My America: What My Country Means to Me, by 150 Americans from All Walks of Life

My America: What My Country Means to Me, by 150 Americans from All Walks of Life

by Hugh Downs (Editor)


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"Some of these essays are powerful and poetic. Some seem to reflect a stunned condition on the part of the contributor. But all of them share a newborn or reawakened feeling about the country we live in — an underlying concern for it, whether that concern is rooted in anger and fear, or in a sensed and urgent need for action, or internal correction, or wagon-circling. Some are personal narratives that explain and justify the patriotism of the writer. Some examine and praise the values that make the country great."

— Hugh Downs, from the Introduction

What is the essence of America? In this fascinating new collection inspired by one of our most trusted and beloved commentators, 150 diverse Americans — from top politicians and entertainers to firefighters and teachers — express in their own words what America means to them.

My America includes candid insights from television journalists such as Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters; politicians including former president George Bush and John Glenn; writers such as Walter Anderson and Anita Diamant; and entertainers, among them Dave Brubeck and Patricia Neal; as well as lesser-known citizens from all over the country. These frank and thought-provoking observations from Americans of every age, race, religion, and social position compellingly illustrate the American mosaic and offer a glimpse into the subconscious mind of this unique and wonderful nation. This touching volume, celebrating the similarities and the differences of a people, reflects our core values and is sure to inspire pride in America.

Edited and with an introduction and an epilogue by Hugh Downs — who coanchored ABC's 20/20, hosted NBC's Today show, and has been an important American voice for more than half a century — My America explores the values, ideals, and dreams that all Americans share. At a time when people are reassessing their patriotism and rediscovering their national allegiance, emotions regarding the United States are stronger and more poignant than they have been in years, and this sentiment has been captured in these pages.

My America is a timely collection for anyone who wants to reflect on America's past, or celebrate its future.

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ISBN-13: 9781416575153
Publisher: Scribner
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Hugh Downs, one of the most recognized figures in American television, coanchored ABC's 20/20, hosted NBC's Today show for nine years, and was Jack Paar's sidekick for five years on NBC's Tonight Show. He received multiple Emmy awards throughout his career and is the author of nine books. He and his wife, Ruth, live in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Table of Contents

1.Alan Alda13
2.Buzz Aldrin15
3.Shaun Alexander18
4.Lincoln Almond20
5.Bill Anderson22
6.Walter Anderson24
7.Maya Angelou26
8.Piers Anthony28
9.Desi Arnaz Jr.30
10.Robert Ballard33
11.Lisa Beamer35
12.Yogi Berra37
13.Bruce C. Birch40
14.Michael Bloomberg42
15.Barbara Taylor Bradford44
16.David Brenner46
17.Dave Brubeck49
18.Art Buchwald50
19.George Bush51
20.Jeb Bush53
21.Benjamin J. Cayetano55
22.Margaret Cho57
23.Dick Clark60
24.Jerry Colangelo61
25.Stephen Coonts63
26.Catherine Crier65
27.Walter Cronkite67
28.Vincent Curcio69
29.Charlie Daniels70
30.Michael E. DeBakey72
31.Mark DeCarlo74
32.Alan Dershowitz79
33.Anita Diamant81
34.Phyllis Diller83
35.Peter C. Doherty84
36.Duffy Dyer86
37.Michael D. Eisner88
38.John Engler90
39.Steven Englund92
40.Barbara Fairchild95
41.Jamie Farr96
42.Mike Farrell98
43.Jose Feliciano100
44.Steve Forbes101
45.M. J. "Mike" Foster Jr.104
46.Dan Gable106
47.Joe Garagiola107
48.Art Garfunkel110
49.Leeza Gibbons111
50.Nikki Giovanni115
51.Marvin J. Girouard116
52.John Glenn118
53.Andrew J. Goodpaster120
54.Otto Graham122
55.Gordon A. Haaland125
56.Alexander M. Haig Jr.128
57.Pete Hamill129
58.Barry Hantman132
59.Charles B. Harmon134
60.Paul Harvey138
61.Tony Hillerman141
62.John Hoeven143
63.Jayne Howard-Feldman145
64.Mike Huckabee147
65.Janice Huff148
66.Jon M. Huntsman150
67.Janis Ian152
68.Bil Keane153
69.Frank Keating155
70.Kitty Kelley157
71.Coretta Scott King160
72.Howard Kissel162
73.Rebecca Kolls165
74.Michael Korda168
75.Gunta Krasts-Voutyras171
76.Richard D. Lamm175
77.Frances Langford177
78.Anthony Lewis179
79.Joseph Lieberman181
80.Art Linkletter183
81.Dick Locher185
82.Anne Graham Lotz186
83.Frank G. Mancuso188
84.Al Martino190
85.Peter Max192
86.Theodore E. McCarrick194
87.Colman McCarthy196
88.Mike McCurry198
89.Jayne Meadows199
90.Howard M. Metzenbaum201
91.Kate Mulgrew203
92.John J. Nance205
93.Patricia Neal207
94.Robert Novak209
95.Michele O'Brien211
96.George A. Olah213
97.Norman Ornstein214
98.Steve Osunsami217
99.Bill Owens219
100.Jack Paar220
101.George E. Pataki223
102.Ross Perot225
103.Regis Philbin230
104.George Pickett231
105.Stanley B. Prusiner234
106.Sally Quinn238
107.Sally Jesse Raphael241
108.Ann W. Richards244
109.Oral Roberts246
110.Cliff Robertson248
111.Ned Rorem250
112.John G. Rowland251
113.Mark Russell253
114.George H. Ryan255
115.Diane Sawyer256
116.Laura Schlessinger258
117.Harrison H. Schmitt260
118.Patricia S. Schroeder263
119.Charles E. Schumer265
120.Diana L. Schwarzbein267
121.Willard Scott269
122.Winston E. Scott272
123.William Shatner275
124.Artie Shaw277
125.Jackie W. Sherrill278
126.Paul Simon280
127.Nancy Snyderman282
128.Mary Sojourner287
129.Billy Squier289
130.Maureen Stapleton290
131.John Stossel291
132.Maireid Sullivan293
133.Karen Tates-Denton295
134.Edward Teller297
135.Helen Thomas299
136.Dick Thornburgh302
137.Donald Trump304
138.Stansfield Turner306
139.Greta Van Susteren307
140.Jesse Ventura308
141.Thomas J. Vilsack309
142.Mort Walker311
143.Mike Wallace312
144.Barbara Walters315
145.Tina Wesson318
146.Curtis Wilkie320
147.Roger Williams322
148.Dan Wooding323
149.David Wright326
150.Lucy Yang328

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