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Princeton University Press
Night Journey

Night Journey

by María Negroni, Anne Twitty


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ISBN-13: 9780691090986
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: 02/17/2002
Series: Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation , #50
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

María Negroni was born in Argentina in 1951. Recipient of the 2000-2001 Octavio Paz Fellowship for Poetry, she has published a novel, two books of essays, and six books of poetry in her native Spanish, one of which has previously appeared in bilingual editions in the United States. Night Journey is the English-language debut of El viaje de la noche (1994), which received an Argentine National Book Award in 1997. Her translations from French and English have been widely published. She teaches Latin American Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. Anne Twitty has translated books and numerous shorter works into English by Negroni, the Cuban poet Magali Alabau, and others. She was formerly editor of the Epicycle section of Parabola, in which she published essays on myth, creation, and memory.

Table of Contents

ix Kidnapped by the Inexorable - TRANSLATOR'S INTRODUCTION
2Esqueletos bajo el cielo - 3 Skeletons under the Sky
4La jaula en flor - 5 Cage in Bloom
6Catástrofe - 7 Catastrophe
8Ecuyère y militar - 9 Equestrienne and Officer
10Los bosques de marmol - 11 The Marble Forests
12La pérdida - 13 Loss
14Gabriel - 15 Gabriel
16Heráldica - 17 Heraldry
18Van Gogh - 19 Van Gogh
20The Great Watcher - 21 The Great Watcher
22El espejo del alma - 23 Mirror of the Soul
24La ciudad nómade - 25 Nomadic City
26El padre - 27 The Father
28Diálogo con Gabriel I - 29 Dialogue with Gabriel I
30Lido - 31 Lido
32La visita - 33 The Visit
34La guía telefónica - 35 The Telephone Book
36El mapa del Tiempo - 37 The Map of Time
38Napoleón II - 39 Napoleon II
40Los amantes - 41 The Lovers
42Los ojos de Dios - 43 The Eyes of God
44El caballo blanco - 45 The White Horse
46El bebé - 47 The Baby
48Las tres madonas - 49 The Three Madonnas
50Tout cherche tout - 51 Tout cherche tout
52Carta a Sèvres - 53 Letter to Sèvres
54El diccionario infinito - 55 The Infinite Dictionary
56Las ventanas del siglo - 57 Windows on the Century
58Diálogo con Gabriel II - 59 Dialogue with Gabriel II
60Los dos cielos - 61 The Two Heavens
62Fata Morgana - 63 Fata Morgana
64New Jersey - 65 New Jersey
66Rosamundi - 67 Rosamundi
68Encrucijada - 69 Crossroads
70La ceguera - 71 Blindness
72Midgard - 73 Midgard
74La ropa - 75 Clothes
76El diluvio - 77 The Deluge
78Sleeping Beauty - 79 Sleeping Beauty
80El viaje - 81 The Journey
82Die Zeit - 83 Die Zeit
84Diálogo con Gabriel III - 85 Dialogue with Gabriel III
86Teoría de la luz - 87 Theory of Light
88Los hilos del ser - 89 Threads of Being
90Over Exposure - 91 Over Exposure
92Eternidad - 93 Eternity
94Los osos - 95 The Bears
96El mundo no termina - 97 The World Doesn't End
98Cuento de hadas - 99 Fairytale
100 Terra Incognita - 101 Terra Incognita
102Peridural y despojo - 103 Epidural and Plunder
104Hieros gamos - 105 Hieros gamos
106Diálogo con Gabriel IV - 107 Dialogue with Gabriel IV
108Simurgh - 109 Simurgh
110El libro de los seres - 111 The Book of Being
112El techo del mundo - 113 The Roof of the World
114El juego sin nombre - 115 The Anonymous Game
116Hurgãlyã, ciudad peregrina - 117 Hurgãlyã, Peregrine city
118Los cielos del otoño - 119 Autumn Skies
122Teoría del buen morir - 123 Theory of a Good Death
124Casandra - 125 Cassandra
126Carta a mí misma - 127 Letter to Myself

What People are Saying About This

Nicole Brossard

A mysterious configuration of presence and absence, Night Journey is an intricate symbolic mapping of identity. María Negroni has written a book in which each poem is an open window allowing us to observe the dangerous clash of unreality and reality. For as she writes: 'I began to name things, that is, to conceal them.' And so the reader enters the fascinating universe of a woman traveling amid and beyond fear, mirrors, and shadows. Night Journey: a book where existence is a daring language of dreams.
Nicole Brossard, author of "Mauve Desert"

Richard Howard

Calvino's prose (as in Invisible Cities) is the only predecessor I can cite for María Negroni's sophisticated texts, and Anne Twitty's remarkable translations are quite as striking and idiomatic as William Weaver's celebrated versions of the Italian master. These prose poems have all the glamour of narrative fables and all the lyric density of odes. One reads through Night Journey with the rare certainty that this is literature, a sequence of passionate, sorrowing renunciations; and the singular elegance of the utterance, in English as in Spanish, brings these illuminations precisely to the level where Rimbaud had left that word.

Jorge Monteleone

In El viaje de la noche, a sense of the uncanny is presented with a precise eloquence that preserves its hermetic nature. . . . Here we have an exceptional book, one that transforms its dark, serene, and fearsome music into a desire to read and reread.
Jorge Monteleone, "Pagina/12", Buenos Aires

Jordi Villalonga

A great book . . .
Jordi Villalonga, "El Pais", Madrid


A Private-Public Cycle? 3
Chapter 1. On Disappointment 9
The Role of Disappointment in Preference Change 9
Taking Disappointment Seriously 14
Chapter 2. Varieties of Consumer Disappointment 25
The Privileged Position of Truly Nondurable Goods 27
Consumer Durables 32
Services 39
Chapter 3. The General Hostility Toward New Wealth 46
Historical Evidence from the Eighteenth Century in England and France 46
The Manifold Case against New Goods 53
Chapter 4. From Private Concerns into the Public Arena-I 62
Exit and Voice Reactions to Consumer Disappointment 62
Explaining Changes in Life-Styles: Ideology and Second-Order Volitions 66
Chapter 5. From Private Concerns into the Public Arena-II 77
Collective Action and the Rebound Effect 77
Why Free Rides Are Spurned 82
Chapter 6. The Frustrations of Participation in Public Life-1 92
The Poverty of Our Imagination 93
Overcommitment and Addiction 96
Chapter 7. The Frustrations of Participation in Public Life-II 103
The Underinvolvement of Voting 103
A Historical Digression on the Origins of Universal Suffrage 112
Chapter 8. Privatization 121
Corruption 123
Public Virtue Debunked 125
Attractions of the Private Sphere 128

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