My Dog Can Preach: 40 Lessons of God's Love Unleashed

My Dog Can Preach: 40 Lessons of God's Love Unleashed


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My Dog Can Preach...and yours can too!

There's no denying that God is always speaking-be it through His Word, a friend, creation, or even an animal. The question is...are we always listening? Are we looking for God and His love that is all around us?

In this delightful collection of stories, Roxanne Worsham recounts messages of God's love that she learned by observing the characteristics and behaviors of her beloved dogs, Scout and Arrow. These light-hearted story vignettes are fun, engaging, and full of inspiration. "My Dog Can Preach" shows clearly how God will use anything, even your dog to catch your attention in order to unleash His love in every area of your life!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736437001
Publisher: Roxanne Worsham LLC
Publication date: 01/08/2021
Pages: 260
Sales rank: 998,045
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Roxanne Worsham is best known for her passion, joy, and sincere love that exudes from every fiber of her being. She is always looking for ways to serve others and spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a former educator, Roxanne spent nine years as the private home school teacher for Joel and Victoria Osteen's two children while serving at Lakewood Church, Houston, TX. During her time in that role, she gleaned so much from the family about God's love and ministering to people from all walks of life. She is now the president and founder of Hope and Glory Ministries, where she travels extensively to encourage churches, leaders, and individuals. Roxanne and her husband Mills reside in Houston, Texas, and are the proud parents of their son, Rob. She is a lover of God, lover of people, and a lover of dogs!

Table of Contents

Foreword I

Introduction III

1 You Are Chosen 2

2 A Great Gift 8

3 I Will Never Leave You 14

4 The Dawn Of a New Day 20

5 God's Gaze 26

6 The Best Hugs 32

7 How Much is That Doggie in the Window? 38

8 He Hears You 42

9 The Power of Praise 48

10 Without Saying A Word 54

11 The Unconditional Love of the Father 60

12 Like a Heart 66

13 You Belong 72

14 The Importance of Rest 78

15 All of You 84

16 I Have Called You by Name 90

17 Going to the Groomer 96

18 Bright Eyes 102

19 Come With Gifts 108

20 More is Caught Than Taught 114

21 Fullness of Joy 120

22 Dance in His Presence 126

23 Take Time to Play 132

24 Stop and Smell the Roses 138

25 No Place Like Home 144

26 Your Inheritance 150

27 Wag Your Tail Not Your Tongue 156

28 Work in Progress 162

29 Thunderstorms 168

30 For Your Protection 174

31 At Your Service 180

32 Man's Best Friend 186

33 Loyalty 192

34 Never Left Out 198

35 Not Yet 204

36 Hidden Treasures 210

37 Give Us This Day 214

38 For the Health of It 220

39 A Sweet Fragrance 228

40 Waiting At The Door 234

Salvation Prayer 238

Prayers for Your Pet 240

Acknowledgments 245

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