Neural Networks: Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications: Proceedings of the Third Annual SNN Symposium on Neural Networks, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 14-15 September 1995

Neural Networks: Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications: Proceedings of the Third Annual SNN Symposium on Neural Networks, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 14-15 September 1995

Paperback(1st Edition.)

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ISBN-13: 9783540199922
Publisher: Springer London
Publication date: 10/18/1995
Edition description: 1st Edition.
Pages: 398
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.- Neurobiology — Orals.- Segmentation Coding by the Visual System — Neural Signals that Possibly Support Scene Segmentation.- Synchrony and Fast Plasticity in the Visual Cortex.- Rapid Neural Synchronization: From Spiking Cells to Synfire Webs.- Dynamic Representations Provide the Gradual Specification of Movement Parameters.- Recording from Foveal Striate Cortex While the Monkey is Looking at the Stimulus.- Propagation of Synfire Activity in Cortical Networks — A Statistical Approach.- Propagation of Synfire Activity in Cortical Networks — A Dynamical Systems Approach.- Neurobiology — Posters.- Aspects of Spatiotemporal Learning in Artificial Neural Networks: Modelling Synaptic Membrane Currents Using SPICE Simulations.- Possible Functional Roles of the Bipartite Dendrites of Pyramidal Cells.- The Role of Cerebellum in Motor Control.- A Point Process Approach to Cortical Networks.- Stochastic Resonance and Multi-Modal Firing Patterns in Single-Neuron Models.- Cognitive Modelling and Rule Extraction — Orals.- The BB Neural Network Rule Extraction Method.- Implications of Hadley’s Definition of Systematicity.- The Binding Problem in Distributed Systems.- Integrating Symbolic and Subsymbolic Architectures for Parsing Arithmetic Expressions and Natural Language Sentences.- Bayesian Strategies for Machine Learning: Rule Extraction and Concept Detection.- Cognitive Modelling and Rule Extraction — Posters.- Learning at Subsymbolic and Symbolic Levels.- The Construction of Evaluative Maps: Affective Computations in the Amygdala.- Computation, Cognition and Neural Networks.- Automatic Speech Recognition Systems and Models of Human Word Recognition: A Comparative Analysis.- Language Acquisition and the Necessity of a New Neural Network Approach.- A Neural Model of Visual Attention.- The Combination of Knowledge in Fuzzy Cognitive Maps.- Robotics and Vision — Orals.- A Visually Guided Robot and a Neural Network Join to Grasp Slanted Objects.- The Mobile Robot Rhino.- Background Invariant Face Recognition.- Learning Structure from Motion: How to Represent Two-Valued Functions.- A Natural Object Recognition System Using Self-Organising Translation-Invariant Maps.- Affine Scale-Space for Discrete Pointsets.- Robotics and Vision — Posters.- Dual Processing of Visual Motion Reduces Smearing, Delay and Noise, but Yields the ‘Wavy Edge’ and ‘Window-Shift’ Illusions.- The Dynamics of the Perceptual Organisation in Apparent Motion.- Multiscale Image Segmentation Based on a Receptive Field Model.- A Neural Network Architecture for Scene Interpretation.- Neural Dynamics Parametrically Controlled by Image Correlations Organize Robot Navigation.- Statistical Pattern Recognition — Orals.- Statistical Ideas for Selecting Network Architectures.- Developments in Probabilistic Modelling with Neural Networks — Ensemble Learning.- A Constructive Algorithm for Building a Feed-Forward Neural Network.- Density Estimation Using SOFM and Adaptive Kernels.- Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Markov Networks Using Inhomogeneous Markov Chains.- Statistical Pattern Recognition — Posters.- Density Estimation as a Preprocessing Step for Constructive Algorithms.- Mutual Information Neural Networks: A New Connectionist Paradigm for Dynamic Pattern Recognition Tasks.- Output Coding and Modularity for Multi-Class Problems.- Applications of Neural Networks — Orals.- Optimal Training for Neural Network Applied to Nuclear Technology.- Nonlinear Predictive Control with Neural Models.- System Identification with Orthogonal Basis Functions and Neural Networks.- Applications of Neural Networks — Posters.- Applications of Neural Networks to pH Control.- Appropriate Context Association and Learning Parameters for Word Spotting with Partially Recurrent Neural Networks.- EEG Signal Analysis Using Dynamic Time Warp Transformation and Kohonen’s Neural Network.- Learning the Equations of Data.- New Digital Hardware Concept for Self-Organising Feature Maps.- Neural Networks in Practice.- Applications of Neural Networks — Orals.- Applicability of Artificial Neural Networks in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.- Calculation for Client Specific Transformers.- Modelling of Industrial Processes Using Natural Computation.- Neural Network Control for Steel Rolling Mills.- Condition Monitoring with National Power.- The Electronic Nose for Process Control.- Automatic Quality Control of Roofing Tiles.- Automatic Sorting of Pot Plants with a Neural Network Classifier.- Neural Networks Applied to Direct Marketing.- Modelling Market Dynamics in Food — and Durables Markets.- Handwritten Character Recognition Using Neural Networks.- Neural Networks — The Future of Forecasting in Finance?.- COUNTERMATCH: A Neural Network Approach to Automatic Signature Verification.- ZN-Face: A System for Access Control Using Automated Face Recognition.- Current Prediction for Shipping Guidance.- Applications of Neural Networks — Posters.- Adaptive Nonlinear Control — Linearised Models with Neural Networks.- A Software Engineering Approach to Neural Network Specification.- A Neural Network-Based Software Tool for Number-Plate Recognition.- Parallel Cross-Validation of Artificial Neural Networks.- Neural Networks in Large Scale Bank Effect Recognition.- Author Index.

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