, a gold and multi-platinum award winning producer, mixer, and recordist. I was in precisely your position at the early stages of my career. I was a musician, frustrated that I could write a good song, only to feel the record itself fell short of it's potential. Over the course of my decades recording, I noticed that the performance and arrangement had a far greater impact on the sound than anything I did on the engineering side. The more musical my decisions, the better my results.

What You Can Expect

This Studio Field Manual is chock full of recording, mixing, and producing strategies designed to keep recording a fun and focused process. You will return to this manual time and time again to help you overcome any impediment--technical or musical--that might prevent you from achieving the results you seek, regardless of your recording environment, regardless of what equipment you're using, and regardless of your current skillset.

You can make a Killer Record under nearly any circumstance. It just requires the right mindset. Enjoy, Mixerman

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692194393
Publisher: Mixerman Publishes
Publication date: 10/17/2018
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Mixerman has received multiple Gold and Platinum awards for his work as a mixer, recordist, and producer. He's made records of note with The Pharcyde (Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde), Ben Harper (Fight For Your Mind, Will to Live, Burn to Shine), Tone Loc, Spearhead, Amy Grant, Lifehouse, Barenaked Ladies, Hilary Duff, Foreigner, and Australian phenom Pete Murray (and many others).

Mixerman gained notoriety as an author from his first work, The Daily Adventures of Mixerman, a satire of a Major Label recording session from the early aughts that delighted and surprised well over 150,000 readers. In 2008, Hal Leonard picked up his Adventures, and since 2010 he has written a number of books on the recording arts, including his most popular work to date, Zen & the Art of MIXING 2021.

After 25 years in Los Angeles, Mixerman now mixes and produces records from his room in Asheville, NC, where he also writes and releases books under his own imprint, Mixerman Publishes.

Table of Contents

The Intro 1

Mindset 6

Keep It Simple, Stupid 10

Intent 12

F.E.A.R. 14

Technology 20

Exceptions 22

Expectations 23

The Music 27

The Song 27

The Performance 32

Discipline 36

Arrangement 40

Musical Function 41

Melody 41

Harmony 42

Rhythm 42

Response 42

Countermelody 43

Bass 43

Mixerman's Five Planes of Space 45

Panning-Left to Right 46

Frequency-Up to Down 50

Contrast-Sparse to Dense/Bright to Dark 51

Reflectivity-Far to Near 53

Balance-Front to Back/Large to Small 55

Relativity in Balance 56

Proportionality in Balance 57

Frequency 58

Harmonic Series 61

Frequency Range of Instruments 63

Frequency Tonality 65

Low End 65

Lower Midrange 65

Upper Midrange 66

High End 67

Tempo 67

Click 68

Instrumentation 69

Simple Arrangements 72

Voice Leading 74

Forward Motion 74

Prosody 76

The Basics 79

Sample Rate and Bit Depth 80

Gain Staging and Bussing 85

The 2-Bus 89

Monitoring 93

The Interface 99

Microphones 101

The Capsule 101

Pick-Up Patterns 101

Cardioid 102

Omnidirectional 102

Figure-8 103

Powered Microphones 103

Tube Microphones 103

Microphone Types 104

Condenser Microphones 104

Small Diaphragm Condenser (SDC) 104

Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) 104

Dynamic Microphone 105

Ribbons 107

Speaker Mic 108

The full TOC:

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