My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My Favorite Half-Night Stand

by Christina Lauren


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ISBN-13: 9781501197406
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 8,596
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Christina Lauren is the combined penname of longtime writing partners/best friends Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, the New York Times, USA TODAY, and #1 International bestselling authors of The Beautiful and Wild Seasons series, Dating You/Hating You, Roomies, Love and Other Words, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, and the critically acclaimed Autoboyography. You can find them online at,, or @ChristinaLauren on Twitter.

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
LynnLTX 7 days ago
Five friends who work in the high intelligence but possibly low in social skills field of academia at a California University decide their dating lives have been seriously lacking after they receive an invitation to a major function that includes a plus one. Millie is the only gal among this group. To spice things up in an unintended way, Millie and one of the guys, who happens to be her best friend, hook up after a party celebrating his receiving tenure. Reid and Millie don’t want this lapse in judgement to spoil everything they have; however, while this elaborate set up with the online dating scheme is happening, they both feel a deepening attraction. Millie wades into murky waters of catfishing by setting up a secret profile as “Catherine” only to be matched with Reid. So they start a relationship online unbeknownst to him that it is Millie. For Millie, she can be her true self opening up in a way she never has with anyone. As Shakespeare said, “the truth will out,” so when that inevitably happens, the results are not surprising. Before the big reveal, the friendship dynamics between Millie and her group of guys plays out in the form of social gatherings and IM chat threads. Each member has relationship issues in part because of their dedication to very demanding jobs so these thirtysomethings have shall we say, some catching up to do in the dating world. While I enjoyed a lot of aspects of this novel including the humorous, clever writing, and the inside look at the pitfalls of online dating especially for woman, Millie is one of those characters you want to smack with her own book. What she does to Reid in keeping up this subterfuge is quite frustrating. Her lack of sensitivity and major life fumble makes it hard to empathize with Millie although there are some valid reasons why she is so emotionally shut off. In some ways this feels like a role reversal where the female character has issues dealing with feelings while the male is in touch with his “feminine side.” I wonder if readers will fault Millie even more because of expectations of how women generally process and understand emotions making her actions seem so wrong. Fans of this writing duo will have a lot to chew on with this book.
gaele 7 days ago
Millie is a professor and single, but with a huge bonus in the form of four friends (Reid, Ed, Alex and Chris) and the five are nearly inseparable – sharing meals, game nights, woes about students and the academic treadmill, and provide support and laughs for one another in equal measure. In fact, their relationships are so solidly present, that you want to join in their fun – and there’s no real awkwardness with Millie being the only girl – she’s more ‘boy’ than the boys – carefully constraining and containing her emotions and hopes for herself beyond work, even being rather tone-deaf to just how she comes across to men who may be interested. One should never mix drinks and Monopoly, particularly when the drinks have her looking at Reid in a whole new light: he’s sexy, caring and one look leads to one hot connection – that just can’t happen again as they both fear losing the friendship they have and messing up their group. But, there’s a major event and while they’d all normally go stag and hang together in their own little ‘gang’, it’s decided they all should find dates – and what better way than to sign up with an on-line profile. As long as Millie helps them with what to say that is……. And Millie does, taking rather ‘resume-like’ profiles and creates something far more honest for each of the guys – something that she believes will have women lining up. Surprising to everyone, as Millie seems to be the least romantic or emotionally connected member of their little group. What she fails to see is that her own profile, her first and carefully constructed, rather stiff and formal addition to the site is wholly unemotional and lacks the honesty and openness, or appearance of openness and willingness to trust in another human being. When the boy’s are getting multiple hits and successes, hers is far less viewed, let alone interacted with – so she creates one that is everything she wishes