New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist

New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist

New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist

New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist


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Two Chefs. 70+ Pastries. Unlimited Flavor.

Take everything you know about pastry and throw it out the window. Vinesh Johny and Andrés Lara, two brilliant pastry chefs, educators and friends, come together to show you pastry like you’ve never tasted before. With years of experience teaching in renowned pastry schools around the world, this creative duo will show you how to build exquisite treats from the ground up, using delightfully unexpected flavor combinations and carefully layered textures. Whether you’re looking to level up your home baking skills or you’re a pastry pro looking for some inspiration, this collection of in-depth step-by-step recipes will amaze your dinner guests and leave you feeling like a pastry magician.

Inspired by the amazing treats Vinesh and Andrés tasted while traveling the globe, these recipes are an exciting mash-up of all the delicious sweets the world has to offer. Give French classics a delicious makeover with recipes like Saffron Milk Brioche, Rocky Chocolate Financier and Cinnamon Roll Crème Brûlée. Learn to incorporate key spices for a burst of unexpected flavor in the Szechuan Peppercorn Hazelnut Tart, play with your vegetables in the Carrot Confit Pumpkin Pie and celebrate texture with the Crunchy Potato Chip Tart. Detailed directions walk you through every recipe, while special tips on timing and assembly help you to perfect your creations. With this collection, you’ll master essential techniques with ease and discover the imaginative, contemporary tricks that Vinesh and Andrés use to make the art of pastry their own.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781645672494
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2021
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,099,569
Product dimensions: 7.70(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Vinesh Johny is the co-founder of the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, India’s first international baking academy. He appeared on CNN’s 2017 “20 Under 40” list and Forbes’ 2016 “30 Under 30 Asia” list. Vinesh lives in Bangalore, India.

Andrés Larais a globally renowned pastry chef and consultant. He has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark, Norway, Singapore and beyond. He is currently a pastry educator based in Las Vegas, Nevada, teaching students all over the world the highest level of the craft.

Table of Contents

Forewords 8

Introduction 10

Dramatic Pies & Tarts 12

Caramel Candy Apple Pie 14

An Apple Classic with Four Variations of Caramel

Carrot Confit Pumpkin Pie 17

Inspired From the Indian Stewed Crated-Carrot Pudding Gajar Halwa

Crunchy Potato Chip Tart 20

Rich, Dark Chocolate Base with Fried, Salted Crisps

Raspberry Gateau Basque 23

Buttery, Flaky Pie from the Basque Region in France

Rice Pudding Baba Tart 26

Sweet Rice Pudding with a Baked Dough Soaked in Rose Syrup

Peppercorn Hazelnut Tart 29

A Sweet-Spicy Tart with Famous Sichuan Peppercorns

Summer Lemon Mascarpone Tart 32

Bright and Zesty Flavors with a Whipped Italian Cheese

Strawberry Cheese Rhubarb Pie 35

A Light-As-A-Cloud Pie with Crispy Rice Cereal-Chocolate Crunch

Mango Yogurt Pie 38

A Fruity Pie Based on the Refreshing Yogurt-Based Beverage Lassi

Pecan Butter Tart 41

A Decadent Nutty Version of the Canadian Classic

Next-Level Travel Cakes 42

Childhood Banana Coconut Cake 44

Wholesome Banana Cake with Desiccated Coconut Flakes

Vegan Banana Tahini Cake 47

Moist, Aromatic Teacake with a Creamy Mediterranean Sesame Paste

Chewy Caramel Cake 50

Rich Caramel Cake Coated in a Nutty Chocolate Glaze

Tropical Carrot Cake 53

Cinnamon-Spiced Carrot Cake with Pineapple and a Light, Fluffy Cheese

Rocky Chocolate Financier 56

Almond-Brown Butter Cake Topped With Poached Strawberries and Cocoa Crumble

Citrus Blueberry Winter Cake 59

Orange Sponge with Cubed Blueberry Gel and Cream-Cheese Kisses

Roasted Nut Fruit Cake 62

Festive Pound Cake Filled with a Boozy, Spiced Fruit and Nut Mixture

Hazelnut Brownie Sandwich 65

Fudgy Brownie Layered with Candied Orange Peel and Hazelnut Dacquoise

The Juiciest Vegan Lemon Cake 68

Soy Vanilla Yogurt and Silken Tofu Pound Cake Glazed with a Ginger Infusion

Pistachio Pineapple Gourmandise 71

Light Pistachio Sponge with a Bright, Tangy Stewed-Pineapple Topping

Yum-Yum Cookies 72

Old-School Alfajores 74

South American Cookie Sandwich with a Salted Caramel Cream Filling

Banana Oat Power Cookie 77

Wholesome Banana Cookie Dough Packed With Overnight Oats

Royal Cookies 'N' Cream 79

Milky American Classic with a Molded Hazelnut Cream Crown

Peanut Yuzu Marshmallow Cookie 83

Marshmallow-topped Cookie Made with a Fragrant East Asian Citrus Fruit

Mango Caramel Peanut Butter Cookie 85

Nutty Goodness Covered in a Smooth Mango Caramel and Raspberries

Apple Pecan Cookies 89

Pecan Dough Loaded with Praline Nut Paste and Caramelized Apples

Rocky Road Cookies 91

Chunky, Double-Chocolate Caramel Cookie with a Fluffy Marshmallow Topping

Let's Jam Linzer 95

Light, Austria-Inspired Cookie Sandwich With Ganache and Sticky Raspberry Jam

The Big Bounty® 96

Vegan Chocolate Cookie Stuffed With Sweet Coconut Filling

Midnight Layer Cakes 98

Japanese-Spiced Mango Brownie Cake 101

Banana Brownie Layered With Mango-Togarashi and Apricot-Ginger Confit

Creêpe Suzette Cake 103

Tower Of Crepes Layered with Orange Cream, Marmalade and Brandy Sauce

German Chocolate Stout Cake 107

Beer-Batter Cake Layered with Coconut Pecan Filling and Caramel Puffed Rice

First Date Cake 109

Spiced Middle Eastern Date Cake Layered With Hazelnut and Coffee Buttercream

Nineties Black Forest Cake 113

Grand Reimagining of the Chocolate Classic with Cherry Con Fit and Whipped Ganache

