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The NMR of Polymers by I. Ya Slonim

In the time since this book was written, the application of NMR in the study of polymers has continued to develop rapidly. The main trends of the work have remained as before, namely, the study of the structure of polymers, molecular motion in them, and chemical conversions of high-molecular-weight substances. How­ ever, as a result of the refinement of experimental techniques and development of the theory, new progress has been achieved, par­ ticularly in the NMR spectroscopy of polymer solutions. We therefore decided that it was worthwhile to provide an ad­ ditionallist of literature, covering papers published in 1965, 1966, and the beginning of 1967. By using the bibliographic directory appended to the list, the reader can readily find references to the latest literature for all sections of the book. I. Ya. Slonim A. N. Lyubimov v Preface to the Russian Edition The aim of this book is mainly to answer the questions which inevitably arise for a chemist who wishes to use NMR in his work on polymers.

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Publication date: 03/19/2012
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One.- I Physical Bases of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.- 1. Nuclear Spin and Magnetic Moment.- 2. Behavior of an Isolated Atomic Nucleus in Magnetic Fields.- 3. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in a Real Substance.- 4. Nuclear Magnetization of a Substance.- 5. Magnetic Interaction of Atomic Nuclei.- II Recording and Interpretation of NMR Spectra.- 1. Characteristics of NMR Spectra of Liquids.- 2. Characteristics of NMR Spectra of Solids.- 3. Nonstationary Processes.- 4. Apparatus for Observing and Recording NMR Spectra.- 5. Recording and Interpretation of Spectra.- Literature Cited.- Two.- III Study of the Structure of Polymers by the NMR Method.- 1. Form of the Lines of NMR Spectra of Polymers.- 2. Study of Crystallinity of Polymers.- 3. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Oriented Polymers.- 4. Study of the Chain Structure of a Polymer.- IV Study of Molecular Motion in Polymers by the NMR Method.- 1. Effect of Molecular Motion on the Form, Width, and Second Moment of Lines in the NMR Spectrum of a Polymer in Bulk.- 2. NMR Relaxation Time and Molecular Motion in Polymers.- 3. Comparison of Data Obtained by the NMR Method and Other Methods.- 4. Study of Molecular Motion in the System Polymer-Low-Molecular Substance.- V Study of Chemical Processes in Polymers by the NMR Method.- 1. Study of Polymerization.- 2. Study of Cross-Linking Processes in Polymers.- 3. Study of the Effect of Radiation on Polymers.- 4. Study of Breakdown and Other Reactions in Polymers.- VI Use of the NMR Method for Quantitative Analysis of Polymers.- 1. Determination of the Composition of Two-Phase Systems.- 2. Determination of the Composition of Copolymers.- Additional Bibliography.- Subject Index to Bibliography.

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