she could be – a fake profile with an arty photo – and near instantly it is Reid in her inbox. Just what is a girl to do – since she knows they get on like a house on fire, there’s no real ‘getting to know you’ dangers there – but the biggest and most scary moments will be in allowing herself to be vulnerable and taking that chance. Such fun – each of the characters are wonderfully presented, and their friendships – between one another and within the group is marvelous. With plenty of good-natured teasing, lots of laughs and an underlying contentment with their situation as it stands, even as they worry about finding themselves years later still texting, playing board games and single, together yet separate. The relationship between Reid and Millie displays subtle changes, never quite hitting you (or them) over the head, but allowing the bone-deep surety that they have in knowing one another so well to slowly drop the ‘friends only’ veil and allow them to take a chance for more. Alternating moments of pure emotion with laugh out loud dialogue, some very witty retellings of moments and the slow growth of Millie’s character into someone who accepts and allows her emotions to inform her choices, this is another in the long list of titles by this author that brings people you want to know in situations you can relate to – all to a happy conclusion. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Vicki101370 21 hours ago
This book! I was pulled right in and had no interest in anything but Millie and Reid from the first moment. Both Millie and Reid are professors at UCSB, and are part of a group of perpetually singles on campus. But when a big event is coming up at the school, the gang decides they need dates for the occasion. When Reid initially "calls" Millie for his date at the event, she begins to look at him in a new light. Maybe not a "never realized he was attractive" like, but new, none the less. But after a wild night together, they decide to leave their friendship as it is and focus on finding dates for the entire group of five...through online dating sites. While Reid is chatting up two women on the dating site, one that is physically beautiful, and one that just so happens to be his favorite gal pal...using her middle name. While Millie is waiting for Reid to put it together that she's the gal he's chatting up online, they are both dancing around the attraction they feel for one another. But, by the time Reid figures out he's been chatting with Millie all along, will her lies of omission spun too far out of control for her to save her friendship? My Favorite Half Night Stand is a funny romance, with so much tenderness between this group of friends that neither of them dare to do anything to jeopardize the balance between them all. Millie will go to any length to insure she can keep her friendship with Reid - even if it means hiding her identity from him. And the gang of friends. They are so fun, funny, supportive. All trying to help everyone else out in their own unique way - I wanted to hang out and play Monopoly with the gang. And I HATE Monopoly! ;) One click this puppy To-Day.
Kristina Haasakker 1 days ago
You know that moment in Outlander when Claire is sucked into another world by the screaming stones? Well, that’s how I ALWAYS feel when I open a Christina Lauren book. This book sucked me right in and I had to stop everything to focus on it, sleep be damned. Seriously. I’m writing this review on less than five hours of sleep because I HAD to know what happened between Millie and Reid. I couldn’t go to sleep without knowing. Here’s something else: I rarely cry when I read books. When other readers say that certain scenes made them cry in other books, I usually kinda nod without adding a comment. At most, I add an crying emoji. But this book? This book made me cry not once but twice. Maybe because I understand Millie a little too well. Maybe because Christina Lauren writes characters that steal my breath away with their complexity and bravery. Or maybe because allowing yourself to be seen—really seen—by someone is frightening, exhausting, and so worth it.
ScrapNSign 2 days ago
Fans of "She's the Man" will LOVE this book! When 5 best friends agree to sign up on a dating site in order to procure a plus one for a special event at the University they all work at, hilarity, deception and hijinks ensue. One of my favorite RomComs of the year!
BBarber 2 days ago
I received this ARC book from Netgalley for a honest review. This was my first Christina Lauren book and I was not disappointed. The has some great humor and some sad revaluations. Millie has a great circle of guy friends that all love her very much.As a friend. Almost. Reid is the best friend you always need even when you don't know you do. This book as some of that classic friends need to be more romance. A bunch of funny stuff and a few surprise. This book kept my up way past my bedtime. I will be reading more of Christina Lauren books soon.