A Chocolate Cake 115

Perfectly Moist Dark Chocolate Cake Layered with Rich Chocolate Filling

Pandan Pumpkin Chiffon 116

Fragrant Malaysian Coconut Cake with Jaggery-Pumpkin Custard

Lemon Meringue Cake 121

Fresh Sponge Layered with Lemon Curd and Loaded With Meringue

Pineapple Inside-Out Cake 125

Vanilla Blueberry Cake with Yogurt Chantilly and a Caramelized Pineapple Crown

Mascarpone Comfort Cake 127

Delicate Sponge Layered with Fresh Strawberry Confit and Whipped Mascarpone

Tres Leches Mousse Cake 131

Mexican Cake Soaked in Three Milks Topped With Dulce De Leche Mousse

Scrumptious Snacks 132

Jaggery Blondie 135

White Chocolate Brownie Made with Traditional Raw Sugar

Chocolate Banana Caramel Snack 136

Chocolate Crumble and Ganache with Chewy Caramel and Banana Jelly

The Sacheron 139

Macarons Inspired by the Classic Sacher Torte with Chocolate and Apricot Jam

Miso-Maple Sandwich 142

Fermented Soybean and Maple Jam Sandwiched in Light Almond Biscuits

Poached Berry Pistachio Financier 145

Moist Cake Filled with Stewed Strawberries Coated With Pistachio Powder

Lara's Gainz Bars 146

Nutritious Energy Bars Packed with Cashews, Almonds, Dates and Protein Powder

Grand Scones 149

Traditional Tea-Time Snack with Caramelized White Chocolate, Pine Nuts and Pearl Sugar

Gourmet SnoBalls 150

Reimagined Layered Confection of Orange Cake, Ganache and Raspberry Marshmallow

Pumpkin Seed Nougat 153

Classic Chewy Aerated Treat Filled with a Variety of Nutty Inclusions

Buttery Pineapple Tart 155

Street-Style Closed, Buttery Pastry Shell Filled With a Sweet Pineapple Jam

Truffle Madeleine 156

Mini French Cakes Infused With Truffle Oil and Covered in a White Chocolate Glaze

Glorious Breakfast Bakes 158

Caramel Babka 161

Braided Dough Slathered With Milk Chocolate Caramel and Dark Chocolate Ganache

Brunch-Style Kugelhof 163

Alsacian Bread-Cake Soaked in Orange Liqueur and Covered in Almond Flakes

Lemon-Glazed Berliner 167

Super-Soft Doughnuts Dipped in a Refreshing Tangy Citrus Glaze

Pass-It-Here Gibassier 168

Rich, Traditional French Dough Flavored With Candied Orange Peel and Fennel Seeds

Saffron Milk Brioche 171

Cubes of Soft Enriched Dough Flavored With Saffron Milk and Coated in Saffron Sugar

6AM Sticky Buns 172

Baked With Caramel-Coated Pecans

Stollen My Heart 175

Shaped, Sweetened Bread Encased Around a Delicious Almond Marzipan Log

Laminated Croissant Dough 178

Essential Laminated Dough Process for a Variety of Croissant and Danish Pastry Recipes

Chocolate Raspberry Croissant 180

Flaky Pastry Filled With Dark Chocolate Sticks and Strips of Raspberry Gellan

South Indian Coconut Croissant 183

Croissant Filled With Coconut and Candied Fruit Inspired by the Indian Treat Dil-Kush

Cinnamon Roll Crème Brûlée 184

Pastry Rolled With Cinnamon Sugar and Almond Cream, Topped With Torched Custard

Olive Oil Dark Chocolate TreSS 187

Twisted Pastry Filled With Chocolate Caramel Topped With Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ganache

Pear-Fect Walnut Danish 190

Folded, Laminated Dough with Walnut Cream and Set Pear Confit

Strawberry Cheesecake Danish 193

Refreshing, Fruity Pastry Topped With Baked Cheesecake and Strawberry Jam

Shop-Style Desserts 194

Blackberry Tarragon Slice 197

Herbed Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake Slices with Fresh Blackberries

PB Passion Fruit Creampuff 199

Caramelized Banana, Peanut Praline and Passion Fruit Cream in Crispy Choux

Bertica's Strawberry Flan 203

Old-Fashioned Baked Cream with A Strawberry and Condensed Milk Topping

Beach-Side Pavlova 204

Incredibly Light Baked Meringue with Exotic Fruit Compote and Coconut Ganache

Pecan Green Apple Chouquette 207

Bite-Size Choux with Pecan Whipped Ganache, Chocolate Crunch and Green Apple Gel

Red Velvet Profiterole 209

Classic Red Velvet Cake and Cream Cheese in Striking Red Craquelin-Covered Choux

Vanilla Pistachio Berry Sandwich 213

Ultra-Soft Cake-Sandwich Filled with Strawberry-Mint Jam and Pistachio Chantilly

Cranberry Matcha Cakelet 215

Japanese Green Tea Cake with Lemon Marmalade and Macerated Cranberries

Quick Reference Notes 218

Acknowledgments 220

About the Authors 221

Index 222

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