Night Bloomers: 12 Principles for Thriving in Adversity

Night Bloomers: 12 Principles for Thriving in Adversity

by Michelle Pearce
Night Bloomers: 12 Principles for Thriving in Adversity

Night Bloomers: 12 Principles for Thriving in Adversity

by Michelle Pearce


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What if there are people, just like some flowers, who require the dark to bloom?
When we are plunged into the dark and difficult times in life, one of three things can happen next: the darkness can destroy us; it can leave us relatively unchanged; or it can help to transform us. In this hope-inspiring guide, clinical psychologist, Michelle Pearce, PhD, provides practical tools and wisdom for transforming and thriving in adversity and loss. Just as some flowers require the dark to bloom, there are some people who do their best growing and becoming during dark and challenging times. With a compassionate voice, Pearce shares her clinical expertise, her own journey through the dark, and inspiring stories of other Night Bloomers to help individuals learn how to heal and transform their lives not in spite of their difficult times, but because of them.

"Encouragement, real-world anecdotes and examples, and research-based strategies are braided together [in Night Bloomers], serving as a guide for those who want to turn their darkest moments into fodder for change."
—Erin Blakemore, The Washington Post

“Reading Night Bloomers is like having a dear friend right alongside you for support when most needed. Through stories, strategies, and writing prompts, Pearce provides powerful tools for building resilience, confidence, and joy. She reminds us that like plants, we don’t bloom just once, as she gently, masterfully paves a path for us to enjoy a lifetime of growing and blossoming. A ‘must-read’ for anyone seeking some light in the darkness.”
—Caroline Welch, CEO and cofounder of the Mindsight Institute and author of The Gift of Presence
“A gem of a book!  Michelle Pearce has written an enlightening guide for anyone trying to find the path through a dark time in life. Through the wisdom gleaned from psychological research and practice and the lessons learned from her own personal encounter with pain and loss, Pearce points the way to growth and transformation when hope is in short supply. Down-to-earth, compassionate, and inspirational, Night Bloomers should be on everyone's bookshelf.
—Kenneth I. Pargament, Ph. D. author of Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy
“Dr. Pearce’s Night Bloomers is an essential guide on how to shift your perspective to find meaning in the mess that accompanies the crises in our lives. Filled with practical wisdom and easy to follow exercises, this book is sure to serve as a roadmap through and out of the darkness for all who find themselves on the journey of transformation.
—Michelle Bailey, MD, author of Parenting Your Stressed Child
“Michelle Pearce, Ph.D. is uniquely qualified to teach readers how to thrive in the face of grief in a way that captivates and illuminates. Night Bloomers is a therapeutic tool for healing based upon the transformative power of rewriting our stories of loss. Night Bloomers inspires readers to use sorrow as the soil in which to grow something beautiful.”
--Laura J. Oliver, author of The Story Within

“In Night Bloomers, Dr. Pearce offers a very practical, evidence based, journaling approach to productively cope with the challenges of adversity.  She uses her own personal adversity story and professional experiences as a psychologist to clearly outline steps and strategies to transform difficulties into transformation towards healing and resilience. A must read for many trying to find a way out of the dark night of the soul and into some much needed light.”
—Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor and Director, Applied Spirituality Institute, Santa Clara University 

“Deeply insightful, heartfelt, practical, and wise. Night Bloomers is an indispensable resource for anyone who needs healing. Pearce does an eloquent and powerful job shifting our perspective on adversity and equipping us with the necessary tools to bloom in the dark.  Anyone who has been through loss, grief, or times of adversity—or loves people who have—needs to read this book.”
—Harold G. Koenig, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
Night Bloomers shows how an intentional change in perspective and use of expressive writing exercises can bring hope and light, not at the end, but right in the middle of a dark tunnel. Night Bloomers is a sorely needed bright spot showing us the way to a happier, more hopeful life ahead.
—Holly G. Prigerson, PhD, Professor of Sociology in Medicine and Director, Cornell Center for Research on End-of-Life Care, Weill Cornell Medicine
“Reading Night Bloomers is like having tea with your wisest, most loving friend who asks you tough questions with love and makes you think more deeply about every difficult experience. From celebrating failures on purpose to knowing when to stop looking for more growth and just move on, this book is the perfect companion to shed wisdom and light on those dark nights of the soul.” 
—Maggie Reyes, host of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast and author of The Questions for Couples Journal

“A masterful guide for those wrestling with difficult situations. Not only does Dr. Pearce talk the talk, she has walked the walk. Her sincerity and deep knowledge of the topic are evident in every chapter. Her techniques allow you to change the lens when viewing your situation and gives you tools so you can ‘bloom’.”
—Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, BCPS, CPE, Professor and Executive Director, Advanced Post-Graduate Education in Palliative Care, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

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ISBN-13: 9780486842370
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 09/16/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,095,017
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About the Author

Michelle Pearce is a Professor and Clinical Psychologist in the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She is also an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. In private practice, she specializes in behavioral medicine and spirituality and health. Dr. Pearce has developed numerous wellness workshops and groups, including Writing for Wellness, and she is the author of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christians with Depression. She lives in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Table of Contents

Preface v

Introduction: Writing Yourself through the Dark and into a New Perspective xi

Chapter 1 Setting an Intention to Bloom 1

Chapter 2 Grieving before Growing 16

Chapter 3 Supporting Your Bloom 32

Chapter 4 Being in the Dark 44

Chapter 5 Expanding Courageously 55

Chapter 6 Keeping Your Mind on Blooming 66

Chapter 7 Wrestling with the Divine Gardener 83

Chapter 8 Fertilizing with Love and Gratitude 95

Chapter 9 Mining the Mess 110

Chapter 10 Accepting and Letting Go 121

Chapter 11 Waiting and Watering 137

Chapter 12 Celebrating and Sharing the Harvest 150

Conclusion 162

Acknowledgments 166

Appendix: How to Start Your Own Blooming Group 168

Notes 177

Bibliography 183

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