KimMc 2 days ago
What a fun book this is! Lauren delivers a sassy, sarcastic and sweet journey of Millie and Reid that will have you both laughing aloud and tearing up at times. The chemistry between these friends, and I mean all of them, is such fun banter that I didn’t want it to end. Definitely one for your to-read list, and an author that I will seek out again. *I received an arc from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review
CRSK 2 days ago
This is the first book I’ve read by the author duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, whose pen name is Christina Lauren. They have fourteen New York Times bestselling novels, and I can see why. This is written in such an easy-breezy style, toss in a little bit of love story with a few twists, and a young woman whose heart has a hard time opening up to being vulnerable. When she was eleven Millie and her younger sister Elly were told by their mother that she was sick. From that moment on, it seemed as if her world changed, her view of her place in the world changed, and it became imperative not to bother her with their worries, but to ”give her something else to think about.” ”So we didn’t. We told her that everything was great at school. We told her we were happy, that we loved her, that we didn’t need anything. And I kept the things I really wanted to tell her tucked away for when she was better.” ”My quieter truths weren’t bursting to get out of me: I was fine keeping them inside.” Now Millie is a professor, as are all of her friends. Her closest group of friends consists of only men, Reid, Ed, Chris and Alex, and of those it is Reid that she is closest to. Millie’s specialty is in criminology, specifically serial killers – even more specifically: female serial killers. Reid is a neuroscientist, which may not be Millie’s area of focus, but it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a drink or two or three together now and then. Usually with their whole group together, but then inevitably there is also time alone. Especially one night when Millie might have had slightly too much to drink and Reid drives her home. The flirty banter that began earlier that evening between Millie and Reid seems like an invitation, a challenge to see if, perhaps, there is something more to their friendship to investigate. A somewhat steamy half-night stand ensues, followed by the internal questioning of what-have-we-done? Not that they regret it, but it is probably best not to share what happened on this night. And then there is news that the university event is going to be black tie, and they all realize they need to find dates. Eventually online dating becomes the option they decide to try, and things begin to get complicated. This was sweet and fun, a little predictable, but overall a nice, light romantic comedy. Many thanks for the ARC provided by Gallery Books - Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books
Catherine1979 2 days ago
Another great book from these two, I absolutely loved it. It is full of emotions and laughter. The characters were amazing, I truly loved them all. Reid and Millie have been best friends for the last two years and suddenly they find themselves attracted to one another. The progress of their relationship is like a slow burn and towards the end full of emotional turmoil. I can't wait to read more from these two.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I was really hoping for Millie and Reid to end up together in My Favorite Half-Night Stand, by Christina Lauren. ( no spoilers, I’m not telling) I received an arc of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for a review. Millie and Reid are part of a group of friends that work in academia and need dates for a school function. It is a funny, but so often true, commentary on how dating has changed for young adults. I laughed out loud at much of this book, but cared what happened to these likeable characters.
emabubby 2 days ago
This is a cute story about Millie Morris a gall who is just one of the guys and has a lot of trouble with intimacy. When Millie and the guys get invited to a black tie university gala they all decide to try online dating to procure a date for the function. The guys are successful but Mille only was offered a bunch of losers. In the meanwhile, one of the guys Reid Campbell and Mille share a hot half-night together but because Millie and Reed are afraid of losing the BFF relationship they decide to keep their relationship strictly platonic. This is a really cute romantic comedy is definitely worth reading. It is a delightful book. I received this book from the NetGallery and I am freely posting this fair and balanced review.
csmmom 3 days ago
This was my first read from the author duo that goes by the pen name Christina Lauren and I had a blast reading it. It was the perfect mix of fun and romance. It was exactly what I needed to read as a refresher in between the other books I had been reading. The writing style of these two authors flows perfectly and you can’t tell that it is not written by one person. The relationships in this story were down to earth and sweet and not over the top cliche. I will definitely pick up another book by them when I need to read a good contemporary.
