Myths of Magical Native American Women Including Salt Woman Stories

Myths of Magical Native American Women Including Salt Woman Stories

by Teresa Pijoan


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Myths allow us to experience and find a meaning for life through different cultures. Myths resonate within us, bringing an experience of existing within a dissimilar reality. The Native American storytellers who shared their myths with the author were taught by their Elders who lived in a place and culture altered from that of today. These myths were told and recorded by the author with the understanding they would not be lost. Some of these myths were found to be almost lost, some to be very old, almost forgotten. The Salt Woman stories are difficult to find. They are very old and come from several cultures and diverse tellers. Other myths are from New Mexican Pueblos, Southeastern Creek, Lakota, Cheyenne, Hopi and Guiana cultures.

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ISBN-13: 9781632932495
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Publication date: 12/21/2018
Pages: 84
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About the Author

Teresa Pijoan was born in Espanola, New Mexico, and grew up in Indian communities where she learned the ways and legends of the Native People. Her father was a public health doctor from Barcelona and her mother was a school teacher from New York. Her grandfather was the famous Spanish author, Jose Pijoan. Teresa Pijoan is a lecturer, storyteller, research writer, and teacher. She has shared her storytelling throughout Central Europe, Mexico, and the United States. To storyteller Pijoan myths are "magic lenses" through which cultures can be viewed, understood, and deeply appreciated. Other books by Teresa Pijoan are Dead Kachina Man, American Indian Creation Myths, Native American Creation Stories of Family and Friendship, Granger's Threat, Healers on the Mountain, Pueblo Indian Wisdom, and Ways of Indian Magic, all from Sunstone Press.

Table of Contents



1 Salt Bush and Ma’We Story (Zuni)

2 Salt Old Woman (Tanoan)

3 Salt Woman (Southeastern Creek)

4 Salt Woman vs Uncegila (Eastern Lakota)

5 Ma’l Oyattsik-I or Salt Woman (Zuni)

6 Old Story of Salt Woman (Cochiti)

7 Story of Salt Woman (Isleta)

8 Salt Woman Traditional (Acoma)

9 La Loba or Wolf Woman (Zia)

10 The Old Woman of the Spring (Cheyenne)

11 Woman Who Killed Huge Bat (Guiana)

12 The Sheepskin (Hopi)

13 Grandfather’s Story and Salt Woman (Zuni)

14 Grandfather’s Old Salt Woman (Lipan Pueblo and Apache)

15 Story of Nalq (Tsimshian)

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