Anonymous 4 days ago
I am a huge of Christina Lauren's books and I I know never disappointed in their books, this one included. The character Millie is hilarious and makes me think I want her to be my friend as well the rest of her group of guy friends. This is such a light hearted read and the characters are fun and dynamic. You will love them all start to finish. Good job CLO. :)
lenorewastaken 5 days ago
I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion. 4.5 stars — This book was just really endearing. I laughed a lot, but I also felt a lot, and it made me think about myself a lot…which in my opinion makes for a pretty great book. I had a hard time with our heroine, Millie, but I loved her all the same. What’s weird is that while I had a hard time with her, I also empathized a lot with her struggles and how her childhood loss affected her. I have this strange balance of too many emotions over fictional things, and not enough emotions over real life things. There was a moment in the book where she talks about after you’ve gone through this huge a tragedy, nothing else seems big enough. I get that. I feel that. I still wanted her to do better though. But I do understand distancing yourself from loved ones to protect against another huge loss. So yeah, I guess I found her fascinating. Even the way she interacted with friends, constantly diverting attention back to them…wow. I’m like 50% Millie I think. Just without the smarts and fascination with serial killers. I think it’s weird how you can be frustrated with a character, and the choices they’re making and how they’re hurting the other main character, but still understand how they got there, even if you’d like to believe you would have chosen differently. Reid was absolutely adorable, if a little clueless. But I loved that he was the genuinely caring, cuddly person in the relationship (another real life similarity?). I loved how much he loved his family. I grew frustrated with him too, because he got frustrated with Millie, but I felt like his expectations were unrealistic at times. They had such a weird relationship…it’s not often you read a friends to lovers story where they mostly didn’t see each other as more (at least consciously) until sex was on the table. What a strange twist. Fantastic chemistry right from the start, both in friendship and steamy-wise. My heart hurt for them. There is a part of me that felt like the ending was longer than necessary, but I can’t get into details without giving away spoilers. The true star of this story was actually the whole group of 5 friends. They were all so different, but they melded together into their friend group just so seamlessly. I could honestly picture them all, and I loved how they genuinely cared for one another, even if a lot of their interactions were pretty light. I also loved that we got glimpses of depth in a lot of these secondary characters… My heart particularly went out to Ed. I just really wanted to hug him. And the funny thing is, while I would always enjoy a book about any of the 3 other friends, it was kind of nice that I didn’t feel I needed one. I felt like I could be confident in their happiness. On a side note, I actually loved the way all the group chats were laid out…that’s something not a lot of books make super clear, and it was really cutely formatted in this one. So yeah. This is a kind of weird rambly review…not that that’s new. I was sucked into this one from the first page, and invested until the end.
whatsbetterthanbooks 6 days ago
Amusing, smart, and adorably romantic! My Favorite Half-Night Stand is an engaging, witty, friends-to-more romance that features the spunky, intelligent Millie whose finding it harder and harder to keep her attraction for her best friend a secret, and the charming and honest Reid who may finally realize everything he’s ever wanted or needed is standing right in front of him. The writing is whimsical and crisp and uses a delightful mix of text messages, group chats, snappy dialogue, and first-person narration from dual points of view. The characterization is spot on with an incredible cast of characters who are quirky, charismatic, and genuine. And the plot is an irresistible blend of shameless flirting, friendship, family, light drama, tricky situations, spirited shenanigans, awkward moments, steamy romance, and the hilarious ups and downs of online dating. I’ve always been a fan of Christina Lauren novels, and My Favorite Half-Night Stand has just become my new favourite. It’s outrageously funny, deliciously swoon-worthy and without a doubt one of the best rom-coms I’ve had the pleasure to read this year.
BookSmacked 6 days ago
So this is going to probably come as a complete shock to everyone but this is my first Christina Lauren book. I know right !!! How is this even possible. All I can tell you, is that I'm positive it will not be my last in fact I have another one from them sitting on my bookshelf right now waiting for me to dive into. My Favorite Half-Night Stand was a quirky, fun friends to lovers romance that to me really reflects dating today. This book grabbed my attention early on with the dynamic between all the characters. Millie's relationship with these four guys is one that I enjoyed reading. Just a group of friends who get along and I loved that Millie was the only girl. So when Reid and Millie cross that "invisible line" I of course was dying to see how this would all play out. With them being the closest it was clear that this would be a tricky situation. Once they all decided to join a dating app things get a bit more blurry. And when Millie becomes "Catherine" well then things become very messy. The line's been crossed and it's anyway's guess how things are going to turn out but it clear this won't be easy. I found myself invested in these two, and at times felt myself talking out loud to these characters. Particularly Millie, who in my opinion just kept digging herself a hole that I wasn't sure she would be able to get out of. And Reid, OMG I loved him. I'll admit there were times where I too was screaming internally at him saying look what is right in front of you. Mind you I didn't blame him for his actions during the course of this book. It was more Millie for me that had me wanting to jump in and shake the girl. There were also times that I could feel Millie's emotions as though they were my own. It's never easy being that friend who's feelings become more. You never know if those feelings are reciprocated and then worse you worry how that will affect the friendship you so dearly cherish. Overall this book was fun, it had it's fair share of heart pounding moments and I loved the dynamics with all of the characters. I'm not sure if this is a series or not but I would love to see books with the rest of the guys from this story. While this was the first Christina Lauren book I've read this certainly won't be the last.
etoile1996 6 days ago
millie and reid are clearly otp. as super smart university professors you'd think they'd be smarter about their love lives, but they are not. my favorite half-night stand is a frothy, enjoyable rom-com that has a lot of heart. i love millie and reid's relationship. and the way they complicate their feelings for each other. how they misunderstand each other. how they open up to each other in unexpected ways. millie is the one who really messes up here, and i love that she's the one who grovels. there are so many romance novels where it's pretty clear the heroine has been the one to mess up communication and the hero is still the one with the grand gesture. this is the main reason i dislike the grand gesture most of the time, because the wrong person is doing it. but here, the way millie works her way back into reid's life is perfection. and i pretty much enjoyed everything about this book. the real friendships these characters have. the way they communicate with one another and how they see each other's failings. it's all so well-done. **my favorite half-night stand will publish on december 4, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/gallery, threshold, pocket books (gallery) in exchange for my honest review.
Sunshine1006 6 days ago
Five educated people who are close friends. They work at the same university. Four great guys and one great girl. Just friends. Millie is just one of the guys. You know the kind who go out for coffee and play Monopoly with. There's a big party that they all have to go to and they need a date. Reid is a tenured professor in neuroscience and Millie teaches criminology. She loves serial killers. While playing Monopoly, Millie sees Reid as more than her best friend. One night they hook up, but promise that It won't change their friendship. Since all five are single, they decide to join a dating agency. Mollie creates a fake profile as well as one in her real name. Her alter ego gets matched with Reid. Will he be mad that Millie deceived him? Will they get a second chance for love? Really fun book. Loved all the guy friends. I want friends like that. I received this book from Net Galley and Gallery/Threshold Books for a honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
DressedToRead 6 days ago
This was my first Christina Lauren book and it was definitely a witty, amusing page-turner. The story revolves around a circle of best friends with some major flirting going on between two of them and a question of whether honesty is the best policy. Millie Morris is the only female in the group that includes four platonic guys- Reid, Chris, Alex and Stephen. They are all looking for dates for a work event and come up with a group plan to sign up with an online dating service. I really enjoyed the format with the avatars of the friends text messaging each other and the alternating point of views.  I was curious about the fake dating profile that one of the friends created and whether it would ultimately blow-up in their face or open doors to what could be their happily ever after, but I won't tell. (shhhh its part of the story). It is predictable, but a nice light-hearted and entertaining read. If your looking for a fun romp of a story, check it out!
BookAngel_Emma 6 days ago
My Favorite Half-Night Stand is very difficult to articulate clearly the effect it has on your subconscious. The characters are complex and flawed, making certain aspects of their personalities uncomfortably relatable.  Millie is emotionally stunted due to the loss of her mother at a young age and the responsibility of caring for her much younger sister in the time following the loss. Learning at an early age to suppress her emotions as to not add to the negativity of a situation; Millie became a leader in the art of deflection. Unfortunately, this also prevents people from getting emotionally close to her as well as feeding the loneliness within Millie which she has yet to acknowledge. The path to self-awareness for Millie is paved with uncomfortable truths and heartache. Closer to a group of guys she met through an ex and work; the catalyst to Millie's changes is when the friendship group embark on a quest to find dates to a formal occasion via a dating app. It's like the blinkers come off and Millie begins to view things in a whole new way, especially Reid My Favorite Half- Night Stand is told from both Millie and Ried's perspective, although the main focus is Millie's character growth. I have to say I did find Reid a little douchey at times, even though the situation is a little mixed up (to say the least) it isn't as if Reid is aware of the twists at the time, making his actions a little like 'having your cake and eating it'. While I could understand his need for an emotional connection as well as a physical one; he is also at fault for not making himself clear rather than just hinting around the truth.  I completely fell in love with the quirky group of friends and would love to see each have their own HEA.  I adored the progression of the relationships and character growth. The road to self-awareness is never easy, delivering both joy and distress as you clear the emotional hurdles. 
UpAllNightBB 7 days ago
4.5 Stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books I am a total lover of all books by Christina Lauren as well as the best friends to lovers trope. My Favorite Half Night Stand is another brilliant book by the duo. I will admit that at first I wanted nothing more than to toss the book aside because I could not get into it. However, I pushed through and became hooked. Millie is platonic best friends with four guys she met through her ex. After one night of drinking, she has a sex thought about Reid and cannot help but wonder if she is attracted to him. Of course they have a one night stand. Well, I guess the term here is a half night stand. The question is though, what happens after that half night stand? The chemistry between Millie and Reid is outstanding. I loved watching them navigate their new found feelings so to speak. When they sign up for a dating app to find dates, things get really interesting. I really enjoyed everything about the book. Christina Lauren did an outstanding job with the characters and everything in between. I cannot wait to read more from this duo.
ljtljtljt 7 days ago
3.5 Stars! My Favorite Half-Night Stand is the latest book from authors Christina Lauren. The story primarily takes place at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the academia setting is a tad nerdy with professors, researchers, and/or authors. The plot is about five good friends who believe they will always be single. Millie Morris, the only woman in the group, is a criminology professor that specializes in female serial killers. Her colleague and best friend Reid Campbell, spend an amazing half-night together. Although they agree to keep their relationship platonic, they cannot help thinking about each other. The group, with Millie as the leader, decide to join an online dating service in order to ensure dates for an important upcoming academic gala. Unknowingly, Reid gets matched with Millie, which ends up causing them both emotional pain and happiness. This is a complicated love story with a modern plot and well-defined characters. I found Millie and Reid to be interesting and genuine, and I enjoyed the way the authors developed them both as individuals and as a couple. Their time together was replete with discovery and lustful attraction. The secondary characters were quite fascinating, which brought another aspect to the storytelling. Overall, a solid read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Donatelli 7 days ago
My Favorite Half-Night Stand, written by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who is better known as Christina Lauren, is a friends to lovers romantic comedy that has a hilarious take on the online dating scene. This is the first book by this author that I have read, and I was unable to put it down…read it in a day and a half. Millie is a well-respected college professor, her field of study is female serial killers so she smart, right? Well, she may be book smart, but not so bright in her personal life. She experienced a major tragedy during her childhood which has resulted in her being emotionally stunted, not letting friends get to know the real Millie. Although Millie is flawed and did some unacceptable things I did like her, for me, it just made her character authentic. Her four best friends, all guys, Reid, Ed, Alex and Chris, are also professors at the same university. They are all cute somewhat geeky guys. I really love the relationship that they all share and felt that they all really care about one another. Reid and Millie share a special bond, best friends absolutely, and then there was that little misstep of that half night-stand. I definitely agree with Millie, Reid is both brilliant and beautiful. The group needs to find dates for at the university’s formal event, with no prospects they turn to an online dating site. That's when things get interesting. Profiles are written, with some get more attention than others and some getting unwanted attention, which had me cracking up. Millie and Reid get tangled up in the online dating scene which creates some fascinating complexities in their friendship. There is so much more I could write about that, but I wouldn't want to ruin the fun of the read. I loved the whole storyline of this book. These authors did a super job of inserting pop culture references throughout this well written well thought out book. Character development was expertly done, the characters growing and maturing throughout the book. Written from a dual point of view, which happens to be my favorite, the authors uniquely give the reader a glimpse of the innermost thoughts of these two very complex characters. In conclusion, My Favorite Half-Night Stand was a fun, sexy read with the perfect amount of angsts. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. ***I kindly received an ARC of this book by way of NetGalley/publisher/author. I was not contacted, asked or required to leave a review to read this book. I received no compensation, financial or otherwise. This review is my honest opinion .***
Kristy_K 7 days ago
This was my first Christina Lauren book and I was a little nervous going in as I’ve seen lots of praises for their previous works so my expectations were high. I needn’t worry though, as My Favorite Half-Night Stand was the perfect weekend read with relatable characters. Millie, Reid, Ed, Chris and Alex all work in academia at UCSB and need dates for a formal event at the school. They decide to try online dating, but at the same time Millie and Reid begin a physical relationship. Then when Millie creates a secret profile under the name "Catherine" and matches with Reid, she begins an emotional relationship with him under this ruse. This was a great friends-to-lovers romance. Millie felt like my spirit animal. She's a criminology professor who's obsessed with serial killers, has mainly guy friends, and is emotionally closed off. Reid on the other hand is sensitive and someone his friends can lean on. As Catherine, Millie is able to connect to him on an emotional level that she finds so hard to do in real life. Of course things come to a head when Reid discovers that Milie was Catheirne. I really loved the dynamic of all the friends and wouldn't mind seeing each of the other guys get their own story. Even at 400 pages this felt like a quick read and I read it in one setting. Now onto the bookstore to get Christina Lauren's other books.
tsmb02 7 days ago
Millie Morris is an UC Santa Barbara professor, single and best friends with 4 other professors who all happen to be guys. They treat her like one of the guys too. When the gang realizes that they each have to have a date for a formal work event, they all decide to join a dating app. On the same night, Millie and her best friend, Reid Campbell, end up hooking up. Reid has always been drawn to Millie but she has a problem letting people in to her intimate thoughts and that really bothers Reid. After a spectacular night together, they decide to just stay friends because they don't want to lose their friendship. Millie sets up everyone's profiles on their accounts but didn't set up a real profile for herself. Millie ends up getting garbage replies back so she decides to set up a real, honest profile but with using her middle name. Imagine her surprise when she is matched up with Reid. These two set about having great conversations because Millie can hide behind her unknown account. Reid is enjoying conversing with "Cat" and another woman, Daisy, which makes Millie jealous. Even though these two agreed to keep their relationship platonic, they hook up again. As feelings deepen, Millie must decide if she can open up for real and give Reid what he really wants from her before he finds out that she really is Cat. Of course best laid plans don't always work out and it takes a huge leap of faith from both Millie and Reid before these two can get their happy ending. I just loved this story. Because of things from Millie's past she has a problem being open with people but Reid just wants to bring those walls down and love her. Millie just wants to be loved but is just afraid. This was a fun story, a little "You've Got Mail"ness to it. I loved the texts back and forth between added a fun, quirkiness to the story. Overall, I highly recommend this story.